Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Stephen L. Wiscamb, father Louis N. Wiscamb, 9 North 50 West

Louis was one of the few residents of Fort Kearney, Nebraska in 1860, age 2, with father Louis 44 a trader born in Canada, Julia V. 23 Missouri, Amy 3 in Missouri and Louis 2 in Nebraska.

Bernard Silvaier Blondeau was born in Tours, France, on April 26, 1813. As part of the group of Icarians led by Etienne Cabet, Blondeau and his wife and family left France in 1848, committed to founding a communistic settlement in America. The Icarians settled in Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1849, taking up land abandoned by the Mormons three years earlier. With the break-up of the Icarian community in 1854, Blondeau moved his family to St. Louis, Missouri. He had lost his wife in a cholera epidemic at Nauvoo and later remarried.
Blondeau became a successful businessman in St. Louis and then St. Joseph, Missouri. His varied interests included the financing of wagon trains from St. Joseph to Denver; the selling of buffalo carcasses and produce; ownership of buildings which he rented; investments in railroads; operation of a store and trading post at Sugar Creek, Missouri; and a partnership in the Plum Creek Ranch in what is today Dawson County, Nebraska (near Lexington).
Although Blondeau probably never lived in Nebraska, he was a partner, on and off, with Louis Wiscomb (Wiscamp?) in the Plum Creek road ranch in 1861, 1863 and 1864, and possibly longer. The two men were engaged in selling food and supplies to emigrants heading west.

One tree said Louis and Sophia Hunault married in St. Joseph, Missouri on August 19, 1883.

Louis N. Wiscomb and Sophia M. Heneault had Stephen Louis Wiscom on July 31, 1885 in St. Louis [should be St. Joseph ] Missouri.

1894 Castle Rock, Colorado "Louis Wiscomb has about 35 acres of potatoes planted, the most of which look very promising."

In the Douglas County cemetery is "Baby - Jule Wiwcamb 1896-1897."

In 1900 Douglas County, Colorado, Louis Wiscamb born June 1858 in Nebraska, married 16 years to Sophia August 1867 in Canada, are farming. Stephen L. July 1885 Missouri, George D. 10, Julia M. 8 are three of the five kids Sophia has had.

In 1910 Douglas County, Louis is 51, Sophia H. 42, Steven 24, George 20, Julia 18, and nephew Dewey 13.

August 22, 1913 "Monday afternoon, August 18th, at three oclock, Julia Wiscamb, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wiscamb, was united in marriage to James O'Conner of Sedalia. Miss Anderson of Denver, acted as bridesmaid, and Steve Wiscamb, brother of the bride, acted as best man. The bride looked very sweet in a gown of white silk embroidered voile, and veil held in place by a wreath of white roses. The groom wore a suit of dark blue. Father Abel, of Colorado Springs pronounced the words that made the happy couple one. This was the first marriage in the little Catholic church at Monument. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs O'Conner took the train for Sedalia, where they will make their home."

Stephen L. Wiscomb married Alfreda V. Anderson November 18, 1914, recorded in Denver.

A 1917 Douglas County, Colorado Record Journal "A letter from L. N. Wiscamb, of Proctor, Colorado, states: You will find enclosed a check for another year's subscription for the paper as we can't do without the news of Douglas County for we have been dwellers there for the past twenty some years, though we like it very well in Logan County, for the time we have been here."

Louis claimed a quarter in 5, 9N 50W in 1920, and Stephen in section 4, 9N 50W and section 33, 10N 50W, in 1921.

Stephen registered for WWI with an address of Proctor, Logan County, nearest relative Alfreda V. Wiscomb of Proctor.

In 1920 El Paso County, Louis and Sophia work in a creamery, managed by Steve/ Steve is 34, Alfreda 27, wtih Eva 1 and Kenneth one month. Mildred 5, Timonthy 4, and Virginia 2 O'Conner are grandchildren of Louis and Sophia.

Louis N. 1858-1926 and Sophia 1866-1965 are buried in Denver "Son of Louis and Julia 9Vasquez) Wiscamb, daughter of Stepehn and Rachael (Bronssean) Heneaus.

A half-brother of Sophia, Perry B. Eneau died in 1955 in St. Joseph MIssouri. Another sister was Mrs. Priscilla Lavelette of COloro Springs.
A brother, Stephen Heneault of St. Joseph died in 1942 " four sisters, Mrs Priscilla Lavelett, Monument, Colo; Mrs. Sophia Wiscamb, Denver, Colo; Mrs Julius Henry, Kansas City and Mrs Frank Southers, St Joseph and brother Perry Eneau, St Joseph."

1943 Douglas County, Colorado "Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wiscamb and his mother, and Mrs. Tom Greener, of Denver, made a short visit at the Ed Greener home last Saturday, while on their way to Colorado Springs."

1962 Douglas County "The latest guest at the Rest Home is Mrs. Wiscamb of Monument."

One tree said Louis' sister - Emma in 1860 census - married a LaViolette, and then Vernon Farrar. Mary Emily LaFever married Vernon A. Farrar in Denver on August 18, 1919.
In 1920 Denver, V.A. is 52 born in Illinois, Emily 63 born in Kansas.
But Vernon and Emma are together in 1900 Denver, married five years,. Vernon is 32, Emma 44, and Frank is 13.
Emma 1856-1938 is buried in Denver Fairmount # 119657754.

The tombstone in Denver has "Stephen L. Wiscamb 1885-1943, with Alfreda 1890


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