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Antler Creek  1885 Ghost Town E of Janeway
Ashcroft 1880-1912 aka Chloride and Castle Forks City, 12 mi S of Aspen, abandoned by 1935, used as training camp in WWII for Army 10th Mtn Division, 1950s TV show Sergeant Preston of the Yukon was filmed here.  Town is now a national historic site and has been partially restored.
Aspen 1880-Present formerly named Ute City, Aspen Guide, began as a silver camp, now ski resort for the rich and famous. 
Aspen City   . small camp, now merged into Aspen
Aspen Junction  1890  renamed Basalt 
Aspen-Gerbaz 1967 rural branch of Aspen
Avalanche located on Crystal River, RR stop
Basalt  aka Frying Pan City and Aspen Junction, on border of Eagle and Pitkin Counties at confluence of Fryingpan and Roaring Fork rivers, supply town for Colorado Midland Railway, burned in 1892, 1898, and 1900 
Biglow  . aka Quinn's Spur, RR loading spur, 
Calcium 1888-1890 became Thomasville, limestone quarry
Carey/ Careys Camp 1883-1884 aka Carey's Camp, located on Conundrum Creek 
Castle Forks City 1880-1881 became Ashcroft 
Cervera  . aka Sewell and Manalta, located on Crystal River
Chipeta 1899-1899 became Independence 
Chloride 1881-1882  mining camp, aka Highland
Clifton . aka Penny Hot Springs, N of Redstone, ochre mine
Coalbasin 1881-1909 Ghost Town, 12 mi W of Redstone, RR spur
Concentrator 1923  RR stop 4 mi NW of Aspen
Cooper's Camp  1880-1886 Ghost Town, 2 mi S of Ashcroft
Crystal Ranch . located on Crystal River
Davies 1895-1895 .
Difficult Creek  1885   SE of Aspen on way to Taylor Pass
Douglass City  . construction camp on W side of Hagerman Tunnel, near Ivanhoe
Eagle Sampler  . camp and mill near Independence
Elk Mtn Lodge  . .
Emma 1883-1947 Began as RR camp on Roaring Fork between Glenwood & Aspen, 2 bldgs remain 
Farwell 1881-1882 became Independence 
Gerbazdale 1918-1918 aka Watson
Gulch 1891-1916 aka Spring Gulch
Hellgate . Mining camp on Maroon Creek 
Highland 1879-1890 formerly Chloride, Ghost Town, now has some new cabins
Hope  1880s  mining camp near Independence, aka Mount Hope
Hot Springs . located on Crystal River
Humphrey  .  RR stop 
Independence 1880  Ghost Town on Independence Pass, formerly Chipeta, Sidney, Farwell and Sparkill, renamed Mammoth City and Mount Hope for awhile, several cabin ruins remain, Named after Independence Mine which was discovered 4 July 1879. 
Ivanhoe 1888-1918 RR stop on FR 527 next to Lake Ivanhoe 
Janeway 1887-1900 located on Crystal River, Ghost Town, 1 cabin remains, N of Redstone, formerly Mobley's Camp
Junction House . station stop on Independence Pass
Kellogg . Ghost Town, 2 mi S of Ashcroft, just N of Cooper's Camp
Lenado 1891-1907  4 mi NE of Aspen on Woody Creek, at foot of Porphyry Mtn, began 1880s lead, silver and zinc, now hippy haven
Mammoth City  . aka Independence 
Manalta . aka Cervera and Sewell
Marion . .
Maroon Creek  . scattered settlement along creek
Massive City   1879-1883  on W slope of Mt massive, ghost town
McClure . located on Crystal River at county border
Medio . RR & coal camp between Redstone & Coalbasin
Merideth 1889 started as Limestone quarry, now a resort on Frying Pan River, store remains 
Mobleys Camp  1887 stage stop between Redstone and Marble, renamed Janeway
Mount Hope  . aka Independence 
Muckawanago . lumber loading spur, aka Rileys
Nast 1909-1918 RR stop and resort
Norrie 1894-1918 started as a lumber camp
Penny Hot Springs . aka Clifton, north of Redstone, had ochre mine
Placita 1899-1934 located on Crystal River, Ghost Town, Coal Town established by Colo Fuel & Iron 
Quinn's Spur  . RR loading spur, aka Biglow
Rathbone . near Woody Creek
Redstone 1898-Present Redstone Online, established by JC Osgood as a company town for his nearby coal mines, now a resort
Richland .  aka Highland 
Riley's  aka Muckawanago, lumber loading spur
Roaring Fork City  1879  Just W of Aspen
Rock Creek  . Early name for Crystal River
Ruby 1890s silver camp in Lincoln Gulch,10 mi S of Independence, Ghost Town
Ruedi . now submerged under Ruedi Resv
Satank 1882-1904 .
Sellar 1888-1918 RR stop and PO on Colorado Midland RR on Seller Creek
Sewell . aka Cervera and Manalta, 4 mi N of Janeway
Sidney 1881-1882 aka Independence
Smuggler . mining camp near Smuggler mine, now part of Aspen
Snowmass 1889-Present Snowmass Online, named for nearby stream, ski resort
Snowmass Village 1967-Present Snowmass Village Online, 
Sparkill 1882-1887 became Independence
Spring Gulch 1891-1916 coal town, aka Gulch
Tellurium Park . between Thomasville and Troutville in Eagle County
Thomas . located on Crystal River
Thomasville 1890-1918 aka Calcium, began as smelter, on Frying Pan River on FR 105, several cabins remain
Tourtelotte 1899-1894 1.5 mi S of Aspen, now part of Aspen Ski Area
Ute City/ Springs . renamed Aspen
Watson 1889-1918 renamed Gerbazdale, 2 mi N of Woody Creek, RR stop 
Weller .  stage stop 12 mi from Aspen on way to Independence pass
West Aspen  camp absorbed into Aspen
Woody Creek 1920 .