Logan County Colorado Pioneers

John J. and Bena (Krause) St. Peters, daughter Clara (St. Peters) and Levi Harold Cool., 9 North 50 West

(Alexander St. Peters 81 and Mary A. St. Peters 64 are in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1900, and Alexander is buried there, dying in 1902 # 81741752John J. St. Peters is farming in 1920 Buffalo County, Nebraska, 60, born in Iowsa, wife Bena 55 born in New York.

Alexander St. Peters was born in Paris, France, December 15, 1807 (probably 1817 or 1818), and is the son of Lewis and Mary Ann St. Peters. He came to Canada with his parents and settled at Three Rivers, where the father died, in October, 1839. Young St. Peters began farming for himself at the age of eighteen. He immigrated to the United States before becoming of age (age 21) and settled in Vermont. In 1835, he moved to Massachusetts, where he remained about eighteen months, and in 1837 moved to Benton County, Iowa. He purchased a farm there and followed his chosen occupation for several years. In April, 1874, he moved to Nebraska and took up a claim in Cedar Township, Buffalo County (8-11-15). The county was new then and settlers were few and far between. Wild game, especially elk, antelope and deer, was quite plentiful, and it was not an unusual thing to see a few Indians passing back and forth to their hunting grounds.

Mr. St. Peters built a sod house, barn and other necessary buildings, and has since devoted himself diligently to improving his farm, which is, by the way one of the best in the township. He suffered severely the first year or so from the grasshoppers, and at a time, too, when the destruction of an entire crop meant a great deal to him. witnessed a great deal of terrible suffering among the settlers in those days, many of whom came near starving to death. They were indeed trying times, and the courage of men was put to the severest test.

Alexander St. Peters married Mary Ann Hatcot (Hetcoat) (about 1850), a native of Canada and of English descent. She bore him eleven children, as follows --Mary Jane Davis (deceased), Franklin(deceased), Sylvia Fleming, John J., Alva E., Annie Dunbar, Laura Ranes, Charles, Stephen A.(died 1891), William E., and Emma B. Both Mr. St. Peters and his estimable wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

Mr. St. Peters enlisted in August, 1862 in the Fortieth Iowa Infantry, and served seventeen months. He was taken sick during his service, and after being confined in a hospital for some time was discharged. (St. Peters, Alexander, age 44, res. Vinton, nativity France, e. Aug. 17, 1862, Transferred to comability Dec. 21, 1863 Davenport, IA. Private in K, 40Th Infantry) )
[In 1860 Tama County, Iowa, A. St Peter is 30, M. St Peter 23, both born in Canada East. J. St. Peter, daughter 6 born in Vermont, son F. St. Peter 4 born in Vermont, and J.J., son 1, born in Iowa.]

Alexander and Mary Ann sold their property in Kearney, Nebraska in 1899 and went to Oklahoma to help one of their sons. They are listed on the 1900 census of Ponca City, Kay County, Oklahoma living next door to their daughter, Annie Dunbar.
Alexander applied for an invalid pension in 1886, and then May Ann filed for a widow's pension in 1902 from Oklahoma.

A sister of John, Leatha Ellen (St. Peters) (Justice)(Hazen)(Bound) was born May 24, 1884 " Leatha married one of the Justuce boys, a friend of her brother, in Osage County, OK before marying Alva St. Peters. When she married Alva, she did so as Leatha E. Justice on 18 Nov 1911 in Kay County, Marriage. After St. Peters she married John F. Bound. .

Another sister, Annie E. St. Peters, married Riley Dunbar in Buffalo County on September 19, 1889 - Riley was 28, Annie 19 born in Iowa.

John claimed a quarter in 28, 9N 50W in 1920.

John St. Peters is in 1880 Buffalo County, Nebraska, 21, born in Iowa, single. He's next to A. St. Peters 63, born in France, with wife Maryann 36 born in Canada. Selva is 17, Alva E. 16, William 12, Elizabeth 9, Sara /Laura 7, Charley 5, and Steve A. 3.

March 1881 Kearney "Charley Barker and John St. Peters were arrested last week for stealing wheat and oats from Rev. Camp. They were tried before Squire Leaks and held over for appearance at the next term of court. Failing to give bail they were incarcerated at Ft. Seeley."

Bena Krause married John St. Peters in Dodge County, Nebraska June 1, 1884.
They're also in the Buffalo County registers, married June 1, 1884, John was 23, born in Iowa to A. St. Peters and Mary A. Hetcoat.
Bena was 21, born in Illinois, daughter of Jacob Krause and Elizabeth Swizinger.

John is in 1885 Buffalo County, Nebraska, farming, 25, with Bena 20.

A brother, probably - Stephen St. Peters in the Kearney cemetery "1891 - no marker" next to John and Bena St. Peters' stone.
"The funeral of Stephen St. Peter who froze to death Sunday took place at his late residence on Ave. E and Thirty-first st this afternoon. Rev. Dr. Ridgway conducted the services.

Kearney Daily Hub February 11, 1891 "

A brother, Lewis G. St Peters, [must be the Charles in the 1880 census ] born in Nebraska to Alexander St. Peters and Mary Ann Hetchoat, married Andrea J Olson of Joplin Montana on April 24, 1913 in Hill County, Montana.
In 1920 Everett, Washington, Louis G. is a laborer, 43, with Andrea 30, Merle A. 5, Woodrow W. 3, and Elvira 1, all three born in Montana.
They're in Ward County, North Dakota in 1930, farming, with Merle, Woodrow, Elverena 11 born in North dakota , Harriet 8, Odis 6, Clara Bell 2 and Betty Lou eight months born in North Dakota.
Louis G. St. Peter 1874-1952 is buried in Ward County # 8988552.
Andrea St. Peter 1889-1970 # 8988551 is buried with him "Mrs. St. Peter was born March 8. 1889, near Belgrade, Minn. She married Charles St. Peter n 1912 in Joplin, Mont. They lived in Joplin and in Everett. Wash., before moving to the Kenmare area 35 years ago. Mr. St. Peter died in 1960. Surviving are two sons, Merle and Woodrow, both of Seattle; five daughters, Mrs. Richard (Elviva) Kostenko of Max, Mrs. Vernon (Harriet) Nelson of Seattle, Mrs. Donald (Odis) Nore of Kenmare. Mrs. Frank (Clarabelle) Stanwood, Wash., and Mrs. Fred (Betty) Abelseth of Minot: 20 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren."

In 1900 Kearney, Buna St. Peters, born Feb 1863 in New York, married 16 years but no spouse, hashad two kids - both living. Clara October 1888 born in Nebraska is with her.

John might be the one in 1900 Osage, Oklahoma Territory, born April 1862 in Iowa, single, parents born in France, a farm laborer for Harry and Carrie raden.

In 1910 Kearney, Bena is widowed, 46, living alone.

In 1920 Kearney, Bena is the head, 55, with John J. 60 a day laborer.

In 1930 Kearney, Nebraska, John has no occupation 72, with Bena 62.

Bena is widowed in 1940 Kearney, mother-in-law of Harold Cool, 58 and his wife Clara M. 52, both born in Nebraska.

John 1857-1938 is buried in Kearney # 54663520, with Bena 1863-1945)


"Harrald" Cool was in Buffalo County in 1900, with parents David and Florence Cool, and his mother also came to Logan Coutny with her kids.

In 1910 Phillips County, Colorado, Harold Cool is a cement worker on the railroad, 27, born in Nebraska. Clara is 21, born in Nebraska, married five years. Clifford 4 and Ray seven months were born in Nebraska. Uncle John Krause 57 born in New York is with them.
John is Bena's brother. He's buried in Haxtun 1856-1912 # 58672631.
Another brother, Andrew 1868-1909 is buried in Haxtun # 58672621.

Haxtun Epworth League Herald, Haxtun, Colorado, September 11, 1908 ANDY KRAUSE A SUICIDE

Well Known Farmer Living Northeast Of Town Kills Himself

Andy Krause, a well known farmer living three miles northeast of Haxtun, committed suicide last Sunday evening by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun. The load entered his head at the left temple and ranged backward tearing away the entire back of his head.
He was found Monday morning by H.H. Dee who had stopped there on his way to town to help him load some hogs. When he knocked at the door and was not answered, he pushed the door open and found Mr. Krause lying dead on the floor with a string tied from one foot to the trigger of a shotgun.
Mr. Dee gave the alarm and many persons hurried to the scene.
An inquest was held Monday afternoon by the coroner. The jury decided that the case was one of suicide.
Mr. Krause had not mentioned his intentions to commit suicide and did not leave any explanation for his rash act, but it is generally supposed that it was on account of poor health. He was 44 years of age and unmarried.
After the funeral services which were conducted at 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon by Rev. Jenkins, of Holyoke, at the Haxtun school house, the remains were laid to rest in the Haxtun cemetery.

State Herald, 11 Sep 1908, Holyoke, Colorado


On Monday morning Andrew Krause was found dead at his home near Haxtun. Mr. Dee had purchased some stock from him and was to come after it Monday morning. When he went to the house and knocked, receiving no answer, he opened the door and the body lay in the middle of the floor and beside it lay a shot gun with which Krause had evidently killed himself. Coroner Lewis of Holyoke was notified and went to the house with a jury and held an inquest, the jury finding a verdict of death by his own hand.

His death was a great shock to all who knew him. He had resided on his farm near Haxtun for several years and was well fixed financially. He seemed to be of a cheerful disposition but at times suffered some from poor health. He left no clue whatever to his reason for taking his life. He had no relatives in this state but had relatives at Kearney, Nebraska who were notified but did not arrive at Haxtun till after the funeral which was conducted from the school house on Tuesday, Rev. Jenkins of Holyoke preaching the sermon. Andrew Krause was highly respected by a large acquaintance to whom, in all probability, the motive he had in taking his own life will never be known.

Another brother, per an Ancestry tree, is Christopher W. Krause 1861-1919 buried in Ravenna, Buffalo County # 141633350.
Anna Krause 1877-1913 is buried there, too # 141633399.

Levi H. Cool claimed land in sections 32 and 33, 9N 50 W. in 1916, and another in sections 20 and 30, 9N 50W in 1922.

Levi Harold Cool registered for WWI with a Fleming address, farming, born October 18, 1883, with Clara M. as his relative.

In 1920 Logan County, Fleming precinct, Levi H. 36 is farming, with Clara M. 31, Clifford 14, Ray D. 10, and Ernest E. 2 born in Colorado.

In 1930 Sterling, Harold is a laborer, Clara a chamber maid, with Ernest 12 and Owen 9.

Harold Cool died May 10, 1956, and is buried in Kearney # 46942564, with Clifford 1907-1927 buried in Fleming # 128479381.
Clara Cool Loudy is in the same family plot 1888-1966 # 93055934.

Ray D. Cool is in Sterling in 1930, a baker, 20, married to Vera 17.
Raymond J. Cool married Anna Barta July 29, 1937, recorded in Logan County.
In 1940 Ray 30 is divorced, and Owen 19 are living in Burlingame, San Maeo Couty, California.

Ray David Cool, born Dec 12, 1909 in Nebraska, died in San Mateo County, California May 22, 1984,.

Ernest is in Kearney Nebraska in 1940, 22, a painter, married to Velma 22, born in Nebraska. She was in San Francisco, California in 1935.

Owen, born June 16, 1921, died February 28, 1996 in San Mateo County, California.

May 28, 1914 Wray, Colorado "Our former townsman, J. W. Zepp, was down from Merino, Colo., last Friday. He was accompanied by A. F. Krause of Sterling, Colo., who came to look over the Zepp ranch at Robb with a view of purchasing same. This ranch is an 840-acre tract which would make a model location for a stock ranch. We did not learn whether a deal was made or not."

This is probably not a direct relative - August F. Krause born about 1854 and his brother Carl 1850 born in Germany were in Logan County in 1900 and 1910.


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