Frederick Bernhard, Therese Bernhard

 Possibly he's the one on the Labrador arriving from Havre in New York April 26, 1883, a farmer, destination Ohio, born about 1857.

Frederick "Bernhardt" married Thresa Schmidt December 15, 1887, recorded in Logan County.

When Therese sailed to Hawaii in 1927, she put on the manifest that she was born in Berlin, was naturalized in Sterling in 1887, and lived in Hollywood.

Frederick cash-claimed a quarter in 10, 7N 50W in 1890, and Therese proved up  a quarter in 1, 6N 50W in 1893.

July 15, 1889 the Emanuel church of the Evangelical was incorporated at Le Roy, with trustees George Shoeman, Frederick Bernhard, Peter Koenig, Jolin G. Held, and Fred Dorn.

In 1900 Logan County (North Sterling precinct) Fred born April 1857 in France, has been married thirteen years to Threesa Jan 1858 in Germany.  Fred is a stock raiser.  They have Louisa May 1890, Phillip Nov 1892, Fredericka Dec 1895, and Fred Nov 1897.   All kids born in Colorado.

In 1910 Logan County, Frederick and Tressie have Louise 19, Philip 17, Fredericka 14, Frederick 13, and Esther 9.

George Phillip Bernhard registered with a Sterling address, born Nov 27, 1892 in Logan County, single,  farming for himself.

In 1914-1915 Fred was the secretary of school district #31, Sterling, teacher Evelyn Brubaker.  Fredericka was the teacher in #94, Padroni.

In 1920 Sterling, Fred is 62, born in Alsace Lorraine, Theresa 61, born in Prussia, with George F. 26,  a laborer at the sugar factory, Fredericka 24 a bank clerk, Frederick C. 22 a laborer, and Esther O. 19 a stenographer at a grain company.

Ester O. Bernhard married William M. Spratt May 13, 1920, recorded in Logan County.

William is a barber in 1920 Sterling, boarding with the Foley daughter and mother.

Fred Bernhard was buried April 28, 1925 in Sterling Riverside - Lot 4, space 4, block 25, section 1-72.  There's an infant buried January 13, 1914  in the same lot, space 9, owned by Fred Bernhard.

In Logan County Court May 19, 1925, was an inheritance tax case of Fred Bernhard, and another September 17, 1928.

George Phillip Bernhard, residing in Sterling, married Alta Mae Millard May 10, 1928 in Le Grand, Iowa.  His parents were Fred Bernhard and Tresa Caroline Smith, hers William Henry Millard and Clara Amelia Nimbler (Minkler?).  Alta was born about 1902 in Central City Iowa, and was residing at Marshalltown, Iowa.

In 1930 Los Angeles Therese Bernhard 72 is living with daughter Esther M. Spratt 32 and her husband William, 30, born in Nebraska, a barber.

Fred Bernhardt married Lydia Brandt September 7, 1937, recorded in Morgan County.

G. Phillip and Alta are farming in Logan County in 1930, with Helen L. twelve months old.  In 1940 Logan County they have Helen, plus P. Gerald 9, Alta C. 8, Fred W. 3, and Lee J. nine months old.

Esther Spratt is divorced in 1940 Los Angeles, a secretary at a motion picture studio.  With her are lodgers Ray Schick 26, Montana, no occupation,  and Elizabeth Hayter, 45 Oklahoma, widowed, a free-lance writer (She wrote for 1928 Passion Song with Noah Beery, 1944 A Fig Leaf for Eve).

Theresa Rosa Bernhard - Oct 4, 1888 - May 2, 1969 is buried in Loveland. 31702685 BUT

Theresa Bernhard 1858-1935 is in Hollywood Forever  # 13511040, on the same stone as Esther Spratt -1900-1975 # 13511045

Alta Mae Bernhard, born Jan 5, 1903, died April 27, 1979 and is buried in Fort Logan.  George P. died March 5, 1976, and is buried in Fort Logan (PVT US ARMY, WWI) 36027999

Phillip G. - Aug 23, 1930 - Oct 27 1999 is also buried in Fort Logan  360880.

Fred Carl Bernhard, born Nov 8, 1897 in Colorado, died Sept 26, 1967 in Refugio, Texas, a worker on a oil pipe line, never married  Father was Fredrick Bernhard, mother Theresa Schmidt.  Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Refugio.  15652811

Informant on Fred's Texas death certificate was Mrs. Esther O. Spratt.

Esther, born Nov 4, 1901, died Nov 8, 1975 in Los Angeles.  She had sailed to Honolulu in 1927 with mother Therese, and to Puerto Rico in 1937, and to Costa Rica in 1941 - each  listed without another Spratt on the manifest.

William McKinley Spratt, born Oct 7, 1895 in Nebraska, died Feb 28, 1959 in Los Angeles County, mother's maiden name Chrisp (he might be the one in 1940 Los Angeles jail, - census said born in Nevada).  He's buried in L. A. National Cemetery   # 3754998.

Archie Morris married "Louis" Bernhardt January 1, 1915, recorded in Logan County.  He registered in Logan County, he and Louise living at 511 Lincoln in Sterling.  He's a truck driver for Continental Oil.

They're in Logan County in 1920, with Phyllis 3 and Virginia three months, and in San Diego in 1930 and 1940.

Louise Augusta (Bernhard) Morris born May 22, 1890 in Colorado, died Dec 25, 1952 in San Diego, mother's maiden name Schmide.  Buried in Ft Rosecrans National, wife of Archie Steward Morris.  3420114.

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