Anna Howard

 Anna proved up  a quarter in 22, 6N 50W in 1905.

The other Howard claims in Logan County were quite a ways away.

Leland E. Howard married Anna M. Holzinger January 1, 1903, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Denver Anna M. Howard is 50, born in Iowa, married six years to Leland E. 34 ?? Nebraska, a real estate agent.  Hattie K. Howard, mother, 60 is also a real estate agent.  They have Evelyn, 3, born in Colorado.

Leland 1874-1924 is buried in Fairmount.  Hattie K. Howard 1849-Jan 12, 1932 is also buried there.  Wilbur, Hattie and son Leland Howard wree in Franklin County Nebraska 1880 and 1885.


There's a John T. and Mary Ann D. Howard buried in Sterling - they were in Logan County, but not in the Leroy area.

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