Katherine Myer, sons Henry Myer, Herman Myer, Augustus Myer, John W. Myer 

In 1870 Sauk County, Wisconsin, William Myer, 27 and Catherine 29 have Herman 2, and Henry nine months.

In 1880 Washington County, Kansas, William Myer is 37, Katie 39, Herman 13, Henry 10, Sarah 8, William 6, Anna 4, and August 1.

Anna R. Myer, 19, married John T. McCulley, 22, in 1896 in Washington County, Kansas.  She's buried 1876-1954 in Washington, Kansas # 18909046.

Herman proved up a quarter in 28, 6N 50W in 1897.

In 1900 Leroy precinct, Logan County, Herman F. born April 1865 in Wisconsin, is single.  Brothers  Henry Oct 1867 Wisconsin, August G. October 1878 Wisconsin, and John W. Sept 1881 Kansas, and mother Kate April 1840 Germany -she had seven kids, all living.

William H. Myers -1843-1925 and Kate (Scheller) Myers 1843-1906 are buried in Leroy.

In 1910, Herman is married seven years to Ida, 35, with Anna 4, Luela 3, and Franklin one.  Adopted kids Eva Hunt 16, Hazel Hun5 14,a nd Ester Hunt 12 are with them.

In 1920, they have Anna, Luella, Charlotte, Charlotte 9, Jenette 7, Vesta 6, and Marvin 3.

In 1930 Sterling, Herman is a teamster, 64, with Ida M. 52, Jennette 17, Vesta I. 16, Marvin H. 13, and Marguerite E. 6.

In 1940 Sterling Herman and Ida have Vesta- a telephone operator, and Marvin, a truck driver on road construction.

Herman F. 1862-1946 and Ida M. (Zinke) Myers 1874-1951 are buried in Sterling.

Henry proved up  a quarter in 28, 6N 50W in 1901.

Henry is still single in 1910 and 1920, on the same census pages as Herman.

Henry B. Myer cash-claimed a quarter in 17, 7N 55W in 1912, and proved up 80 acres in 9, 7N 55W in 1920.

Christian Myer cash-claimed 120 acres in 24, 8N 55W in 1884.

August G. Myers married Maggie Dreier Nov 20, 1907, recorded in Logan County.

In 1910  Leroy precinct, August G. "Myers"  is 31, Maggie 30, with six-month Stella.

August G. Myers 1878-1943 and Maggie I. (Dreier) Myers 1890-1935 are buried in Leroy.

In 1920 August and Maggie have Stella 10, Ethel 8, Robert 6, Irvin 4, Myrtle 2, and Ilo eight months.

In 1930 August and Maggie have Stella- a student in College, Robert 16, Irvin 14, Myrtle 12, and Ilo 10.

In 1940 Grand County, Colorado Ilo Myers, 20, is a bookkeeper, living with sister Stella Wise, Vernon Wise, 35, and James Wise, 1.

Stella Wise -1909-1982 # 21948282 and Vernon Wise 1904-1969 are buried in Granby, Colorado.

Robert W. Myers 01913-2002 and Patricia (Towner) Myers 1921-2005 are buried in Leroy.

Irvin in 1940 Logan County is 24, married to Lucille, 24, with Margaret Mae, 3 and Irvin 1.

Irvin E., 64, born at Sterling, died in Hemet, California September  2003. SSDI has an Irvin born in 1915 dying in California January 2003.


John is single in 1910 Logan County, just below the August Myer family.

Carrie A. Stenborn married John W. "Meyers" December 3, 1911, recorded in Denver.

In 1920, right after August's family, John's married to Carrie, 34, born in Colorado, and they have Kinnis, 3.

In 1930 Logan County, John W. and Carrie S. have Kenneth Myers 13 and Frances Meyer 22, a boarder, is a school teacher.

In 1940 Logan County John, Carrie, and Kenneth W. are still together.

John 1881-1958, # 56983195, and Carrie S. (Stenborn) Myers 1885-1973 are buried in Sterling.

Adventist Archives 1974 

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