Champion Keenay Green and Ann Grace (Robson) Green, sons Charles Green,  William S. Green, Verne Green, Leon H. Green

Hiram Darling - daughter Mary Emily (Darling) (Richmond) (Green) Dunstan

Andrew Robson and Phillis Straughan settled in Yates County New York in 1806, and Nancy, Thomas S. Robert, Mary, Timothy, Helen, Hannah, Amy, James, David, Joseph S. Charles, Jane, and ANN GRACE.

In 1870 Henry County, Illinois, Champion K. is 33, Ann G. 32, with Chas. 15, Ellen 11, Wm. S. 7.

 In 1880 Henry County, Illinois, Champion is 43, Ann G. 42, with Wm. S. 17, Leon W. 7 and Vern one month.

Champion proved up a quarter in 6, 6N 50W in 1893, and timber-claimed a quarter in 5, 6N 50W in 1895.

Ann G. Green in 1910 Henry County is widowed, with daughter Dollie E. Fuller, 57  and her husband Jethue, also 57.  With them is Vern E. Green 29 and William S. Green 12, born in Colorado - a nephew of Dollie

In Saxon Cemetery, Henry County Illinois are Champion K. Green 1836-1910, and spouse Ann Grace (Robson) Green 1838-1923.

Frederick Robson cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 6N 49W in 1891, and Frank Robson cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 6N 47W (Phillips County) in 1890, and Horace Robson cash-claimed a quarter in 31, 6N 47W in 1891.

LEON and MARY (Darling)

Leon Harry Green married Mary E. Darling October 14, 1894, recorded in Boulder County. 

In 1870 Kendall County, Illinois, Hiram Darling is 34, Phebe 33, with Frances 12, Mary E. 6, Seth W. 3, and Albert H. four months.

Hiram Darling proved up a quarter in 32, 7N 50W in 1892, and timber-claimed a quarter in 32, 7N 50W, Logan County in 1897.

Hiram and Phebe are buried in Millington, Kendall County, Illinois  48909120.

Seth Darling is in Juniata, Adams County, Nebraska, in 1885, 18, living with a cousin O.A. and Mary C. Thumb - William Thumb is 19, Lillian 16.

Seth is in Weld County Colorado in 1900, born October 1867 in Illinois.  He's married to Lenora F. 30, and they have Albert E.3 and William S. ten months.

Frank H. Darling acquired 80 acres by Scrip in Adams County, Nebraska in 1881.

Albert is in Kern County California in 1900, a manager born May 1870 in Illinois, married to Lulu.

Crags Ranch historic designation

  Leon H. Green, born Aug 1873 in Illinois, is farming in Routt County, Colorado in 1900, with Mary E. Jan 1865 Illinois, Goldie Aug 1890 and William S. Aug 1897, both born in Colorado.

Martin Cicero Richmond married Mary Emily Darling May 12, 1880 in Kendall County.

In 1880 Kendall County, Illinois, Mary Richmond is 17, married to Cicero Richmond, 27, farming.

Indications are that Gertrude L. Hauck, born March 1881 in Illinois, married two years to Willard John Hauck, January 1874 in Illinois, with Hiram Dec 1899 in Colorado, is Mary's daughter.  Martin "Cicero" Richmond and Mary Emily Darling had a daughter in Kendall County March 28, 1881.

Gertrude Richmond married John W. "Hauch"  December 26, 1897, recorded in Routt County.

Mary married Cicero Martin RICHMOND, son of James Oliver RICHMOND and Amy Minerva VAUGHN, on 12 May 1880 in Kendall County, Illinois, USA.1 2 The marriage ended in divorce before 1886. (Cicero Martin RICHMOND was born in June 1854 in Kendall County, Illinois, USA,5 died on 31 August 1942 in Marian, La Salle County, Illinois, USA 6 and was buried on 04 September 1942 in Millington Village, Fox Township, Kendall County, Illinois, USA 6.)

In 1940 Rio Blanco County, Cicero M. Richmond is 76, living with daughter Gertrude L. 49 and her husband John W. 56.  Also with them are Fred R. Hauck 22 and Glen W. 14, daughter Ruth W. Phelps 26 and her kids Lena 7, Willard V. 5, and Mable L. 4.

POSSIBLE:  W. J. Thorp, 28, married Mary J. Darling, 25, in Yuma. Colorado October 10, 1889

 - that would fit with the timing and location of Goldie Thorp's birth in 1890.

William James THARP cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 7N 50W in 1890, making this even more likely.

Willard Hauck and Gertrude Richmond were the first couple to be married in the Christian Church in Craig; the ceremony was performed by Rev. J. L. Ellis.  The Haucks
now live in Meeker and celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in December, 1957.

Leon H. Green and Mary E. Green divorced in Routt County in 1907.

1907 Routt County Sentinel

May 1908 "Mrs. Green and Goldie Thorp left for the Williams Fork country Saturday.  They expect to visit at J.W. Hauck's for several weeks.

Ben G. Anderson married Goldie L. Thorp August 2, 1908, recorded in Routt County.  "The marriage of Ben Anderson to Goldie Thorp will take place Sunday at the Congregational church, Miss Kate Haus officiating."



Goldie T. Anderson and Ben O. Anderson divorced in Routt County in 1926 (and Ben married a Gray woman in1932))

Goldie T. Anderson married Frank Johnson Nov 3, 1926, recorded in Garfield County.

December 1926 "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Meeker spent Thanksgiving on the forks.  Mrs. Johnson was formerly Mrs. Goldie Anderson, and all her friends, who are legion, are extending their good wishes to her and her husband."

In 1940 Rio Blanco County, Frank  A. 55 and Goldie 49 are farming.  Hired man Glenn Hauck, 24, (might be a nephew).

Frank Johnson 1884-1969 and Goldie 1890-1975 # 53240651 are buried in Meeker.

October 16, 1912 "A marriage license has been issued in Moffat County to Fern Darling and Mayme Bryson."

From The Craig Empire, Page 1, Column 3, Feb 9, 1916--
 Hiram Darling, 80, died Saturday at the Thomas H. Dunston home at  Pagoda, the direct cause of death being senility. The body was brought
 to Craig Sunday and prepared for shipment by Undertaker Russell Pfohl.  Fern Darling, a grandson of the deceased, accompanied the body to Denver,  where Mrs. Dunston took it in charge and accompanied it to Millington Ill,  where interment will be had."

Thomas Dunstan was her fourth husband. I know that this info is correct because it came from her daughter (my g-grandmother). Fern Darling was Mary's second child (who was a twin). His twin, Fred, died as an infant. My G-grandmother, Gertrude, was her first child. Fern and Gertrude have the same parents even though Fern had the last name of Darling. This story will take a little time to tell so I will e-mail you. Christy

1921 Routt County Republican "Leon Green of Williams Fork is visiting at Fleming, Colorado."

Leon is widowed in 1910, 1920, 1930, and 1940 Routt County.    FindAGrave # 57851000 has him buried in Steamboat Springs, 1871-Nov 24, 1946

January  28, 1916

William Green was born in 1897 at Crags Ranche, worked as a rancher, a road maintenance supervisor, and served three terms as a County Commissioner. He also helped revive the Routt County Fair and Rodeo. In 1937, Leon H. Green traded ownership of the subject property for another that he owned in the area. When William and Elizabeth moved onto the ranch, the buildings extant at that time were a house, barn, granary, coal house, hog house, and a chicken house, all of which are still in use. Leon S. Green, William’s oldest son, and wife Mabel moved to the ranch in 1941 to help William’s parents run the ranch. Mabel continues to manage the ranching operations.

Leon Green married Mabel Yoast November 27, 1937, recorded in Moffat County.

At Crags Ranch, owned by Judy and Jerry Green, history is as much a part of the landscape as the long-limbed cottonwood trees. Mr. Green's great-grandfather Leon S. Green settled the oldest part of the ranch in 1895; his hand is still evident in now-rickety buildings of burnt-honey-colored boards that were hewn with an adz.

The Greens call it ''the lower place,'' or simply ''Grandpa's.'' He named the land Crags Ranch for the towering sandstone cliffs that shelter this valley like a prayer. His cedar fences still define the perimeter of the meadow he cleared by hand. The ranch is virtually unchanged from Leon Green's day, including the original homestead cabin, a bunkhouse, a dairy barn, a blacksmith cabin, a stacked-stone root cellar, a coal house and a rarity, an entire shed devoted to potatoes. (''He was a gregarious man who loved potatoes,'' Mr. Green said.)

In every nail, board and tilt, family history resides. Of the plank floor in her old kitchen, Wanda Redmond said, ''Of course it shifted all the time -- I always knew which direction the milk was going to run when the kids spilled it.''

Ranch houses were often built long after the most important building -- the barn -- went up. Mr. Green, 60, and Mrs. Green, who is 53, live in a double-wide trailer along the river; the barn, built in 1927, bears the names of horses scribbled on the beams. ''Barns mean a lot to us,'' Mr. Green said. ''We use them daily. These buildings are all still standing, still working, still efficient.''

The main house, set off by a white picket fence, is occupied by Mr. Green's 83-year-old mother, Mabel, who cooks on a coal stove backed up by a microwave and who recently broke her hip while vaccinating cattle. She has kept a daily diary since 1935, when she was 17, providing a record of threshing days, Sunday wash days and the coming of electricity. On her wedding day, she went grocery shopping and fed cattle. ''We never did have a honeymoon,'' she said.

Concern over the future made the Greens quit teaching high school in Grover, Colo., to move back to this isolated valley to raise cattle in 1980. ''I guess that lifestyle was just in our blood,'' Mr. Green said.

Like the owners of many historic ranches, the Greens will face a crossroads: they have no children, though a young nephew is a potential heir. They are listing the ranch on the county register, out of pride, and earlier this fall architecture students from a special ranch preservation program at the University of Colorado at Denver went to the ranch to do schematic drawings. The Greens have not yet pursued a conservation easement.

''The only reason the ranch is still here is because of what Jerry's family put into it in hard times,'' Mrs. Green said. ''We've continued it because we love it, but this way of life is passing. I don't foresee the next generation running it the same way.''

She added: ''We could sell it and take a Caribbean cruise, but then what would we have?''

  September 1916

Also survived by brothers Frank Darling of Illinois, Seth and Bert Darling of California.

  Fern R. Darling "G- SON" of Hiram and Phebe in 1900 Kendall County, Illinois, born October 1886 in Nebraska, parents both born in Illinois.  In 1910 Routt County he's single, living alone, "working out."  Fern Russell Darling registered in Napa County, California a miner, born Oct 28, 1886 in Juniata, Nebraska, married with a child.  Fern was divorced in 1930, a carpenter in San Mateo in 1940, 53, married to Barbara 27, born in New Mexico, with son Bueel 1, born in California.

Fern died in 1970 in Contra Costa County.

1940 W.S. Green and L.H. Green went to Denver, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Crites, formerly Mabel Hauck.  Mrs. Virginia More spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Green returning to her home on Elk river.

1911  Routt County "Mrs. Dunstan and Mrs. Hauck left for Denver Monday to meet Mrs. Dunstan's father who will visit here a few weeks at least."


1947 "Fern Darling, an old time resident of Williams Forks, is visiting the Billy Green family.  Billy and Fern are half brothers."


"Heirs of William S. Green" proved up a quarter in 7, 6N 50W in 1893. One tree says William Sanger Green born Jan 24, 1863 in Italy, Yates County, New York, died Oct 26, 1888 in Saxon, Illinois. 

William proved up  a quarter in 11, 6N 50W in 1909.

 William Sanger Green registered in Routt County, born Aug 18, 1897 in Dunkley Colorado (Routt County) - he's married to Elizabeth.


In 1900 Leroy precinct, the household following Charles, Verne E. Greene born May 1880 in Illinois, is farming.

Vern is in Henry County in 1910, and died in 1913, buried in Saxon Cemetery, on the same stone as William S.  1863-1888


In 1885 Taylor County, Iowa, Charles Green is farming, 29, born in New York, with Anna O., 27, Illinois.   They have Grace A. 6, Francis S. 4, and Lucy 2, all three born in Illinois.

1889 Sterling

Charles proved up a quarter in 1, 6N 51W in 1893, and timber-claimed a quarter in 12, 6N 51W in 1895.

In 1900 Leroy precinct, Charles born Aug 1855 in New York, Anna E. Feb 1857 in Illinois, have Grace A. Aug 1878 Illinois, Leroy F. May 1880 Illinois, Lucy Sept 1882 Illinois, Charles F. Jan 1886 Iowa, and Alice June 1888 Colorado.  Frank M. Kester Nov 1878 Iowa is a boarder.


Charles 1855-1940 is on the same tombstone in Sterling.


Lucy Green married Frank M. Kester July 27, 1901, recorded in Logan County.

In 1910 Fleming precinct they're farming, Frank M. 31, Iowa, Lucy 27 Illinois, Elister 6, Edit M. 4, and Ralph H. four months, all born in Colorado.  Lucy has had four children, three living.

In 1920 Logan County they have Elinor A. 16 Edith M. 13, Ralph A. 10 and Lewis H. 2.

In 1930 Logan County they have only Ralph H. 20 and Lewis 12.

In 1940 Logan County they have only a hired man - all the kids are gone.

Frank 1878-1969 and Lucy 1882-1958 are buried in Sterling.

Lewis H. 1917-1982 and Patricia (O'Brien) 1918-2002 are buried in Sunset Memorial, Sterling

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. — Edith May Brownell, 70 of Cottonwood, Ariz., died Saturday, July 6, 1985 at her home.
Memorial services will be 10 a.m. Monday, July 22, at the Fleming United Methodist Church.
Mrs. Brownell was born March 20, 1906 at her grandfather Charles Green's home southeast of Sterling. As a young child, she lived in her parents' home in the Fleming community, where she graduated from Fleming High School and taught school at the Hradecky School north of Fleming.
On March 1, 1925, she married Loyall W. Browneil. The couple then lived in the Boulder, New Raymer, Dailey, Idaho Springs and Fleming communities, where Mr. Brownell was a student, teacher and school administrator.
In 1943 she moved with her family to a farm west of Fleming, where she was active as a farmer's wife, mother and in community activities.
She was a life member of the Fleming Methodist Church, where she was active as a choir member, Sunday School teacher and officer of the United Methodist Women. She was also a member of the Clarkdale United Methodist Church, the Thurs day Study Club of Fleming, The Order of Eastern Star and the White Shrine of Jerusalem.
Mrs. Brownell is survived by her husband, Loyall W. Brownell of Cottonwood, Ariz.; three sons, William H. Brownell of Dublin, Calif., Burl Brownell of Fleming, and Bernard Brownell of Springfield, Mo.; a daughter, Barbara Parker of Lower Lake, Calif.; a sister, Elinor Brown of Sterling; 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

HAXTUN — Loyall William Brownell, 81, died Oct. 30, 1985 at his home in Cottonwood, Ariz.
Memorial services will be 10 a.m. Nov. 30 from the Fleming United Methodist Church. Inurninent will follow in the Fleming Cemetery.
Mr. Brownell was born June 28, 1904, in Syracuse, Neb., a son of John Edward and Melinda Jacobs Brownell. In 1918 he moved with his family to the Fleming area where he graduated from Fleming High School. He earned a degree at the University of Colorado and a masters degree from Colorado State College, Greeley.
March 1, 1928, he married Edith May Kester. They lived in Boulder, New Raymer, Dailey, Idaho Springs and Fleming, where he was a teacher and school administrator. In 1943, the family moved to farm west of Fleming, where he was active in farming, ranching and community activities.
His wife, Edith, died July 6 of this year.
Mr. Brownell was a member of the Fleming and Clarksdale, Ariz., Methodist churches, Masons, Eastern Star and White Shrine of Jerusalem.
He is survived by three sons, William H. Brownell of Dublin, Calif., Burl Brownell of Fleming and Bernard Brownell of Springfield, Mo.; a daughter, Barbara Parker of Lower Lake, Calif.; 11 grand children, and three great- grandchildren.

Elinor K. Brown, 90, of Sterling, died Saturday, April 9, 1994, at Haxtun Hospital.
Visitation and viewing started today at Chaney-Walters Funeral Home. Funeral is 2 p.m., Wednesday, April 13, at First Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Dr. Ivan Rundus officiating and with Debbie Hessler as lay pastor's assistant.
Burial will be at Riverside Cemetery.
Mrs. Brown was born Nov. 9, 1903, to Frank and Lucy Green Kester in Loveland.
When she was young, her family moved to the Fleming/LeRoy area near the Green family. She attended country schools and was often the only student in her grade.
Mrs. Brown graduated from Fleming High School in 1918, and then worked at the Fleming Post Office.
She married Dean S. Brown Jan. 8, 1922, at her parent's home southwest of Fleming.
The couple moved many times. They resided on a farm southwest of Fleming, then moved north of Fleming and later to Crook before residing on the homestead of her grandparents in Kelly. Then in 1958, the couple bought the Kellogg-Fyffe place where Mrs. Brown resided until a few months before her death.
Besides her three children, Mrs. Brown had a foster daughter from India, Volarmothey Balakirshna,who the Browns assisted for many years.
She received an advanced piano education in her youth, often times riding horseback to various neighbors for lessons. She was the pianist at the Kelly Church for many years.
She was a member of the Eastern Star, No. 68, the White Shrine of Jerusalem No. 3, the Kelly Society of World Service and in her later years she was involved with the Women's Society at First Presbyterian Church.
She was a 50-year member of the Kelly Home Improvement Club and was on the Logan County Council, serving as president in the 1940s.
She is survived by two daughters, Virginia Boyes and husband Stan of Greeley, Beverly Summers and husband Carl of Crook; a son, Kenneth and wife Margaret of Hayward, Calif.; sister-in-law, Patricia Kester of Sterling; nine grandchildren, 11 great- grandchildren and numerous cousins and relatives throughout northeastern Colorado.
She was preceded in death by her husband in 1990, two brothers and a sister.



Charles F. proved up two quarters in 2 and 3, 6N 51W in 1914.

In 1920, on the same page as Francis, is Charles F., a farm laborer, 34, born in Iowa, married to Estitia, 27, Oklahoma.  They have Glen C. 8, Jessie Merle 6, Edna Alice 3, and Ralph Edward seven months, all four born in Colorado.

In 1930 Logan County, Charles and Estella have Glen C. 18, Jessie 16, Edna 14, Ralph E. 10, Frank J. 6, Harry D. 4, and Doris $., newborn.

In 1940 they have only Frank J. 16, Harry D. 14, Doris R. 10, and E. Standly Green 5.

Charles Fulper Green 1886-1982 and Estella Sophie (Guisenger) Green 1892-1971 are buried in Sunset Memorial, Logan County.



Francis L. proved up a quarter in 10, 6N 51W in 1914.

In 1920 Logan County, Francis is a farm laborer, 34, born in Illinois, father in Pomerania.  He's married to Mary, 43, Iowa, and they have Edward, 4 and Myrtle 3, both born in Colorado.

In 1930 Logan County, "Leroy" Green is 44, Mary 48, Everett 14, Myrtle L. 12, and Esther M. 9.

In 1940 Logan County, Francis and Mary have only Evert E., 24 with them.  Esther is a student at Beth-El Hospital in Colorado Springs.

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