O.W. Shupp  - Editor of the Wemple Optic

Newspapers 1890-1891


That quarter was cash-claimed in 1891 by Joseph N. Maxon, and Joseph W. Maxon homesteaded the quarter next to it in 1895.  Probably the same person.  Witnesses were Osro A. Thum, Wirt Kimberly, William Marks, and Jake Arnold, all of Le Roy Colorado.

 1890 "Rev J.M. Day preached last Sabbath in the Warrensville school house to a good congregation.  Rev. Maxon will preach at the same place next Sunday."  (in the West Frenchman items, so it was probably southeast Logan County.)

Owen W. Shupp is three years old in 1860 York County, Pennsylvania, with Samuel and Barbara Shupp, both 32.  Ira is 5 and Anna is four months old.

In 1870 Pennsylvania, Samuel, a school teacher,  and Barbara have Owen 12, Jennie 10, Mary 8, and Anna 5.

In the "great storm of 1879" at Red Cloud, Nebraska, C.W. Springer's house was demolished.

CHARLES W. SPRINGER, Webster County, Nebraska, Superintendent, was born in Lamoine, Hancock County, Maine. After receiving a preparatory course of studies, he entered the Eastern State Normal School, and graduated in 1871. He then came to Dawson County in 1873, and in January, 1874, he came to Red Cloud and engaged in teaching. In April, 1880, he was licensed to preach by the Baptist denomination. In the fall of 1881, he was elected County Superintendent. Ordained a Baptist Minister April 30, 1882.

In 1880 Webster County, Nebraska, Charles Springer is 30, Alma B. 24, Clifford G. 4, Edith M. 2, and Crissie E. ten months.

Red Cloud "DIED - At Cloverton October 14, 1881, Lucy Eva, youngest child of Charles W. and Alma B. Springer, aged t3 months and 19 days."

In 1885 Webster/Wheeler County, Nebraska, C.H. Springer is a minister, 28, with Anna 29, Clifford 9, Charle daughter 3, and son Marion 1.

  Webster County

John L. Springer was a teacher in Webster County in the 1890's  - in 1880 Hancock County, Maine he was 17, , brother Elmer E. 15, and Henry 13.  Parents Ambrose 57 and Mary A. 55.

In 1895 Rooks County, Kansas, Alma is 39, Charles 42, with "Cliford" G. 19, Marcus L. 10, and Lily M. 9.

Alma was a teacher in Rooks County in 1892.

Charles W. Springer, no stone, no dates of birth or death, is listed in Stockton Cemetery, Rooks County.  So it's very likely that Charles died between 1895 and 1897 (if Alma married in 1897).  With O.W. Shupp listed as both a clergyman and newspaperman, like Charles, they may have known each other before Charles' death.

One Ancestry tree said Charles died March 3, 1892 at "Weetwater" Wyoming, and married Alma Borin March 14, 1875 at Red Cloud.


 Wemple was a small town near Leroy.  It had one newspaper:

Wemple Optic 1890-1891.  Optic Publishing Company, publisher; O.W. Shupp, editor.

Owen W. Shupp born about 1858 in Pennsylvania, married Alma B. Springer, born about 1856 in Illinois, on December 24, 1897 in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

In 1899 Denver, Rev. Owen W. Shupp is living at 3706 Lafayette.   There aren't any Springer names listed matching the 1880 or 1885 or 1895 census names.

In 1900 Denver O.W. Shupp is a clergyman, born January 1858 in Pennsylvania. He's been married three years to Alma, born Feb 1856 in Illinois.  She's had thirteen kids, six living, and they have Mary born March 1899 in Colorado.  Alma's son Marion Springer born July 1884 and Lillian Dec 1885. and Alma July 1884 (but age 12) all three born in Nebraska.

Owen W. Shupp and Alma B. (Springer) Shupp divorced in Denver in 1901.

In 1910 LaGrange, Wyoming, Owen W. Shupp, 52, farming, is married five years to Martha M. 53.  It's his second marriage, jher third.  They're farming in Goshen County, Wyoming in 1920.

In 1930 Los Angeles County, Owen is a shoe repairman, 72, married to Addie, 69, and they're still there in 1940.

Owen Wm. Shupp, born Jan 8, 1859 in Pennsylvania, died October 12, 1941 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Kelly.

Addie L. Shupp born Jan 8, 1861 in Ohio, died July 20, 1944 in Los Angeles, mother's name Shirtliff, father's Foote..  Probably her father was Oscar Foot, buried in Portage County, Ohio  94933020.

She married Lewis R. Shafer in 1902, and in 1910 they're in Wichita, Kansas,  Isabel Springer, 11, is with them, and four of Lewis' kids.

In 1920 Sacramento, California, Alma is widowed, 63, living with Isabel M. Rippy, 20 and her husband Walter A. Rippy, 32.

Alma Borin Shafer, born Feb 19, 1856 in Illinois, died Sept 22, 1943 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Dole.

Mary A. Shupp married Henry H. Pilant Jun 12, 1918, recorded in Routt County.

Marion Springer married Ethel Ballard Feb 14, 1919, recorded in Garfield County. May 29, 1914 - that's a different one.

1914 Pine Bluffs, Wyoming: Owen W. Shupp of Lagrange made his annual visit to Pine Bluffs last Tuesday, and of course was a caller at this office and renewed his subscription to the Post. Mr. Shupp had a good deal to tell us about alfalfa. He is a man of wide experience in farming and is able to tell us about alfalfa. He is a man of wide experience in farming and is able to talk in an interesting manner on the subject. At the present time he has 35 acres of alfalfa which stands two feet high and is very thick in row. He believes that planting it in rows and cultivating it is the proper way to raise alfalfa. His crop has been cultivating twice and harrowed once. He attributes the success of it to the fact that he does not pasture it and does not cut it low. He says there are two things alfalfa wont stand-short cutting either by mower or by stock. He does not believe in snowing broadcast and stirring with a disc; for the disc injures the points where it branches and allows a chance for disease. Here is one of his maxims about alfalfa: It will grow in spite of a nurse cropland not because of it. Mr. Shupp extended us an invitation to visit his section, an invitation which we shall be glad to accept when the opportunity presents itself.

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