Owner and submitter:
Jim Murphy

Photo History
A photo of the 6th grade class at McKinley Grade School in
Denver, taken in June, 1941. I have identified those that I could, incorporated the names of some who had signed the back of the picture, but whose faces I could not associate with the names. 
Left to right:\par Bottom Row:__, Eugene Herbst, Jim Murphy, Billy Pugh, __, __.
2nd Row__,__,__,__,__,__,__,__,__, Allen Burt.
3Rd Row:__,__,__,__,__,__.
Top Row:__,__,__Leslie Gebhardt,__,__.
Known Names: Robert Maycheck, Russell Salzer, Bruce Burbank, Raymond McNeley, __Burbank, __Bradley, Jimmy__, Darlene Karch, Betty Jones, Ann__, Alice Mae Reed.

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