Rose Ardourel 

 Baptiste Ardourel is listed in the Colorado naturalization index for 1876.

One tree said Jean Francois Baptiste Ardourel was born Dec 1, 1843 in Vellefranche-de-Rouergue, Aveyron, Midi-Pyrenees, France, and died January 21, 1891 in Crisman, Colorado.  He had married Rosene, Ursula Manan November 18, 1868 in France.  They had Theophilus Clement Ardourel 1871 in France, and he died January 25, 1934 in Boulder.-1934.

One tree said they went from France to Nova Scotia in 1873, and to Colorado in 1881, , and died January 21, 1890, buried in Boulder Columbia Cemetery.

In 1880 Boulder County "A. Baptist" is 34, a coal miner, with Rosine Manen 28, Theofil 9, Ana 5 born in Canada, Adolph 3, and Alfonzo 1 - the last two born in Colorado.

In 1885 Boulder County B. Ardourel is a saloon keeper, 43, Rosena 33, Joseph 13, Emma 9 (born in Nova Scotia), Adolph 5, Alfonso 5, Ailene 3, and Alina 1 - the last four born in Colorado.

Francois Pierre Ardourel, a former Captain in the French Army came to Colorado after service in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. Being an aristocratic Frenchman, he insisted on fine wines and built a lavish wine cellar under his home, which bored into a hill. After the flood of 1894 washed out much of the Pacific Railroad tracks, the tracks were relocated on higher ground behind Ardourel's house. This necessitated losing some of the wine cellar. But the smaller wine cellar and the home still stand in Crisman.

In 1908 Francois Pierre Ardourel, a former French Army captain who served in the Franco-Prussian War, discovered the profitable Grand Republic Mine which produced $200,000 in its first year and benefitted from a 2000 foot tunnel. In 1915 a fire destroyed the Crisman boarding house. By 1945 the Crisman School closed and joined a consolidated school district in Salina which existed until 1952. Although the town of Crisman originally had a post office, school, and other community resources, currently there are only a few homes, located about seven miles from Boulder and just south of Fourmile Canyon Drive, marking the former town site


Rose proved up  a quarter in 17, 6N 50W in 1894.

December  1895


BOULDER COUNTY MINING CAMPS:  Crisman Families included:
 Jean F. B. Ardourel and Rosine Manen Ardourel
 Andrew Friedman and Aline Ardourel Friedman
 Arthur Garfield Goudge and May Ardourel Goudge
  William Grant Towne and Irma Ardourel Towne

The Denver library lists in its inventory a photo Crisman school house: Anna Ardourel (Meyring), Mabel Wilkins, 2 Cook girls (Sally T - ), May Ardourel (Goudge), Edward Henderson, Jennie Gourley, Freddie Wilkins

August 17, 1894 Boulder "Rev. R. A. Chase went to Crisman yesterday to unite in marriage, Miss Emma Ardourel and W.G. Towne of Sunset."  (Charlie Francis Towne, born Dec 17, 1895, died Nov 28, 1952 in San Mateo County. Marguerite Irma Scott, born July 7, 1897, died August 1, 1951 in San Francisco.)

January 6, 1896 Boulder "We desire herein to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped or been instrumental in assisting us in our late misfortune.  Mrs. B. Ardourel and family."

In 1900 Boulder County Rose, born October 1853 in France, is widowed, having 13 kids, seven living.  With her is Alphonse April 1879 in Colorado, a gold miner, Helena A. Dec 1883 Annie July 1884, May in May 1890, all kids born in Colorado.

Helene Ardourel married Andrew Friedman December 16, 1901, recorded in Boulder County.

Only May, a stenographer, is with Rose in 1910 Boulder County.

Clement Ardourel married Alma Muscheites July 22, 1917, recorded in Boulder County.

In 1920 Boulder, Rose is with daughter "Aline" '37 and her husband Andrew A. Friedman and their kids.  Andrew had been a boarder with Rose's family in 1900.

Aline E. Ardourel married Frederick J. Beamis January 26, 1929, recorded in Boulder County.

In 1928 Boulder, Colorado Rose Ardourel (wid Baptiste) lives at 1345 Spruce.

In Columbia Cemetery, Boulder is a stone "Rosine H. Ardourel - Nov 4, 1850 - July 1, 1938"  50001709.  FindAGrave says her maiden name was Manen.

The Colorado Transcript July 7, 1838 "Mother of adjutant general dies"  "Colorado pioneer is dead at Golden"

Daisy Hendricks  married Alphonse Pierre Ardourel "Phonse"   son of Jean Francois Baptiste Ardourel and Rosine Hortense Manen, on 22 Oct 1901 in Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado. Phonse was born on 17 Apr 1879 in Louisville, Boulder County, Colorado. He died on 22 Oct 1952 in Denver, Denver County, Colorado. He was buried on 27 Oct 1952 in Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Denver County, Colorado.

Alphonse P. Ardourel proved up a quarter in La Plata County, Colorado in 1923 -

Theophilus Ardourel married Elizabeth M. Friel April 18, 1894, recorded in Boulder County.

In 1900 Boulder Theophile "Ardowel " is a mail carrier, born Dec 1872 in France, married six years to Amelia born Oct 1877 in Ohio.  She's had three kids.  Francis J. Jan 1895, Clement A. Dec 1896, and LaFayette May 1899, all in Colorado..

California death index has Aline Friedman born Dec 17, 1882, dying March 20, 1953 in Los Angeles.  8260357 has her buried in Forest Lawn, Glendale, California.

Mae V. Goudge 1889-1966 # 55352329 and Arthur G. Goudge 1881-1948 are buried in Golden, Colorado.

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