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Photo History
The picture is that of my grandparents.
Jacobo Santiago Sanchez & Clementina Gonzales.  The interesting thing about this picture is that it is a composite.  My grandmother's picture was taken from another picture and superimposed with the one of my grandfather.  The
original is about 14 x 20 and is painted so it appears to be like an oil painting.  I don't have an exact date of the picture but can assume that her part was taken in 1907 and his part was taken in 1908.  She died in childbirth at age 15 1/2 June 1908.  The picture was done so that my father would have a memento of his parents.  The next part that is interesting is
that the pictures already on the web site - John Gonzales would be her half brother.  Clementina's father Santiago Gonzales married the lady listed as Arcadia Gomez in 1906.
Information on the Picture Taken in Antonito Colorado approximately 1907 & 1908 Jacobo Santiago Sanchez  born July 25, 1888 son of Jose Julian Sanchez & Maria de la Cruz Roybal married Clementina Gonzales born Dec. 30, 1892
daugther of Santiago Gonzales and Maxima Dominguez.  The couple was married Nov. 5, 1906 in Antonito Colorado. 

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