Franklin A. Noe     

Ebenezer C. Noe & Phebe Perry lic'd Oct. 12th 1842
State of Ohio Delaware County SS

On the 13th day of October AD 1843 [1842] I solemnized the marriage of Ebenezer C. Noe with Phebe Perry
A. D. Chapman

Ret'd & Recorded March 14th 1843      Attest W. D. Heim Clerk

 In 1860 Page County Iowa, E.C. and Pheba Noe have Angeline 18, Emelia 14, Ines 10, Hestor 9, James 7, Frank 5, and Georgiana 3.

James Short married Eugenia Noe November 21, 1861 in Page County.  (James H. Short cash-claimed a quarter in Yuma Count 4S 44@ in 1890)

In 1885 Page County, Iowa, Ebenezer C. Noe 72 and Phoebe 70 are farming, with Franklin A. 30 and Georgiana 27, both single.

In 1895 Page County, Franklin is living alone, 40 years old, farming.

Franklin timber-claimed  a quarter in 29, 6N 50W in 1898.

1899 National Christian Association "Mr. Frank Noe, of College Springs, Iowa, has undertaken some greatly needed colporteur work for the National Christian Association and incidentally to canvass for the Christian Cynosure. Brother Noe was a delegate at our last annual meeting. The Cynosure trusts that its readers will remember its workers in prayer."

In 1900 Page County Iowa, Franklin A. Noe, born May 1854 in Ohio, is a landlord.  His sister Gerogiana Feb 1857 in Ohio, father Ebenezer C. Feb 1812 New Jersey, sister Inez Powers May 1848 in Ohio and her daughter Georgia I. May 1885 in Nebraska, are with him.

In 1910 Morrow County, Iowa, Frank Noe, 55 is farming, with sister Georgia A. 53.

Franklin -1854-1911 and parents Ebenezer 1812-1901 and Phebe (Harrison) Noe 1813-1896 are buried in Grove Cemetery, Page County.

The Christian Cynosure of 1913 reported a bequest of $6,300 from the estate of Franklin A. Noe,.

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