William F. Alexander, Iliff and Sterling

William F. Alexander cash-claimed 120 acres in section 17, 10N 49W in 1912.


On September 19, 1912, he married Maudline H. Roberts in Logan County Ohio. His parents were Wm. J. Alexander and Mary E. Crown. Her parents were Bartley Roberts and Jennie Harrod.
In 1900 Logan County, Ohio, Bartley Roberts was a farner, 44, with Jennie 37, Maud born July 1887 in Ohio, Jessie 11 in Ohio, and his mother Charlotte 78.
(Jennie was in Hardin County, Ohio in 1880, 17, with parents William Herrod 46 and Elizabeth J. Herrod 44. Ella F. is 19, Janie 17, Franklin 11, Emma 9, and John > 4.

In 1920 Logan County, Colorado, Barclay Roberts is retired, 64 with Jennie 55.

Barclay and Jenny are alone in 1930 Logan County, Ohio.
Barclay Roberts 1854-1939 is buried in Sterling # 54835089, with J. Alfretta Robets 18863-1951 # 56829906.


In 1900 Logan County, Ohio, William J. Alexander is a timber cutter, 48, married 25 yars to Maud E. 46, Charles D. 24 is a day laborer, John W. 22 a brickyard labore., Laura 22, Emma J. 17, Albert 16, William born April 1886, Harry 10, Mary 7, and Gale 1, all born in Ohio.
(Charles D. Alexander 1876-1917 is buried in Logan County Ohio # 28739834. Mary Ellen (Crone) Alexander in Sterling Colorado 3 57479579)
So are William Alexander dying March 8, 1929 # 84265541 and Mary Ellen (Crone) Alexander 1853-1939

Their daughter Laura Jane (Alexander) Wilson is also buried in Sterling # 20438010

December 1916
William was a banker in 1920 Iliff, 34, born in Ohio, with Maudeline 32 Ohio. Maxine, 4, was born in Colorado.

In 1930 Sterling, William is a traveling salesman for a creamery, Maudeline selling beauty products. They have Maxine 14 and Barkley 9, and three roomers.

December 1937

In 1940 Sterling, William is the Logan County treasurer, 54, with Maudeline 52 and William B. 19


Jessie W. Roberts registered for WWI in Iliff, born April 14, 1889 in Harper, Ohio, a hardware merchant in Iliff, single.

Jessie William Roberts married Garnett E. Mosier in Denver on November 12, 1918. It was reorded in Jefferson County.

He's buried in Sterling 1889-1918 # 56956163.

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