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This is a photo of the farm that "Once Upon a Time" was at 5485 South Broadway in Littleton. It was taken in the early 1940s. In about 1958 to 1960 (my memory is faulty) the property was sold and is now occupied by a bowling alley. It was all farmland into the 50s. I can remember riding horse in the fields behind the corral and barn. There was an unimpeded view from Broadway to the mountains with only a few scattered farms in between. It doesn't seem that long ago, yet I suppose it is. It is certainly difficult to visualize that innocent time in the midst of the car dealers and fast-food restaurants lining South Broadway now. Photo shows (left to right) the corral, barn, hen-house and pen, outhouse, and back of the garage. My grandparents J.W. and Maude (Stone) Smith owned the farm. My grandfather was a livestock dealer in the Denver area since the 1910s and in Littleton since the 1920s.

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