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Reburial of Chief Ouray, Chief of the Utes-photo taken 1925 by Leland Carl Tovrea age 9.
   Dad took this in Ignacio, La Plata County, during the reburial of Chief Ouray with his newly purchased brownie that he worked so hard for.  Chief Ouray's body was originally buried, wrapped a blanket, in a cave in 1880.  Only three people knew where he his body lay.  Forty five years later the US Government wanted to create a memorial to the great leader and, Chief Colorow, the only survivor who knew where his body was, informed the Bureau of Indian Affairs of the location. The US Government retrieved the remains and held a  "Christian" funeral with many dignitaries attending.  Since Chief Ouray was raised Catholic, but converted to Protestantism in his later life, his body was laid to rest "half on the Catholic side, and half on the Protestant side' in Ignacio Cemetery, Ignacio, La Plata County, Colorado.
   On the back of the photo it names the following as being in Chief Ouray's cortege:
   Tony Buck (son of Charlie), Chief Buckskin Charlie and wife, and Chief Colorow.

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