Raymond H. Frame, Thurmand Peter Frame

Raymond was born February 11, 1883 in Braxton County, West Virginia to Leslie and Caroline Frame.

In 1900 Clay County, West Virginia, L. Frame is 46, married four years to Lola December 1878.  His sons Warder March 1880, Raymond February 1883, Thurman January 1885, and Roy April 1891.

Leslie Frame, per FindaGrave is buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery, Braxton County, West Virginia. - and a bunch of Mollohan names are there, too.

Raymond is single, living alone in Leroy precinct, Logan County, Colorado in 1910, farming.

 Raymond proved up  a quarter in 35, 6N 50W in 1913.

FindaGrave has Raymond born February 11, 1883, dying November 6, 1918, buried in Sterling. 57852993

Thurman is single in 1910 Washington County, Colorado,

Thurmond P. Frame proved up a quarter in 2, 5N 50W in 1913 - that's a mile south, but in Washington County.

Thurmond Peter Frame registered with a Burdett address, born January 8, 1886.  Nearest relative was father Leslie Frame of Clay County, West Virginia.

He's back in West Virginia for the 1920 census, living with Leslie and Lillie.

Thurmand P. Frame and Winnie Mollohan married March 28, 1923, recorded in Logan County.

In 1930 Washington County, Thurman is 44, married to Winnie 52, and Winnie's brother George Mollohan, 43, is with them.

Thurman and Winnie are alone in 1940 Washington County.

Thurmond P Frame - 1886-1967 and Winnie S. 1873-1969 are buried in Fort Collins.# 24813030.  FindAGrave says Winnie's father Cortez Mollohan was born in Braxton County in 1848, and died in 1930 in Sterling. 

Cortez's second wife Vesta Keen homesteaded in Washington county Colorado in 1911. She came from Spencer, West Virginia. She was alone, being part Cherokee that is what she wanted. Vesta was 33 years old at that time. She was tired of the niceties of being a woman in the east. She wanted to ride astride a horse rather than side saddle. Also Colorado women had been voting for about twenty years. Vesta was a practical nurse and found work. She soon also found herself needed by a man Curtis (Cortez) Mollohan. She married him. He had several children one being older than Vesta. After Cortez died she bought a 1600 acre ranch north west of Sterling. She was 58 years old at that time. She ran the ranch, fixed fence, carried fence post on the saddle horse. Vesta had only six months of formal schooling. 

Lake Erie Mollohan, born November 25, 1882 in Braxton County, WV; died July 26, 1967 in Sterling, CO. She married Perry Camden Ramsey June 15, 1912 in Sutton, Braxton County, WV (Source: WV, BraxtonCounty Courthouse Marriage Records, Vol. 9, Page 353.); born October 28, 1879 in Braxton County, WV; died February 24, 1961.

Notes for Lake Erie Mollohan: FEDERAL CENSUS: 1910 Logan County, Colorado; Leroy Precinct; Leroy Village; Enumeration District No. 243; Page 2A/219b; Dwelling 51; Family 52; Line 13; conducted on April 20, 1910; Information from1910 Census: Lake Mollohon is listed as head of household dwelling on a farm which she owns free of a mortgage. Lake is, female, white, age 27, single, born in West Virginia, occupation is none, can read and write.

FEDERAL CENSUS: 1920 Braxton County, West Virginia; Birch District; Enumeration District #3; Page 7B/30; Dwelling 122; Family 123; Line 100; conducted on January 19, 1920; Information from 1920 Census: Pery C. Ramsey is listed as head of household and owns a farm free of a mortgage. Pery is male, white, age 40, married, born in West Virginia, occupation is working out for wages as a laborer. Listed with Perry is Lakey, wife, female, white, age 37, married, born in West Virginia, occupation none.

FEDERAL CENSUS: 1930 Braxton County, West Virginia; Birch District; Enumeration District No. 4-2;Page 9A/10; Dwelling 149; Family 150; Line 49; conducted in April 16, 1930; Information from 1930 Census: Perry C. Ramsey is listed as head of house, living on a farm which he owns. Perry is male, white, age 50, married, age at first marriage was 32, born in West Virginia, occupation is working on his own account as a farmer, and was not a veteran of the U.S. military mobilized for any war. Listed with him are Lakie, wife, female, white, age 47, married, age at first marriage was 29, born in West Virginia.

Lake E. Ramsey - 1882-1967 is buried in Sterling # 57127866. Perry C Ramsey -1879-1961 is buried in Jack Point Cemetery, Braxton County West Virginia.  97900647


William H. Frame cash-claimed a quarter in 2, 9N 55W in 1912.  It's not likely, but a William H. Frame was born July 1893 in Colorado, living with parents Clayton M. and Josephine A. Frame in 1900 Denver.

Another William H. Frame is in Colfax County, New Mexico in 1910, 27, born in Texas, a foreman for a grading company.  So he could have been accustomed to moving frequently.


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