William L. Stephen, Fred L. Stephen, Jacob Stephen, Harvey Stevens


"Heirs of Harvey Stevens" proved up a quarter in 7, 6N 50W in 1894.

In 1900 Morgan County, Harvey Stevens born Dec 1837 in Ohio, is a railroad foreman, married 34 years, but no spouse.  A dozen boarders are with him.


William cash-claimed a quarter in 26, 7N 48W in 1890.  He very well could be the William Stephen in 1892 Denver, a car repairer for the U.P. Ry - so he would have easy, perhaps free transportation to Sterling.


William Leonard Stephens, Jr. born 1868 in Washington County, Iowa, died Dec 9, 1941 in Iowa.   First wife Idaho Mary Rex, thirteen kids.  divorced.  Second wife Edna Manchester Stephens.


 In 1900 Atchison County Missouri, William L. Stephen, a farm laborer born 1865 in Iowa, is married seven years to Ida H. May 1876 Indiana.  They have Jaunita Oct 1893, Clara A. Oct 1895, and Nora Aug 1898, all three born in Iowa.

In 1910 Otoe County, Nebraska, William "Stevens" is 55, Ida 44, with Junita 16, Carrie 14, Nora A. 11, Henery E. 8, May M. 6, Vera B. 4, and Ellsworth W. 1.

In 1920 Omaha, William is a painter, 54, Ida M. 43.  Daughter Alice C. 20 and her husband Frederick 21 are living with them.

In 1925 Page County Iowa, William L. is 60, Idaho M. 50, Carrie 30, Ida 20, Elsworth L. 17 Helen 14, Laurretta A. 12, Catherine 10, Franklin L. 7.

In 1930 Boone County, Nebraska, Ida is 53, divorced, with Carrie 29, Helen 19, Henry 28, Leonard 21, Loretta 16, Katherine 14, and Frank 12.

In 1940 Ida is 64, living with son Franklin T. 23 and daughter Doris 18 in Page County, Iowa.


In 1910 Leroy precinct, following Jacob's family, Fred is 44, born in Kansas.

Next household is Louis, 28, Kansas, both single.

Fred  proved up  two quarters in 25 and 30, 6N 50W in 1915.

Fred Lee Stephen registered in Washington County, born Sept 20, 1885, farming, nearest relative mother Mrs. Abbie Stephens.

Fred registered for WWII in Okanogan, Washington, born Sept 20, 1885 in Parsons, Kansas. 

Fred -1885-1965 is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Otero County, Colorado.

So are J. Murrel Stephen 1903-1970 and his wife Lula M. Stephen 1903-1979. (Murrel Stephen and Lula are in Sedgwick County in 1930, with Mildred 6, Walter 4, and Murrel Jr. two months.


In 1900 Neosho County, Kansas, Jacob born November 1864 is farming, married 15 years to Abie March 1867, both born in Indiana,. Frederick September 1893, Lewis Nov 1887, Raymond March 1890, Walter August 1893, Minnie July 1897, and Mary Sept 1899 were all born in Kansas.

In 1910 Leroy precinct, Logan County, Jacob "Stevens" is 45, Abbie L. 43, with Ora 20, Elmer 17, Minnie 12, Murrel 6, and Lorene 3.

In 1920 Washington County, Jacob and Abbie have only Maude L. 13.

Jacob Stephen proved up a quarter in 25, 6N 51W in 1913 and eighty acres in 17, 6N 51W in 1929.

Jacob Stephen married Rebecca J. Seger August 16, 1933, recorded in Logan County.

Jacob Stephen was born on Nov 11, 1864 in Martin, Indiana. His father Leonard born 1817 was 46 and his mother Anna Maria Yenne was 40. He married Abbie Leona Hamsher in September of 1884 and they had six sons and three daughters together between the years 1885 and 1906. When Abbie passed away in 1932, he then married Rebecca Jane Brittin on August 16, 1933 in Douglas, Colorado. He lived his remaining years in Morgan Co, Colorado. He passed away on September 5, 1946 in Fort Morgan, Colorado at the age of 81.  He's buried in Sterling, as is Abbie -1867-1932

Louie C. Paden married Minnie Stephens June 12, 1920, recorded in Logan County.

Minnie O. Paden, born Jun 7, 1897, died in San Bernardino Jun 13, 1962, mother's maiden name Hamsher.


Maybe the William L. Stephens in 1910 Denver, 65, a copper miner, born in Indiana, married to Mary C. 64, Connecticut, with sons Wallace A. 40 Kansas and his wife Eugenia 35, born in New York.  The other son is Charles T. Stephens, 30 Colorado.  Both are mining engineers.

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