In 1885 the Lincoln land Company began laying out the town Of Amherst. The first building to be built here was the depot and a telegraph office. The first general store, which sat on the west side of Main St was owned and operated by George Sloan. In 1888 Mr. Sloan established a post office in his store and he became the postmaster.


Next door to the general store was a drug store and Matson Garage was on the east side of the street.

 South of the garage was a blacksmith shop. By 1910, Mr. Bauer had built a grocery, hardware and lumberyard, which closed 1979.


 Amherst had a stockyard and elevator in the early 1900's.  A Rural mail route was established in 1910 and it covered 28 miles. In 1912 Henry Soberquist had built a hotel and rooming house which stood on the east side of Main Street across from grocery store. Wm Rehfied sold cream, eggs and chickens from a lean to which was attached to the north side of the hotel.  A Lutheran church held services in 1910. In 1915 a new church was built and school was held in the basement.


 A general Store was established on the main floor of the hotel in 1922 with, stairs on the outside leading up to the rooms. In 1915 there was an electrical shop on the east side of the building which housed a 32 volt generator. It supplied electricity to the town, at least enough to run a few lights, and operated until the late 1930”s.


 American State Bank first opened it doors in 1916 in a corner of the hotel. By 1917 a brick building was built near the highway but on Main for the bank. By 1930 Amherst boasted of an implement shop on Main, a beauty shop south of the grocery, pool hall, real estate, gasoline bulk plant, coal shed and a telephone office.  The old ball park in the northeast section of town is now a C DOT office


Business Name


Canaday Merc Co, genl mdse.

Congregational Church.

Dray and Express.


Erdman & Canaday, genl mdse.

Fulscher Land Co, Amherst Townsite Co props.

Rest and Rooms

German Lutheran Church.

Gen mdse and postmaster



Mgr/owner or operator

Baur, H W



Eachus, James

Erdman, August



Gerken, F H


Sloan, Joseph

Soderquist, J H




    Post office and station, 9 miles east of Holyoke.

    Farming the chief industry.

    Population 20.


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