Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Ira D. and Mary E. Jones, son-in-law Clarence R. and Laura E. (Jones) Nickerson, 9 North 50 West

One possible set of parents- In 1850 Saginaw, Michigan, Thomas Jones is farming, 22, bon in Pennsylvania, with Catherine 20 Ohio. They have Clarissa 1 born in Ohio. David Jones 18 born in Pennsylvania is with them.
Charles A. Parlin, age 24 of Athens Michigan, married Clarissa Jones, 22 of Wakeshina, born in Erie County Ohio to on July 28, 1872 in But this Clarissa was the daughter of Alward Jones and Hannah Die.

In 1870 Washington County, Nebraska, Catherine Jones is 40, born in Ohio, with Merilda 13, Ira 5, both born in Michigan, and Thomas 3 born in Illinois.
Calvin Christ is 5, born in Nebraska.
(Thomas, born March 20, 1867 in Illinois, was baptised in Omaha December 18, 1882. He might be the patient in the Hastings asylum in 1910...)

Ira D. Jones, age 22, son of Thomas Jones and Catherine Lance, married Mary Davis, age 16, daughter of William and Maria Davis, in Pottawattamie County Iowa on January 22, 1884.

Laura Emily Jones, per one tree was born in Omaha February 9, 1886, daughter of Ira D Jones and Mary E. (Davis) Jones .
Mary Jones, 1868-1890 is buried in Potter Field, Omaha, # 5208964 "Mrs. Ira Jones - found in Missouri River."

POSSIBLE: Mary Atherton, age 22, married Chas. F. Gardner in Lancaster County, Nebraska on Sept 27, 1893. He was 26.

In 1900 Dundy County, Nebraska, Ira is a carpenter born Sept 1863 in Michigan, married six years to Mary E. born June 1877 Nebraska. James W. Feb 1897 was bon in Nebraska, Ira D. April 1898 Kansas, Jessie S. Decn 1899 in Nebraska. Laura E. Feb 1886 in Nebraska.

Ira is a carpenter in 1910 Logan County, Kansas, 50, with Mary E. 38 (second marriage for both), with James 12, Dewey 10, Irene 8, Ivy 7, and Inez 5.

In 1920 Logan County, Ira is a road laborer, 62, Mary E. 41, Ira D. 19, Irene M. 17, Iva D. 14, Inez M. 13, John W. 7, May E. 2, and Minnie E. 1.

Ira proved up two quarters in sections 22 and 27, 9N 50W in 1920.

In 1930 Logan County, Proctor precinct, Ira is a farm laborer, living alone, with a crossed-out marital status, 65, born in Michigan.

Mary is in Denver in 1930, widowed, 52, born in Nebraska, with son John 19 Nebraska - a baker, James 32 Nebraska - a farmer, and Minnie 10 Colorado.

Ira O. Jones is living alone, running a pool hall in Haxtun in 1940, widowed, 64, born in Kansas. THIS IS NOT OUR IRA.

Ira D. Jones 1864-1947 is buried in Sterling # 56829117.

In 1940 Denver, Mary Jones is widowed, 62, born in Nebraska, and Minnie Duvall 21 is living with her, with her daughter Rosemary 2.

Mary E. Jones, late of 154 W. Second Avenue, funeral notice is in the Denver Post of January 3, 1941, "Beloved mother of Mrs. Dilys E. Watterson, Idris H. and Aelwyn E.l Jones. Arrangements later fy Hazard mortuary."

May 16, 1951 "Mary E. Jolly Jones of 33249 W. Fairview pl.; beloved mother of Mrs. Ray E. Robinson and James W. Jolly, both of Denver and William T. Jolly of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also survived by three grandchildren."

Neither of those two notices appear to be the Logan County Mary Jones....


James, with his mother, a brother, and a sister in 1930 Denver, is still in Denver in 1940, age 41, born in Nebaska, single, rooming with three other lodgers with Annette Quayle, 70 widowed, born in Michigan

Ira Dewey Jones registered for WWI in Fleming, born April 13, 1900, with father I.D. Jones of Fleming as nearest relative.

Ira Davis Jones married Dolly Young on July 21, 1920, recorded in El Paso County, Colorado (This is not likely the same.._

Ira D. Jones, age 27, married Catherine Lopez, 18, both of Phoenix in Phoenix on July 11, 1927.

In 1930 Ira, a laborer 27 born in Colorado, is in Phoenix, living with Catherine's father Manuel Lopez born in New Mexico. They have Isaac Donald Jones 1 born in COlorado.

Isaac Donald Jones 1929-1988 is buried in Fort Rosecrans # 850955, with Norma Jean Jones 1938-1999.

Catalina might be the Catalina Wiggins 1912-1991 buried in New Mexico # 73662709>


John Woodrow Jones was born March 28, 1911 at Kearney Nebraska to Ira D. Jones and Mary E. Athaton.

He's a truck driver in 1940 Valentine, Nebraska, 28, with Mildred 23, Inez 3 and Eddie 1.
John died May 12, 2000.

Iva Dorothy Jones was born December 12, 1906 at Kearney, Nebraska.
In 1930 Denver she's 24, married to John G. Peradott, a barber 28 born in Nebraska. Her sister Evelyn 12 is living with them, born in COloado.

Still in Denver in 1940, they have no children.

Iva died August 7, 2002, and is buried in Crown Hill # 63885951.


Evelyn is in Denver in 1930 with sister Iva.

She's not the May Jones who married William LeRoy Carr on December 27, 1938, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1940 Denver, William L. Carr is a laborer, 46 born in Missouri, with May E. 37 born in Nebraska a seamstress.


Minnie Jones was born at Fleming July 4, 1918, to Ira D. Jones and Mary E. Atherton, name as Duvall in 1940, Jones in 1942, Estes in 1945,and Venhaus in 1948, dying January 30, 1995.

Minnie E. Jones married Vell M. Duvall on September 3, 1938, recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.

In 1940 Denver, Mary Jones is widowed, 62, born in Nebraska, and Minnie Duvall 21 is living with her, with her daughter Rosemary 2.

July 1941 Reno "James S. Estes, 33, of Sacramento, Calif., and Minnie E. Duvall, 23, of Reno. "

1958 San Rafael, California arrested for drunken driving " Not all that water at Francisco boulevard and Irwin street in San Rafael can be blamed on the rain. At least some of it came from a broken fire hydrant about 2:30 a.m. today. James S. Estes, 49-year-old San Francisco lumberman, failed to see the curve where Irwin meets Francisco. His small foreign car crossed the center line, bowled over a fire hydrant, damaged a street sign and landed on the sidewalk. Estes was treated at San Rafael General Hospital for a small cut on the right ear, then booked at the county jail for drunken driving and drunkenness."
"James S. Estes, 49, of San Francisco, caught Feb. 19 at Irwin street and Francisco boulevard in San Rafael."

Minnie married Elmer E. Venhaus in Yavapai, Arizona on August 15, 1949. He was a waiterat Lande's restaurant in 1948 Denver, living at 1470 Adams.

She's buried in Golden Gate National 1919-1995, # 1278450, with Elmer Egen Venhaus 1917-1963.

In 1900 Webster County, Nebraska, William Nickerson is farming, born August 1850 in Ohio, married 28 years to Anna E. November 1850 in Iowa. David is 19 born in Nebaska, John 17 and Clarence R. 15 in Iowa, Archie 11 in Nebraska, and Anna L. 7 in Iowa.

In 1908 Clarence R. (Laura E.) is a packer for F.F. Roby, and they live at 1920 Avenue D. in Kearney, Nebraska.

He's a delivery man for an ice plant in 1910 Kearney, 26, with Laura 23, Lewis R. 2 and Myrtle E. 1.

Clarence Raymond Nickerson registered for WWI with a Fleming address, born March 8, 1885, a farm hand for E.E. Grosvener. His reference was Mrs. Laura E. Nickerson of Proctor.

In 1920 Logan County, Clarence is a teamster, 38, Lora Conley Nickerson 32, born in Nebraska, Lewis 13 in Nebraska, Myrtle 10 Nebraska, Ruby 8 Nebraska, Edith 5 and Williamtwo months old born in Colorado.

Clarence claimed a quarter in 17, 9N 50W in 1920. That would be about three miles from father-in-law Ira.

In 1924 Clarence is a fireman, living with Laura at 327 W. Costilla in COlorado Springs.

Laura Emily (Jones) Nickerson, per # 25427724, was born 1886 in Omaha, and died in 1925 in Delta Colorado, buried thee.

In 1930 Imperial, California, Clarence is widowed, a laborer for a ranch, living alone.

Clarence died in Weiser, Washington County, Idaho on December 22, 1944.
He's buried in Weiser # 25794898.

FindaGrave # 25794905 says he married Edith E. Mitchell 1892-1980, buried in Weiser.

John H. Andrews, alias L.R. Nickerson, was sentenced in 1933 in Sacramento for forgery to Folsom prison, with a past criminal record in the Colorado State Reformatory and the Colorado State Prison. His occupation was a nurse.

Ruby May (Nickerson) Hunt, per # 158141555 was born in Kearney Nebraska in 1911 and died in Denver in 1995, buried in Crown Hill.

Ruby was a house servant in 1930 Denver, age 19.

In 1940 Logan County, Raymond Hunt is a laborer, 36, Ruby 28, with son Jackie 5 and robert L. 4.

Edith was born August 11, 1914 at Proctor, Colorado
In 1930 Sterling, Edith is 15, a helper in the Laura Kellogg household.
She's married to Daniel Le Blanc, a farmer, in 1940 Logan County, with Shirley 4 and Daniel 1. They're next to widowed Mathilda Le Blanc, 70, French-Canadian.

Edith died January 3, 2000.


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