George F. Dandinac, William G. Dandinac

 In 1870 Richmond County, New York, Alex Dundinack is a peddler, 40, with Sophia 35, both born in New York.  They have Marie 14, William 12, George 9, and Hester 5.

In 1885 Adams County, Nebraska (Juniata village) Geo. Dandilac is 23, born in New York.

In 1890 Denver George W. Dandignac, living at the European Hotel, is a driver for the city railway company. 

George proved up  a quarter in 4, 6N 50W,  Logan County, Colorado, William another quarter next to him, also in 1891, and William cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 6N 50W in 1894..

George Dandignac married Helen Taylor April 14, 1904, recorded in Denver County.

In 1905 Denver William G. Dandignac and George T. Dandignac are both trimmers for the Pullman Company - George living at 3449 Franklin, William at 3943 Race.

The Denver Department of Health recorded a Dandignac death January 31, 1908.

In 1910 William D. "Dandegnas" is in Leroy precinct, 52, born in New York, farming, single.

Helen L. Dandignac had a case in Denver probate court in 1918.

  1914 advertisement in the Nebraska Farmer

In 1920 Leroy precinct W.G. Dandignac is 61, born in New York, farming, single.

In 1930 Denver, George Dandignac is 68, widowed, a carpenter, born in New York, living alone.

William G. Dandignac - January 22, 1858 - February 1, 1938 is buried in Sterling .

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