Joseph E. Baker

In 1870 Decatur County, Iowa, Jefferson Baker is 48, Elizabeth 35, Dora 12, Joseph 6, John 3, and Richard three months.  Dora Baker married J.A. Shugart February 15, 1877 in Story County, Iowa (this one was born in Illinois, per the 1915 census).  And Dora Baker married James Shamburg April 7, 1878 in Lucas County (this one was born in Missouri per the 1885 census).

Elizabeth's father Erhard Lentz 1797-1873 is buried in Lentz Cemetery, and the inscription says that he was a drummer boy at Waterloo (battle June 18, 1815).

" Baker, J. F., born 1824; parents Joseph and Mary; came to Decatur Co. in 1855; wife Elizabeth A. Lentz; children Joseph, Richard, Polk, John; occupation School teacher. "

In 1880 Decatur County, Iowa, Joseph is 15, with Jefferson 56 and Elizabeth 46.  Brothers are John R. 12, Richard D. 10, and Knox P. 6.

Jefferson died 1890, age 66, and Elizabeth 1905, age 70, and are buried in Beavers Cemetery, Decatur County.

Joseph cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 7N 50W in 1890,  timber-claimed  a quarter in 6, 6N 50W in 1895, and proved up a quarter in 6, 8N 55W in 1905.

In 1900 Joseph E. Baker, single, born Dec 1866 in Iowa, father New York, other Virginia, is farming in the Atwood precinct, Logan County.

He's still single in 1910, a livestock dealer in Sterling, lodging with the Samuel Parker family.

Iowa death records have Joseph E. Baker, age 47, dying Nov 7, 1911 at Leon, Decatur County - father Jefferson Baker, mother Elizabeth Leutz.

  Iowa Cemetery Records have Joseph E. Baker born 1864, dying 1911, buried in Beavers Cemetery -  # 6195214,  and the tombstone has him with John R. - 1867-1914

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