Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Jacob Mill, 9 North 50 West

Jacob cash-claimed a quarter in section 6, 9N 50W in 1878.

The Jacob Mill who registered for WWI in Logan County is too young, born May 22, 1885 in Russia.

There was a Jacob Mills in Weld County in 1885, a blacksmith, 35, born in Illinois, boarding in the Evan and Eliza Morgan family.
He might be the one who proved up a quarter in 4, 1N 56W in 1891, and cash-claimed one in 4, 3N 66W in 1892.

1898 the American Hardware Market reported that Jacob Mills was putting up a brick addition to his hardware store in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

This Jacob was in Fort Lupton in 1900, born Feb 1843 in Pennsylvania, married 34 years to Rosa A. Nov 1846 Pennsylvania. She's had two kids, one living.

They're still running the hardware store in 1910, living alone.

He's buried in Fort Lupton 1844-1917 # 57150642 "23rd Ohio Infantry." So is Rosa A. 1845-1916 # 57151123.

If anyone has information about the early-settling Jacob Mills, please let us know.


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