Emily (Kimball) Sullivan, son Paull Sullivan, daughter Oliver P. and Cecile V. (Sullivan) Wesley, 9 North 49 West

In 1850 Catlin, Chemung County, New York, Emily Kimball is 12, daughter of Nathaniel 36 and Mary A. 27.
Nathaniel died September 1879 of typhoid pheumonia in Louisa County, Iowa.

In 1900 Louisa County, Iowa, Emily T. Sullivan is 61, with Paul K. 26 and Cecile V, born Oct 1877 in Illinois.
On November 25, 1903, Oliver Wesley, 26, of Toolsboro, Iowa, son of George Wesley and Eliza Hulick, married Cecile Sullivan, also of Toolsboro, daughter of Robert Sullivan and Emily Kimble. Paul Sullivan and Pearl Lively were witnesses.
(Toolsboro was the same town as the Willard family.)
In 1910 Louisa County, Oliver and C. Viola have Cecile E. 5 and Mildred E. 1. Emily 71 and Paul K. Sullivan 36 are living with them.

Oliver proved up two quarters in 3 and 4, 9N 48W in 1918. In 1920 he stock-claimed another 321 acres in 4, 9N 49W and 33, 10N 49W.

In 1920 Logan County Oliver 48, Viola 49, Cecile 15, Mildred 11, and Dorothy 5.
Cecile is in Sterling High School in 1921.
All five are still there in 1930, Oliver a retail merchant in harness, and Cecile a teacher.
Cecile Evelyn Wesley married Jess Frank Lee on August 21, 1939, recorded in Logan County.
In 1940 Logan County, Oliver is a cobbler, alone with Viola on First Street in Crook.

Oliver P. Wesley 1877-1959 # 88418438 and Cecile Viola (Sullivan) Wesley 1877-1969, # 88418698 are buried in Loveland, COlorado.
So is Mildred E. Wesley 1908-1998 # 88418711.
One tree said Jesse Frank Lee died in Longmont in 1975, and that Cecile died Dec 7, 1998 in King County, Cashington.


Emily Sullivan 1839-1914 is buried in Fleming, Colorado # 145892186.

Paul K. Sullivan is in Logan County in 1920, a carpenter, 46, born in Illinois, with Susan E. 31 Illnois, Mildred O. 8 Illinois, Catherine E. 7, Iowa, Robert L. 5 Iowa, and Viola R. 3 Iowa.
He's in Peoria, Illinois in 1930, with Susie 41, Mildred 18, Catherine 17, Robert 15, and Viola 13.
Paul, born Dec 26, 1873 in Peoria, died Sept 7, 1936 in Peoria, a mill worker. Father Robert Sullivan, mother Emily Kimble, spouse Susie E. (Shane) Sullian, a mill worker. He was to be buried in Springdale.

Chester's first wife, Adda Lee (Carr) Wesley 1880-1911 is buried in Centerville, Iowa # 9415214.
Chester O. Wesley, son of George W. Wesley and Eliza Ann Hulick, married Lena Matthews in Louisa County, Iowa June 16, 1915.
Chester Oak Wesley registered for WWI in Logan County, with an address of Crook, born Nov 18, 1875, farming.

Chester O. Wesley proved up 160 acres in 2 and 11, 9N 49W in 1924.

In 1920 Logan County, Chester O. Wesley 44, Lena E. 39 and Myrl L. 13, all three born in Iowa, are farming.
In 1930 Logan County, C.O. is farming, 54, Lena 49, with Harry A. 27 and his wife Phyllis 24, born in Michigan. Harry and Phyllics C. Klenke had married in Detroit, Michigan March 22, 1923.

Chester and Lena are farming in Larimer County in 1940, alone.
Chester 1875-1957 # 88420046 is buried with Gertrude Elizabeth (Brand) Wesltey 1877-1970. in Loveland. Lena had died in 1950, and is buried in Louisa County Iowa # 9415217.
Myrl L. Wesley was working in Chicago in 1930, and in Cicero, Illinois in 1930 when she and some other young women were arriving at Key West from Cuba.
Ruth Della (Wesley) O'Neal 1910-1991 is buried in Louisa County, # 9415218.
1938 Greeley "Ruth Albright spent the week-end at her home in Orchard and had as her house guest Mildred Wesley who teaches the Peace Valley school in the Fort Morgan district. The girls attended the play in Goodrich Friday night Miss Wesley formerly taught in the Goodrich school."
Mildred was living in Fort Morgan in 1940, 31, born in Nebraska, teaching, rooming wtih Harold and Clara Hoover.
Mildred was working at the Loveland high school in 1958.

Harrie Oak Wesley was born in Salt Creek, Davis County, Iowa Feb 4, 1904 to Chester and Addie Leah (Carr) Wesley.
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