Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Minnie (Shelley) Vernon, sister Katherine C. Shelley, cousin Effie A. Shelley, 9 North 50 West

Joseph R. Shelley married Sarah Shilling in Stark County, Ohio March 8, 1850.

Elias, probably his brother, was in Jefferson County, Ohio in 1850, 22, with parents John Shelly 63 and Babay 62.
John Shelly 1787-1867 is buried in Jefferson County, with Barbara 1788-1863.

Joseph R. Shelley of Stark County Ohio calied two quarters in township 25, 7 East, in Carroll County, Illinois in 1854.

In 1860 Carroll County, Illinois, Joseph R. Shelly is farming, 33, with Sarah 33, Frank 8, Frances 6 all born in Ohio, Kittie C. 4 and Minosta 2 were born in Illinois.

Sarah Shelly 1827-1869 is buried in Carroll County, Illinois # 53287385.

In 1870 Warren County, Illinois, Frank Shelly is 18, a student, sister Francis 16, Kitty 14, and Minnie 11, all born in Illinois.
Frank, 17, Francis 16, Kittie Clyde 13, Minnetta 11 are listed also with father Joseph R. Shelly 42 in 1870 Carroll County.

Frances married George C. Mastin, and died in 1880 at the age of 25, buried in Shannon # 53287388.
He might be related to the three Mastinfamilies from Iowa who cash-claimed in 7N 49W and 6N 49W in 1891-1892.

National Livestock Journal 1875

May 24, 1875 Chicago "On Saturday the fourth and last sale for the season of short-horn cattle took place at Dexter Park. The herd placed on the block was known as the Excelsior from the breeding farm of Joseph R. Shelley, of Shannon, Carroll, County, Illinois. The attendance was not so large as on tbe previous day. The whole number sold was ninety head. Seventy-eight cows and heifers were sold at an aggregate of $29,235, or an average price of $374.81. Twelve bulls were disposed of for $1,440, or an average of $120. The total of the sale was $30,775. The leader of the herd, Baron Lisg?r, was withdrawn with the consent of the buyers, at the request of Mr. Shelley."

Joseph R. Shelly married Kate Wagner in Carroll County August 31, 1870.
Catherine (Wagner) married a Griffin in 1898 in Chicago, and she died in Ogle Coutny in 1929.

Joseph R. Shelly born about 1826, died November 15, 1895 in Chicago.
He was to be buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.

In 1880 Carroll County, Illinois, Frank Shelley is farming 27 born in Ohio, with sisters Kitty 25, and Minnie 23 both born in Illinois.


In 1860 Jefferson County, Ohio, Elias A. Shelly is an attorney, 33, Margaret 28, Ida 6, and Effie 4.

Effie Shelly is a teacher in 1880 Stephenson County, Illinois, 20, born in Illinois, living with the Knorr household.
She's also listed with E.A. and Margaret, with Ida 28 and Nina 17.
(Nina 1863-1891 is buried in Shannon, # 87031627. "Daughter of Elias and Margaret (Day( Shelly)

Effie A. Shelley cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 11N 53W in 1891.
Effie owned that quarter in 1917, too.

Effie is a milliner in 1900 Carroll County, Illinois, born Sept 1858 in Ohio, with parents Jacob Shelley June 1827 and Margaret April 1831, both born in Ohio. Another daughter Ida Stevens, widowed, born August 1857 in Ohio, is teaching school.

In 1910 Carroll County, Elias A. Shelley is 82, Margaret 78, wtih Effie A. 52 and Ida D. Stephenson 54.

Elias 1827-1915 # 87031628 is buried in Shannon, Illinois, with Margaret 1832-1911 # 87031626.

Ida and Effie are in San Diego, California in 1920.

Effie A. Shelly 1857-1948 is buried in the Brethren Cemetery, Shannon County, Illinois.


Kittie C. Shelley cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 11N 53W in 1891, and proved up a quarter in 13, 11N 53W in 1895.
In 1900 and 1910 she's with brother-in-law Charles Vernon, and in 1920 San Diego she's with brother Frank. He's 67, widowed, she's 63, still single.
Katherine C. Shelly died September 5, 1929 in San Diego County, buried in Carroll County, Illinois # 53287384.
" Dau of JR & S Shelly"


Minnie Shelley cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 11N 53W in 1892.
One tree said Minnie married Charles J. Vernon, and she died in Nebraska in 1893.

Charles Vernon proved up a quarter in Cheyenne County, Nebraka in 1892.

Minneta Vernon is buried in Sidney, Nebraska # 113401770.

In 1897 Charles Vernon of Sidney was staying a ta hotel in Omaha, Nebraska.
In 1900 Cheyenne County, Nebraska, Charles is widowed, born January 1860 in Ohio, with son Frank S. July 1892 Nebraska. Katherine Shelley born SEpt 1856 in Illionois is with them.

In 1910 Canyon County, Idaho, Katherine C. Shelley is 52, with her own income, and brother-in-law Charles Vernon 51 is a contractor. Frank S. Vernon is 17, a laborer for the U.S.R.S..
Charles and Frank are in San Joaquin County, California in 1920, alfalfa farmers.
Frank "Shelly" Vernon 1892-1960, a private in Company E, 306th Infantry 77th Division WWI, is buried in San Diego # 77320599.
His wife was Mrs. Mamie Ethel Vernon of Lemon Grove, California. Frank Died in La Mesa, California.
He registered for WWII with an address of Lemon Grove, born July 8, 1892 at Sidney, Nebraska.
Frank Shelley Vernon, born about 1890, married Ethel McGraw, born about 1891 to A.E. Walker and Elizabeth Cuthbert, on August 6, 1927 in Orange County, California.

Frank R. Shelly, age 33, son of Joseph R. Shelley and Sarah Shilling, married Alice L. Pillsbury, 31, daughter o Whimu P. Pillsbury and Louise M. Pattee, in Warren County, Illinois on October 14, 1884.

Frank Shelly might be the one on 1885 Omaha, a carpenter, 30 born in Ohio, with Anna 28 born in Indiana. Daughters Rhea 7 in Indiana and Jennie 4 in Nebraska.
In 1930 San Diego, Frank is 74, divorced, with nephew Franks > Vernon 37 and Ethel 39 born in Washington.



Edward claimed 40 acres in 5, 9N 50W in 1886. Edward C. Shelley had a record of a Timber claim in 10N 52W, but it wasn't completed.


George E. Shelley cash-claimed a quarter in 34 and 35, 10N 50W in 1885.

George E. Shelley married Irelia C. Ederer in Jasper County, Illinois on July 27, 1897.

There's a George Shelley in 1900 Cowley County, Kansas 44 born in Illinois, with Effie 32 born in Iowa. Velma E. 9 was born in Iowa.
They are in Allen County, Kansas in 1910 and 1920.

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