Christian and Regina Frank, Sophia (Frank) and George H. Schumann

Truman H. Frank

In 1900 Christian Frank, born Oct 1853 in Russia ,married 21 years to Regina born April 1856 in Russia are farming in Leroy precinct, Logan County, Colorado.  They have Emanuel May 1880, Pearl Oct 1881, August Aug 1883, John Jan 1885, Sophia July 1887, Ralph Sep 1890, and Regina May 1896.

August proved up  a quarter in 3, 6N 50W in 1912.

Christian proved up  a quarter in 4, 6N 50W in 1906.

John proved up  a quarter in 4, 6N 50W in 1912.

Emanuel proved up  a quarter in 30, 7N 50W in 1912.

John W. proved up  a quarter in 23, 9N 48W in 1906.

Christian 8741165  - 1853-1929 and Regina 1856-1948 are buried in Sterling

"Christian &  Regina Steg immigrated to the USA from Neudorf Russia & settled in Colorado. This couple had eight children in Russia, their 9th being born in Colorado. Though  Regina spoke very broken English she and her daughter-in-law Gertrude, wife of son John Frank, had a language all their own and cared deeply for each other. Regina passed away 21 years after her beloved husband.  Their eldest daughter Anna stayed in Russia and purportedly married an officer in Russian military. The family lost contact with her after a time."


John married "Vivla" Gertrude Garvin Feb 17, 1917, recorded in Logan County.

In 1940 Leroy precinct John Frank is 55, wife Lois 28, born in Colorado.  He has daughters Lee 20 and Jean 17.

John came to the USA with his family when he was very young. John met & married  Viola Gertrude Garvin February 17, 1917. This couple had 3 girls. Viola got breast cancer, so on the directions from a doctor, they moved to Arizona for a time. John did everything he could to keep his wife healthy to no avail. Viola passed away on her 49th birthday. As was the custom of the times, John later married Viola's niece, Lois until his death September 17, 1958. John's daughter's never liked Lois. John & Viola are buried where they belong, together in Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, CO.  # 5576427

Daughters Orpha and sister Eugenia married brothers, Marion Hielscher and Orville Hielscher, respectively.
Orpha was stricken with polio in 1944 shortly after the birth of her fourth child. Orpha never recovered fully from the polio effects, but she remained strong and steadfast in her Christian beliefs.
Orpha was laid to rest next to her husband Marion whom passed in 1998, in Bentonville, Arkansas # 23366903

"Jean married Hielscher on December 31, 1953. Together they had 4 beautiful children. Orville passed away suddenly from a tragic accident when his youngest was only 4 years old. Jean was determined to give their children a solid Christian education, thus they settled in Hanford, CA. Jean fought 3 battles with breast cancer, the last being her final one. Jean was a quiet, honorable woman that worked very hard to raise her children properly and accomplished that goal. Jean never remarried due to the fact that her father had remarried after Jean's mother passed away from breast cancer in 1938. Jean and her 2 sisters did not get along with their step-mother, therefore Jean would not make that mistake for her children to live with. This was the bravest, most loving mother I have ever had the honor to know!"

Lois B. Frank 1911-2001 is buried in Sunset Gardens, Logan County. # 47142878


Rudolph - Sept 19, 1890- April 7, 1906 is buried in the Leroy cemetery. # 115294477


August - August 5, 1883- Dec 18, 1960 is buried in Sunset Gardens, Logan County. # 41809355


In 1910 Leroy precinct, George 32 and Sophia 22 Schumann have Annie P. 1.

George H. Schumann proved up a quarter in 3, 6N 50W in 1911.

In 1920 Sterling George and Sophia have Anna 11, Lily 8, Catherine 6, and Esther 1.  Elizabeth Schumann 68 is living with them.  In 1930 Logan County George Schumann 53, born in Russia, is a teamster, married to Sophia 42.  They have Anna P. 21, Lillian E. 18, Catherina R. 16, Esther R. 11, and Ellen M. 5.  Sophia's mother Regina Frank 72 is living with them.

The stone in Sterling says George H. Schuman 1876-1958 and Sophia Schuman 1887-1957.

George's parents John George Schumann 1855-1906 and Elizabeth (Seifreid) Schumann 1852-1924 are also buried in Sterling.


Emanuel registered with a Fleming address, born May 13, 1880, farming by himself.  Nearest relative Lydia Frank of Fleming.

In 1920 Leroy precinct, Emanual and Lydia have Anna M. 7 and Regina 5.

In 1930 Leroy precinct they have Anna M. 18, Elizabeth R. 15, and Elsie E. 9.

March 23, 1972

Emanuel 1880-1976 and Lydia (Stark) Frank 1890-1971 are buried in Sunset Memorial, Logan County.# 41785785


Paulina Frank married Jakob "Brayder" April 4, 1902, recorded in Logan County.

In 1910 Leroy precinct Jacob "Bander" is 34, Pauline 29, with Rudolph 7, Bertha 5, Enna 3, and Teddy eidhgt months.

Pauline and Jacob Bauder are in Leroy precinct in 1920, with Rudolph 16, Bertha 14, Emma 12, Theo 10, Jacob 8, George 6, Nettie 2, and Elnna eleven months.

In 1930 they have  Bertha P. 24, Theodore J. 20, Jacob G. 18, George B. 16 Nettie R. 13, Alma D. 12, and Lenora H. 8.


Jakob Friedrich Bauder was born the son of Andreas Bauder and his wife Christina Ottenbacher and was born on the 14th day of October in the year of 1875 at Seebach, Russia. He was baptized in the name of the Triune God in early infancy in his home and confirmed after coming to America in Salem's Lutheran Church, Landsman, Arapaho County, Colorado on April 5th, 1891. He was united in holy wedlock on the 4th day of April, 1902, with Pauline Frank at Leroy, Colorado. This union was blessed with 9 children of whom all survive.

He came to America in 1889 and lived at Burlington. In 1908 he and his wife and their two children took up a homestead near Leroy where he lived and raised his family until his retirement in 1947. He then moved to Sterling to spend the rest of his days at his home at 432 Douglas St. Mr. and Mrs. Bauder celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in April of this year. (April 4, 1952).

He is survived by his beloved wife Pauline Bauder, Five daughters, Mrs. Bertha Stahlecker of Pueblo, Mrs. Nettie McMilian of Fleming, Mrs. Emma Sukey, Mrs. Lenore Wilcox, and Mrs. Alma Lane, all of Sterling; Four sons, Jake of Fleming, Ted of Sterling, Rudolph of Kennewick, Washington, George of Denver; two brothers, Fred and Gottlieb of Burlington; three sisters, Mrs. Katie Maas, of Golden, Mrs. Christine Ramsey of Portland, Oregon, Mrs. Sam Schaal of Bethune, Cob. and 15 grand children and 2 great grandchildren.


TRUMAN - probably not closely related to Christian's family.

Truman H. Frank, a painter, residing at Sterling, Colorado, 29, born in Los Angeles to Matthew Frank and Elizabeth Puffer, married Delight Philby, residing at Tekamah Nebraska, age 19, born in Chicago to Alexander Philby and Ann Gallagher, married February 19, 1924 at Sioux City, Iowa.

They're living at Tekamah, Nebraska (about fifty miles south of Sioux City) in 1930, with Ardeth J. 4, Truman P. 3, Richard F. 1, and Matthew Frank, 75 born in Wisconsin.  (Matthew 52, and Libbie C. 45 had been in Tekamah in 1910 with Laura E. 22, Ila 20, Truman 18, Fred 15, Eva G. 14). 

Truman livestock-claimed 520 acres in 33 and 34, 6N 53W in 1927.  Truman Herbert Frank - May 11, 1891 -Sept 3, 1960 is buried in Fort Rosecrans, San Diego, per # 3400589

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