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There is no date on it, but my mother is in it and she was born in 1922 so that should give folks a ball park figure for a date. On the back of the picture are the following cryptic notations. I
don't know if the rows are counted from top to bottom, or bottom to top, and I don't know if the students are numbered left to right, or right to
1st row, second student is Betty Sinakman (spelling uncertain)
2nd row: #5 is Doris Mason; #6 is Jean Davis; #7 is Ethel Davis; #9 is
Marjorie Simpson, my mother
3rd row: David Phillip, Kenneth James, Buddy Sherratt, Holland Swallow,
Nicky, Hank Neave (spelling uncertain)
Also on the back is written Mrs. Albert James and Miss Johnson.

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