Joseph W. and Miriam Maxon, brother-in-law John George Scott 


Newspapers 1890-1891



Elliot Kidder Wemple b. 27 Apr. 1854 married. Harriet Maxon 17 Oct 1877 d. 11 Apr 1919
Born in western New York, in the little town of Busti near the shores of Lake Chautauqua, Elliott K. Wemple was fourth in a family of five children, the last to survive to maturity. The call of the west proved so strong for his older brother John that in March 1869 brother John travelled to Kansas and settled in the area of Centralia. After two years of school teaching he landed a job with the railroad as express agent at Wetmore Station, and in the winter of 1871/72 Elliott and his parents moved out. They bought 160 acres of land
about 2-1/2 miles north of Centralia with about 25 head of steers. The following winter the parents, becoming homesick for Busti, moved back to New York. Elliott remained and obtained work as brakeman, later as baggage man on the railroad. John, in Oct 1872 returned to marry his childhood sweetheart, bringing her out west.

Soon after returning to New York Elliott's father died, and after recovering from a broken hip, his mother returned to Sabetha, Kansas, making her home with brother John, until the fall of 1874 when she died. Two older sisters, Mary and Ellen, at some time moved to Kansas with their families, and in the fall of 1872 Ellen, wife of John Thornborrow, died, and is buried at Granada, Kansas according to a Busti Cemetery gravestone on the family plot. Granada was probably in the Wetmore area. Mary lived on until the spring of 1878. She was the wife of Jonathan Matthews, and at that time would have been near 40 years of age. She is buried in Centralia, Kansas.

In 1875 John moved to Hastings, Nebraska with the St. Joseph and Denver City railroad. Elliott went with him, taking up residence in Hastings. John left railroading in 1879 to go into the lumber business with the Paine Lumber Co., with whom he remained for forty-eight years.

Meanwhile, in 1877 Elliott met and married the girl he loved, Hattie Maxon, and some years later in the 1880's he went into the banking business, moving from Hastings to a branch at Doniphan, then to Hendley, and back once more to Hastings. Economic times proved too much for the the Hendley branch and it failed. According to daughter Flora the bank at Hendley was a venture which depended upon the railroad going through that town. When it did not, the branch failed.

So, by 1891, with a major depression on, and work difficult to obtain, brother John who meanwhile had been called to Cleveland by the lumber company to a very responsible position, sent for Elliott and the family moved to Cleveland, where he was employed for a number of years with the lumber company.

For several years the family lived in the St. Clair and Madison Ave. area through three or four moves, and in Feb. 1905 they moved to E. Cleveland at #78 Carlyon Road. After a few years in 1908 they built on Superior Road at Euclid Heights Boulevard. which the two unmarried children called home for some time. The older two girls meantime had married.

Elliott was a quiet person of even disposition, who enjoyed working with plants and trees. He did some grafting of fruit trees on his property. His final illness was diagnosed as Bright's disease, and following an operation he died from a blood clot, which appeared to have resulted from poor judgment on the part of the attending physician. He was buried in Knollwood Cemetery in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Elliott and Hattie had four children: Blanche Olga, Maud Ellen, Flora
Edna and Ralph Earl. Flora was the only one who never married, caring for her elderly mother in her later years.


Harriet Jane Wemple (Maxon) Birthdate: October 22, 1850 Honey Creek, Pottawattamie, Iowa

Death: October 22, 1934 Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio Burial: Knollwood Cemetery, Mayfield Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio


1937 Lincoln Nebraska - Elliott's brother laid the cornerstone for the Nebraska Capitol Building

John Wemple, of Ohio, Laid Old Capitol Cornerstone
The life of John Jay Wemple is an intriguing affair to youth. So often It appears that advancement in the business world comes only with change. It seems that the rounds of the ladder to yachts and winters in Florida are found in different places. To acquire fleets of swift  motors and homes  like a Grand Central terminal It is first necessary to have a new address  very twelve months. Change and new environment llh a known gain are worthwhile  No one would remain on Main Street if It were known that Fifth Avenue offered without fall many more dollars and more leisure to enjoy the products of those dollars. Too many roam, though, hoping only vaguely to find the pot of gold alien from the rainbow onto some side street. They have no tangible way of bringing it to earth, and wander, finding little but age and disappointment. John Jay Wemple didn't roam. He didn't remain In one place, but la every move meant an upward step. He hitched his ambition to a definite ideal, which is rather more concrete to human minds than a star, and allowed it to b ad him Friday, March 4, as an important day. If It were Inaugural year, a new president would take office next  Friday. As it isn't, that event is deferred 8 years with one firm. However. It is still March 4, and Mr. Wemple celebrates his forty- eighth anniversary of service with the same company. Mr. Wemple lives In Cleveland, and has for some years. He is equally well known in Nebraska, for he laid the cornerstone  of the capitol that has just been , razed to make way for the present structure  July, 1884, Mr. Wemple laid the cornerstone of Nebraska's third, and the state's second capitol. The grand lodge of Nebraska, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of which Mr. Wemple was grand master, met in special communication at the lodge rooms on South Eleventh street at 4 o'clock. Mr. Wemple led the procession, with thirteen officers. and it was composed of Lincoln lodge No. 10, Lancaster lodge No.  4, many sojourning Freemasons, other societies, the citizens of Lincoln and surrounding country, according to the grand lodge proceedings of that day. Thus escorted, with Mount Moriah commandery No. 4. Knights Templar, as a general escort, the Grand Lodge marched in order to the site of the Capitol of the state of Nebraska, where a vast con.....

That quarter was cash-claimed in 1891 by Joseph N. Maxon, and Joseph W. Maxon homesteaded the quarter next to it in 1895.  Probably the same person.  Witnesses were Osro A. Thum, Wirt Kimberly, William Marks, and Jake Arnold, all of Le Roy Colorado.


One tree said Joseph Wright Maxon was born to John Davis Maxson # 90153835 and Rosiland Wright Maxson.  Joseph married Margaret Sophia Hayden June 14, 1846 in Des Moines County, Iowa,

Stephen Hayden Pedigree
 Birth: 20 MAR 1776 Morristown, Morris, New Jersey
 Death: 18 JAN 1857 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
 Father: John Hayden Family
 Mother: Charity Gard
 Margaret Detron Pedigree
 Birth: 17 JUL 1773 Fayette,Co, , , Pennsylvania
 Death: 13 MAY 1844 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa


 and married Miriam Scott Nov 5, 1876. 

One sibling of Joseph, per a tree, is Albertus Maxon.  He's buried in Rock County, Wisconsin.  # 88478145


In 1850 Rock County, Sherman S. Maxon, 21, is with John and Rosalind.   He's in the insane asylum in Rock County in 1900, and died there December 17, 1906.  "Mr. Sherman Maxon, well-known in this city, died at the County House,
Monday, Dec. 17, 1906. Chas. Fuller made the trip overland for the remains, which will be interred in Maple Hill Cemetery, this Tuesday.

December 28, 1906, Enterprise, p. 3, col. 6, Evansville, Wisconsin


Cedar County, Iowa marriage records 1837-1888 list a marriage of JOSEPH MAXON to Margaret Hayden (book B/page 148). Cedar County was the home of abolitionist (and John Brown pal) William Maxson (1806-1877), but I can't place Joseph. Anybody out there who has a lead on this guy's parents and/or descendants? Thanks for the help.  Posted by: John Tylczak


Joseph Wright Maxon spent his early life in Buffalo, New York. He became a methodist minister and held several pastorates in Iowa, in 1849 we find him in Le Claire, Scott County, he also resided at Abington, in 1856 at Fairfield, then moved to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa about 1858.   Their son John Reed Maxon was born at Grand View, Lovisa * (Should be Louisa) County, Iowa October 16, 1847, so they must have been living there.  Joseph W. Maxon was pastor of the Grandview M.E. church in 1847 with 138 members.  Joseph W. Maxon paid personal taxes in 1848 in Louisa County.

The town of Abingdon was laid out and platted On August 30, 1849........Abingdon became a major town in the northwest part of Jefferson County. .....Some of the businesses at Abingdon were general stores run by ....., J. W. Maxon, ....


In 1856 Jefferson County, Iowa, J.W. "Maxin" is a Protestant clergyman, 38, Margaret S. 36, John R. 8, Parris (must be Norris) 7, Harriet J. 5, Lee W. 3

In 1860 Henry County Iowa, J.W. Maxon is a M.E. minister, 42, with Margaret S. 39, Jno. R. 12, Norris 11, Harriet J. 9, Lee 7, Launett 5, and Maria Robinson, 20 - a domestic.

In 1870 Henry County, Iowa Joseph W. Maxon is 52, born in New York, peddling lightning rods, married to Margaret S. 49, born in Ohio.  Norris, 21 is a clerk in a dry goods store, Harriet 19 is at school, Lee 17 works on farm, and Laura 16 is at home.  Norris is a furniture dealer in 1880 Hastings, Nebraska, very convenient for travel to Logan County, Colorado.  Brother Lee is also in Adams County, Nebraska, a farmer.

One tree said Amanda and Miriam were one of many children of James 1802-1873 and Rebecca Peterson Scott 1814-1873, both dying in Iowa and buried in Sugar Creek, Cedar County, Iowa.

In 1856 Cedar County James 53 and Rebecca 40 have Mary J. 19, ?? 16, Henry W.W. 15, Robert G. 11, Rebeca E. 12, Jas. 8, Charles P. 6, and John G. 4.

In 1860 the Scott family is in Cedar County James 57, Rebecca 47, Mariam 20, William W. 18, Rebecca E. 16, Robert G. 14, James P. 12, Charles T. 10, John 8, and Amanda 4.

In 1870 Cedar County James is 67, Rebecca 55, Mirian 30, Henry W. 29, James P. 22, Charles 20, John 18, and Amanda 14.



J.W. Maxon married Marian Scott November 5, 1876 in Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa.


One Rootsweb tree said Margaret Sophia Hayden born August 12, 1820 in Ohio, died January 18, 1875 in Henry County, Iowa.    Another one says Margaret died in Pennsylvania......Another says she died in Appanoose County, Iowa.   Most say Joseph was born Jan 8, 1818 in Genesee County, New York, and died Oct 6, 1902 in Nemaha County, Nebraska.

In 1885 Adams County, Nebraska, Joseph Maxon is farming, 65, born in New York, married to Marion 45, Pennsylvania, with Charles 7 BORN IN WEST VIRGINIA and Alberta 5, born in Nebraska.


September 1889  Sterling, Colorado newspaper "A donation party was held recently at Rev. Whiteley's and one at Rev. Maxon's.  Not less than seventy persons attended both parties and had a very enjoyable time."

November 1889    

 1890 "Rev J.M. Day preached last Sabbath in the Warrensville school house to a good congregation.  Rev. Maxon will preach at the same place next Sunday."  (in the West Frenchman column of the Sterling Advocate, so it was probably southeast Logan County in the 7N 50W - 8N 50W townships where the Warren families claimed land.)

In 1900 Kearney County, Nebraska, Joseph W. is widowed, living with his son John and family.  Carrie A. 41, Myra V. 19, Howard J. 17, Fanny E. 13, and Max L. 9.

June 1, 1900 "HASTINGS, Neb., May 31.--(Special.)--The annual class exercises of Hastings high school took place at the opera house this evening which was crowded to its utmost capacity. Following Is the program with the students taking part: Class song, class; salutatory, Laura Payne; reading, "A Telephone Conversation," Gertrude E. Winter; class prophecy, Bertha A. Yost, Walter Lamoreaux; reading, "Music on the Rappahannock," Mary J. Kelley; vocal solo, (a) "September," London G. Charlton, (b) "Capture of Bacchus," Dudley Buck, Archie B. Hopper; reading, extract from "Morituri Salutarnus." Lydln, H. Morgan; medley, "Molly" Mattle E. Hedge, "Calling the Cows," Mary D. Baker, "The Charcoal Man," Nellie Sherman; Instrumental solo. Polaca Brillante, C. Bohm, Grace Noyes: valedictory, Miriam Alberta Maxon. "


Alberta Maxon, 15, is in Adams County, Nebraska in 1900, niece in the John H. and Amanda B. Spiser family. 

John Howard Spicer and Amanda Belle Scott married Dec 5 1883 in Wilton Junction, Iowa.  In 1891 Hastings, Nebraska, he's the district court clerk, living at 114 E 7th.

In 1895 Hastings J.H. is still a district court clerk, and at the same address is living Mrs. Amanda Spicer.

In 1903 Hastings John H. Spicer and Theodore F. Knapp have drugs and groceries at 716 W. 2nd, living at 116 E. 7th.  Erwin H. - a clerk for him, and Minnie R. student, are also with them. Meriam A. Maxon, born Feb 23, 1880 in Nebraska, died in Orange County, California January 24, 1963, mother's maiden name Scott.

In the Minden, Nebraska cemetery is a stone "J.W. Maxon - Jan 8, 1818 - Oct 6, 1902.  That's the same cemetery as John R. Maxon 1847-1924  - John R. Maxon was the Nebraska State Commander of the G.A.R. in 1915.


In Sterling Riverside Cemetery is # 57501051



The tombstone has  1.  14. 1897


Lee Maxon - 1852-1939 is buried in Grand Island - he was in Nemaha County in 1900 and 1910 - so maybe Joseph was living with him.


Maxon - Lamborn - John H. Lamborn, who formerly resided in Indianola with his parents, now connected with a live stock commission company in St. Joseph, was married to Miss Pansy Maxon, at the Presbyterian church in Minden, December 31, 1909. The groom is the son of the late John J. Lamborn, and the bride is the youngest daughter of John R. Maxon of Minden, who is well known over this state as past department commander of the G.A.R. The groom's many friends in this county congratulate him and wish the happy couple a happy and prosperous life. Friday 7 Jan 1910.  Her brothers Max and Harry B. Maxon of Sheridan Wyoming were in the party.

August 31, 1947 in Billings Montana Mary Kathryn Maxon, daughter of Mrs. Harry B. Maxon, married John Henry Stratfor, son of Mr. Henry Haines Stratford of Oberlin Ohio..  Miss Jane Maxon of Detroit was a sister of the bride, and her cousin Mr. John Maxon of Greybull Wyoming gave her away.


1971 Billings - Mrs. Elsie Maxon, 82 died.  Widow of railroad conductor Harry B Maxon, who died in 1939.  # 91792227.  Buried in  Mountview.  She was born June 15, 1888, in Mapleton, Iowa a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Wilson She moved to Sheridan Wyoming in 1905, graduated from high school, and married there in September 1905.  They moved to Casper in 1914, then Sheridan and Cody, and to Billings in 1929, Mr. Maxon was employed with  the Burlington Railroad.



The Charles  age 7 in the 1885 census born in West Virginia might be the one in 1898 Nebraska 2nd Infantry Roster CO. G. Organized at Omaha, Neb. Mustered into United States service at Lincoln, Neb., May 10, 1898.  Charles W. Maxon was a private.

In 1900 Stillwater, Oklahoma, Charles W. Maxon is a traveling salesman, born October 1877 in West Virginia, one of five roomers with Annie Singleton.

Charles Weston Maxon, son of Joseph Wright Maxon (clergyman) and Miriam Scott, married Anna Belle Samuels, a widow, February 21, 1914 in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  It said he was born at Hamilton, Ontario.....  Anna's parents were Hampton H. Cohn and Susan Elyth Wilders.

In 1918 Charles Weston Maxon, born at Weston, West Virginia, went to Vancouver, B.C. to life and work at a "gas engineer expert".  His wife was Anna Belle Samuels born in Ypsilanti, Michigan Sept 24, 1873, and resided at Steveston, B.C.

Charles Weston Maxon registered in Seattle, born October 12, 1877, a gasoline engineer with the Victoria Fishing Co., of Victoria, B.C., and was married.   She was living at 420 Hastings in Vancouver, B.C.


Charles Weston Maxon, age 47, born in the U.S., died May 16, 1924 in Useless Inlet Barcley Sound, British Columbia.

Ernest Curtis, born about 1880 in London, a bachelor, married Anna Belle Maxon, born about 1875, widowed, in Alberni, British Columbia February 11, 1925.

Anna Belle Curtis, born in Ypsilanti to Hampton Cohn born in Birtrn Germany and Susan Elizabeth WILDER born in Brennan Germany, , died Nov 27, 1926 in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  She was buried in the Alberni Cemetery Dec 4, 1926.  (Susan E. Wilden Clark, age 50, married George W. Clark in Washtenaw, Michigan June 27, 1881)



The 1898 Hastings, Nebraska directory has Alberta Maxon, no occupation, living at 116 e 7th.  That's the same residence address as John H. Spicer, "drugs - 623 2nd"  

In 1900 Fremont, Nebraska, Alberta Maxon is a student living at the Fremont Normal and Business College, and also listed as a Niece in the Spicer household. 

In 1903 Hastings John H. Spicer and Theodore F. Knapp have drugs and groceries at 716 W. 2nd, living at 116 E. 7th.  Erwin H. - a clerk for him, and Minnie R. student, are also with them.

Amanda B. Spicer is widowed in Pasadena, California in 1920, 63, born in Iowa, with daughters Minnie R. 33 - a school teacher-  and Florence A. 23, both born in Nebraska.  John Howard Spicer died in 1919, Amanda in 1926, and both are buried in Pasadena.


Miriam Alberta Maxon graduated from Hastings High School in 1900.

Alberta Maxon was "elected" as a teacher in 1901 Adams County, Nebraska.




In 1908 Hastings, Edmund P. (Alberta) Hedge "automobiles 105 N. Lincoln av, vice pres Hastings Milling Co" , residence 815 W. 5th.

In 1910 Hastings, Edmund P. (Alberta) Hedge is vice president of the Hastings Milling Company, and they live at 815 W. 5th.


In 1913 Hastings Edmond P. (Alberta) Hedge is vice president of the Hastings Milling Company, living at 823 N. Bellevue av.  

They're not in the 1915 Hastings directory.

So it looks like they split between 1913 and 1920.

In 1920 Hastings the city directory has Edmund P. (Carrie) (Hedge Auto Co) living at 822 NB. Bellevue.

Edmond and Carrie are also in Hastings in the 1920, 1930 and 1940 census, and in Grand Island, Nebraska in 1950's directories.


In 1921 the Tulsa chapter had as guests of honor "the three  National Delphian workers, Misses Alberta Maxon, May Few and Ida Knudson, who spent the winter in Tulsa." 

A group of women met in Little Rock in May 1929, to begin the process of establishing a statewide Delphian organization. There were nine Delphian Society chapters in Little Rock and another dozen active around the state. National Delphian field supervisor M. Alberta Maxon came to the state to help organize additional chapters, and also help organize the Arkansas Delphian Assembly.

Meriam A. Maxon, born Feb 23, 1880 in Nebraska, died in Orange County, California January 24, 1963, mother's maiden name Scott.

SSDI has that her social security number issued in Texas, before 1951.

  M. Alberta Maxon 1880-1963 is buried in Melrose Abbey Memorial Park, Anaheim, California, per 126460145




1.       Norris Hayden MAXON was born 1 Apr 1849.
Norris married  Stella "Ella" JENKINS, daughter of William Brooks JENKINS and Catherine Ann Davis BAKER (in Schuyler County, Illinois , on 13 Aug 1874. Stella was born 25 Dec 1859 in Quincy, Adams, IL. She died Aug 1923.

They had the following children:
                     M       i.       Jessie MAXON was born 3 Jul 1875.  Kindergarten director in St. Louis, Mo. schools.
                    M       ii.       John Paul "Paul" MAXON was born 20 Nov 1876. He died 14 Oct 1898 in El Paso,  TX.
                    F       iii.       Lois Ella MAXON was born 12 Jan 1888.   Art supervisor for St. Louis, Mo. schools.
                    M       iv.       Rex Hayden MAXON was born 24 Mar 1892.

Second Generation

5.       Rex Hayden MAXON (Norris) was born 24 Mar 1892.
Entered from Facts of the Baker Family of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Rex was newspaper writer and artist for "New York Globe" and "New York Evening Mail" who lived at one time at Sheepshead Bay, Long Island, NY.
Rex married  Hazel V. CARTER on 23 Apr 1919. Hazel was born 5 Sep 1892

He was most noted for his   Tarzan Comic  book illustrations.

In 1969 he and his wife moved to London, England, where she worked on a writing project, while he painted landscapes and portraits. In 1972 they returned to America and settled near their daughter in Rockland County, on the Palisades facing the Hudson River. Rex Maxon died at the age of eighty-one in Boston, MA, on November 25, 1973.

This is Joseph's great-granddaughter, John's granddaughter: 

MINDEN - Alberta Rose Christensen, 91, of Minden died Monday, Nov. 7, 2005, at the Long Term Care Unit of Kearney County Health Services. Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at Minden Evangelical Free Church with the Rev. Jerry Classen officiating. Burial will be at Minden Cemetery.

Visitation will be until 5 p.m. and from 7 to 8 p.m. today at Layton-Craig Funeral Home in Minden.

She was born Dec. 26, 1913, in Kearney County to Howard and Anna (Duhrman) Maxon.

On Aug. 21, 1935, she married Arlo Christensen. He preceded her in death.

Survivors include her sons, Buckley of Minden and Bruce of Holdrege; daughter, Dixie Beck of Minden; six grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; and two stepgreat-grandchildren.

Additional survivors include her daughters-in-law, Sharen of Minden and Milrae of Holdrege; and son-in-law, Tim Beck of Minden.

She grew up in the Norman area and graduated from Kearney High School in 1931 while working for her aunt.

She and her husband lived in Minden.

She owned and operated Arlo's Hardware along with her husband for many years. After selling the business in 1959, she began working for Minden Public Schools, first as a cook and later as a secretary. It was then she realized her dream to become a teacher - an important role in children's lives.

Upon graduation from college in 1971 at the age of 54, she earned a degree with a major in speech pathology and a minor in special education all in 30 months. Her interests in the brain development of children led her to be trained in the Doman Delecato Method in Philadelphia and Cleveland. She was trained in Montessori methods in Dallas, which led her to become a highly skilled special education instructor at ESUs in Holdrege, Grand Island and Kearney.

Later, she taught remedial math and reading in the Minden Public Schools.

Her teaching career fostered the writing of her book, "The See and Sound Circus" in 1982. This book was a phonetic system of reading and writing made for teaching small children.

She was a lady of many talents and varied interests. Her talents included writing lyrics and poems for Minden High School athletic banquets, retirements, family and friends. She was a talented, self-taught piano player and loved singing alto in trios with her sisters-in-law.

Her strong faith fostered a commitment to do work in the Christian Church and later the Evangelical Free Church. She served as Sunday school teacher and carpenter and helped with AWANA. She opened her heart and home to her children's friends, serving warm homemade cinnamon rolls by the panful and allowing get-togethers for many occasions.

She was depended upon to organize many class reunions and Somer-set Clubs. She was the matriarch of the Maxon clan, the hostess of numerous holiday celebrations.

In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by three brothers, a grandson and a great-granddaughter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bruce Maxon Christensen, 67, of Holdrege died Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2009, at Phelps Memorial Health Center in Holdrege. Memorial services will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Holdrege with the Rev. Paul Bauman officiating. Private family burial will be at Minden Cemetery before services. He was born May 19, 1941, at Minden to Arlo and Alberta (Maxon) Christensen

On Dec. 29, 1961, he married Milrae Petersen. >Survivors include his wife; son, Brent Christensen of Chappell and his special friend, Lisa Rolik and her children, Elizabeth and Katharine Park, all of Lincoln; daughter, Jenna Christensen of Grand Island and her special friend, Anthony Perales of Houston; grandchildren, Jordan, Chase and Meredith, all of Holdrege; brother, Buck Christensen and his wife, Sharen, of Minden; sister, Dixie Beck and her husband, Tim, of Minden; brother-in-law, Jim Petersen and his wife, Sue, of Kearney; sister-in-law, Pam Petersen and her husband, Jon, of Hastings.< Bruce attended Minden Public Schools and graduated in 1959. He attended and graduated from Kearney State College in 1962 with a degree in education. Following his graduation, he began his teaching and coaching career at Naponee. From there, he coached at Juniata, Geneva and Holdrege and sported one of the highest winning percentages in Class B football in Nebraska. He entered into a partnership with Larry Hanson at The Country Squire until 1982 when he returned to the classroom in Holdrege. He retired in 2000. He was preceded in death by his parents; granddaughter, Camille; and nephew, Matthew.

In 1947 the Eugene Register-Guard (Oregon) reported the engagement of Jean Maxon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Maxon.  Betrothal guests included Meriam Maxon and Mrs. Curtis Maxon.  In 1940 Los Angeles H. Curtis Maxton was 64, born in Michigan, with Florence 51, Edward 18, Donald 15, Ethel 13, Jean 10, and Marion 9.  So probably not closely related to the Logan County Meriam.



In 1856 Cedar County, Iowa, James Scott is 53, Rebecca 40, Mary J. 19, Henry W.W. 15, Robert G. 11, Rebecca E. 12, Jas P. 8, Charles P. 6, and John G. 4.

In 1870 Cambria County Pennsylvania, William Arble is 68 farming, married to Rosanah 51, with Emma 22 , Albert 19, Arabella 18, Amanda 16, Joseph 14, George 12, and Harry 10.

One tree said John G. Scott married Amanda C. Arble in September 1876 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, that she was born April 7, 1854 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania to William Arble 1801-1876 and Rosanna 1819-1897.  William died Ebensburg, Cambria, Pennsylvania, buried Mount Hermon Cemetery.  # 84806962

In 1880 Cedar County, Iowa, Amanda B. Scott is 23, sister of Mary J. Givan 43 and her son William 20.  John G. Scott 28 and Amanda C. 24, with son Harry, 2 are the next household.  Probably they're the same Amanda, and Mary J. Givan is John's sister.

In 1885 Adams County, Nebraska, John 29 and Amanda 30 are running a boarding house, have Harry, 7.

John G. Scott cash-claimed a quarter in 2, 7N 50W in 1891, proved up a quarter in 3, 7N 50W in 1896, and a timber claim in 1, 7N 50W in 1899.

Amanda C. Scott claimed a quarter in 26, 8N 53W in 1922 under the Desert Land Act - so they really knew how to claim land.

In 1900 Leroy precinct, Logan County, John Scott, born Jan 1842 in Iowa, has been married 24 years to Amanda, born April 1854 Pennsylvania.  They have Harris A. Sept 1877 Iowa, farming, and two young Ogilve kids going to school.

Harrie married Helen S. Kerr November 29, 1906 in Sterling, and in 1910 they're farming in Logan County, Helen 28, born in Alabama, - two kids, one living.   George W. nine months.  Her brother Robert T. Kerr, 20, born in Tennessee, is a farm laborer.

John might be the John C. Scott who claimed a quarter in sections 7 and 8, 9N 50W in 1900.

Harrie Arble Scott registered with a Fleming address, born Sept 24, 1877.

John and Amanda are alone in 1910 and 1920 Leroy precinct.

John G. Scott was majority shareholder and in control of the Sterling Evening Advocate when he sold his interest to John J. Woodring, Charlie E. Hayne and Roy G. Ferguson in late 1917.

One Ancestry tree says John died 1925 in Sterling.

In 1920 Harrie A. 42 and Helen S. 37 are operating a motion picture theater in Fleming, with George W. 10, John D. 8, Mary F. 5, and Robert G. 3.

In 1930 Sterling Harrie is an engineer at a laundry, and they have J. Willard 20, John Dean 19, Mary 15, Robert G. 13,  and widowed mother Amanda 75.

Amanda C. Scott was buried in Sterling Riverside Cemetery July 18, 1932.  "Sterling Riverside records show Amanda C. Scott being buried at the foot of someone-but our records do not show who."

I am related to Jos. Blair Arble but I show his birthdate as 25 Mar 1856. I also show that he fathered 3 children. I am a great grandson of Jos's sister, Amanda Catherine. She died in Fort Morgan, Colo. sometime after 1931 and is buried in Sterling, Colo. with my great-grandfather, John G. Scott. I would like to share info w/you as I have quite a bit that I have gleaned from several sources but still have some holes to fill in.  RScott2714

Harry is widowed in Fort Morgan in 1940, with John 29 and Robert, 23.

Mary Frances Scott, 25, is a nursing student at Denver General Hospital, living in Fort Morgan in 1935.

One tree said she died in Akron in 1984.


J.R. Scott -1852-1943 is buried in Fort Morgan # 73752401

Helen S. 1882-1936, # 75292632 Harrie A. 1877-1945 -# 75292640 and Mary F. Mackey  1914-1984 # 75292655 share a tombstone in Fort Morgan.

John Dean Scott (son of Harrie A. Scott and Helen S. Kerr) was born 05 Jan 1911 in Sterling, and died 26 Oct 1998 in Thornton, Colo.. He married Joan Hart on 27 Jan 1947 in Brighton, Colo., daughter of Lester Hart and Mildred E. Johnson.
Children of John Dean Scott and Joan Hart are:
 i. John Richard Scott, b. 03 Jun 1948, Fort Morgan, Colo..
ii. James Lawrence Scott, b. 21 Nov 1949, Fort Morgan, Colo., d. May 1990, Hemet, Calif

Juanita Mary Bullock, Michigan alumna, class of 1942, (Mrs. John Dean Scott) died at Fort Morgan, Colorado January 2, 1946.and is buried in Fort Morgan # 75292737.


Robert Gordon Scott, born Nov 23, 1916 in Sterling, died Dec 15, 2008 in Troy, Michigan.

He sailed from Antwerp, Belgium arriving New York June 21, 1945, with a home address of Fort Morgan.

One tree said he married Yolanda, and they had Cary December 4, 1947 and Sari April 15, 1949, both born in Fort Morgan.


In 1962 Sari Scott of Windsor was admitted to the Greeley hospital.


J. Willard Scott -1909-2002 and Mildred Mae Scott 1906-1986 - are buried in Sunset, Logan County.



One tree said Joseph and Margaret's daughter Laura married Edgar J. Pickard.

In Henry County Iowa Edgar J. Pickard married Laura Maxon December 6, 1876.

In 1880 Adams County, Nebraska E.J. 26 and Laura 25, born in Iowa, have Alice, 1.

Alice Pickard, 20, born in Nebraska, married Charles E. Hazzard, 24, born in New York, in Kearney County, Nebraska July 25, 1899.


They're in Buffalo County, Nebraska in 1900, Charles E. "Hozzard", and Alice S. his wife, and sister-in law Leora E. Hozzard 19, a teacher born in Nebraska...

1900 Kearney "Miss Leora Pickard, of Miller was in the city Wednesday and left for Nemaha, Neb."

1901 Kearney "Miss Leora Picard returned home Saturday morning from Kearney, where she has been attending institute. Mrs. C. E. Hazzard has been visiting the Quail family this week."


Leora E Pickard, 21, married Charles W. Quail in Miller, Nebraska December 24, 1902 - He was 22, born in New York.  Charles and Leora are in Buffalo County, Nebraska in 1930 and 1940.

45392895 has Leora dying 1958, buried in Armada Cemetery, Buffalo County.

# 45367588 has Alice 1889-1937 buried in Armada, too.

In 1900 Moline Illinois, Edgar born Dec 1853 in Illinois, is single, boarding with Ada Newton, her two daughter, and her parents.


The tree said Edgar married Ada, and in 1910 Rock Island, Illinois, Edgar J. 56 has been married nine years to Ada - the second marriage for both.  Ada's daughter Lutie Newton 17, born in Iowa and their daughters Lydia 9 and Minnie 7 both born in Illinois.

Edgar J. Pickard, 1853-1930 is buried in Alva, Oklahoma.

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