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On the front of the photo is 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs E. G.
Haley. Easter April 13, 1941 Denver, Colorado. > On Back: Rocky Mountain Photo Co. 1759 Stout St. - Denver, Colo. Standing in left hand conner at lamp. I don't know if you can make it out but there is an X next to the person setting by the lamp. I assume this is
where they are starting from Ray and wife Clara's boy Chas. Charley and Clara Gene and Ethel- standing Joe and Maude (Offield) I have a picture of the Offield Hospital. Setting Opp.side table. Ray Super- wife and baby. of ???/ Mamma and Papa they are moved in front. I assume they mean the left hand side of table on right side of the picture.
The rest of them are most employees and familys. Dr. Sunderland and wife are standing in front of piano he took care of the folks s???? in Colo. This picture was in an album of my Great Grandmother Racheal Louise (Leighton) Haley Atkins. If this E. G. Haley mentioned belongs to my family he would be her brother in law. My guess is Maude (Haley) Offield sent these
pictures to her. In the census I have found him in in 1910 he was in Clay county married
to Hester or Ester. Their children are Edwin or Edmund, Maude b. 1893, Ethel b. 1895, Reuben b. 1897, Gordon b. 1903, Clara b. 1907. From another picture it mentioned Ray and Roy. Taken in 1914 in Edgewater, Colo. I have no Obit on Ed Haley or marriage license. From his brother Willis Reuben Obit it list him in Colo. Willis died in 1918 in Chillicothe,
Mo. Ed Haley is the son of Willis J. Haley and Louisa George. He was born in or
near Sedalia, Mo. I hope you can make out who is who. It is all I have to go on. Maybe
there was a write up in the Colo. paper about the Anniversary. I am trying to find some one from his family who may be researching the Haley's too.

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