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Leona Gustafson

Photo History
Attached is a black & white postcard of Pine in Jefferson County.  Just in case you're interested, the first house that you can really see the whole side of in the lower left corner was owned by friends of my grandparents. The summer of 1952 we spent a LOT of time there as the friends loaned it to
my grandparents for the whole summer.  One highlight of my summer was when President Eisenhower stopped outside the "general store" while I was there. My folks weren't all that impressed, but I was.  I was 11 years old at the time so maybe that's why.  Anyhow, this must have been taken before 1952 as there was a small playground outside the school then.  The school is the
large white building in the very center of the picture (notice the two outhouses some distance to the left of the school <g>).  In the lower right hand corner is the name, Sanborn (the photographer I presume), and the number, F-927.  There is nothing to indicate when the picture was taken.
It's been about twenty-five years since I last passed through Pine, but it
hadn't changed a whole lot at that time.

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