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In Saguache county we are not lucky enough that transcriptions have been made for many of our cemeteries. Below are listed all known cemeteries in the county, with links to burial transcriptions (full or partial), photos, and maps, where available. I have included links to up to three burial transcripts for those cemeteries for which such transcripts exist. If you have corrections or additions for this list, please submit them to the County Coordinator.

Miscellaneous Links Relating to Cemeteries
  • USGENWEB Tombstone Transcription Project for Saguache (25 cemeteries, only 4 with transcriptions)
  • Saguache Cemeteries at the Colorado GENWEB Tombstone Photos Project (4 cemeteries)
  • Saguache Cemeteries at Find-a-Grave (20 cemeteries)
  • Saguache County Cemeteries
    60 cemeteries are now included
    CemeteryLocation & NotesLatitudeLongitudeBurials 1Burials 2Burials 3PhotoMap
    Adler CemeterySW of Alder; west of US 285; early 1870's; now abandoned
    Bhryley CemeteryAbout 1 mile west of Villa Grove; Graves of Mr. and Mrs. Bhryley
    Bidell CemeteryNorth of La Garita; Used during Buckhorn & Esperonza mining boom
    Bonanza CemeteryLower end of townBurials
    Bonanza CemeteryUpper end of town near Exchequer
    Bryley PlotOff of Bonanza Road on the mesa above Villa Grove
    Calvert, SamNW of Saguache on Ford Creek on Mesa above Cow Camp; Single grave
    Camaro Creek CemeteryNear Center
    Campo Santo CemeterySaguache380517N1061332WMap
    Charles Family CemeteryWest of Crestone on Charles property; About 8 family graves
    Chicago Campo Santo CemeterySaguache, CO 81149; 1860 - Present; Catholic. History of Chicago CemeteryBurials
    Cordova, AlexOn Jacks Creek Rd about 4 miles NW of Colorado 114; Members of the Cordova family
    Cotton Creek CemeteryValley View380758N1054939WMap
    Cottonwood Cemetery
    Crestone CemeteryCrestone; 1901? - Present; Records at the Town Clerk's Office, Crestone, CO 81131BurialsBurialsBurials
    Dance Hall GirlW of Kerber City site; Single Grave
    Duncan Cemetery
    Exchequer CemeteryN of Bonanza City; lower end of old Exchequer site; Est 1880's - 1965
    Fults, BabyIn vicinity of Columbia Gulch, on Hotspot; Single Grave
    Graveyard Gulch CemeterySee - White Cemetery
    Hillside CemeterySaguache Cemetery Association, Saugache, CO 81149; 1854 - Present380454N1060745WBurialsBurialsMap
    Hodding CemeteryAbt 1/2 mile S of old Hodding Ranch, by the Little Brown Schoolhouse
    Hooper CemeteryAbt 3 miles N of Hooper
    Indian WomanOn Oxcart Ranch (Originally the old Hice homestead); Old Indian woman abandoned by her tribe; single grave
    Iris CemeteryIris; abt 1.5 miles S of Gunnison County Line382418N1064920WMap
    Jacks Creek CemeteryLake Mountain381144N1062114WMap
    Kerber Creek Ranch CemeterySee - Wells Ranch Cemetery
    La Garita CemeteryLa Garita, CO 81132; Abt 1/2 mile W of town, E of St. John Catholic Church
    McDonald Family CemeteryMcDonald Family members
    Mirage CemeteryN of Mirage380705N1055152WMap
    Mirage Spanish CemeteryGo 2 mile N, 2 miles E, abt 1/4 mile N of Mirage
    Monk, Major Arthur LloydAbt 17 miles W of Saguache; Single Grave;
    New Berlin CemeteryOn the Townsite of New Berlin, Abt 2.75 miles N of Moffat; German Colony; Abandoned; Part of cemetery now under N Moffat Hwy
    North Park CemeteryAt head of Sheep Creek
    Orient Ironmine Graves
    Piquet CemeteryE side of Millde Creek along old rd; Several graves thought to be Piquet family
    Rito Alta CemeteryAbt 8 miles NE of Moffat; 1889 - now; Records held by Otis Albert, Rural Route, Moffat, CO 81143BurialsBurialsPhoto
    Rural Cemetery No. 1From Center go W on Colo 112 abt 5 miles ,N 3.25 mils, W 3.5 miles (Abt 3 miles S of La Garita); Still in use
    Rural Cemetery No. 2In brush field where the old log school house stood; SW of Moffat?; 3 graves
    Rural Cemetery No. 312 miles NW of Cachetopa Pass, N of Dome Lakes State Wildlife Area, E of Colo 114
    Rural Cemetery No. 4Along road S of the Flying M Ranch (now Bessecker Dude Ranch); 5 graves
    Rural Cemetery No. 5Near site of Sedgwick; Graves of 2 old unknown prospectors
    Sacred Heart CemeteryCotton Creek (now Mirage); Catholic
    Saguache CemeteryEastern edge of Saguache, CO 81149Photo
    Sargents CemeteryS of Sargents; 2 unknown graves of a man and boy
    Sedgwick CemeteryOn private land about a mile south of the old Bonanza town site or abt 1/2 mile W of townsite of Sedgwick; 4 marked graves, 11 unknown; Est abt 1881 now abandoned
    Smith Ranch CemeteryN Tracy Canon, on Smith Ranch (now owned by Texans); Burials of County charges who died while under care of Mrs. Wales on the Smith Ranch; Abandoned
    Teton CemeteryAbt 1 mile SE of Crestone, at site of Teton; Abt 1890 - 1953; Records at the Colorado Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 9671, Denver, CO 80209375917N1054039WBurialsBurialsMap
    Tracy Canyon Mesa CemeteryAt mouth of Tracy Canyon; burial place for stillborn or aborted babies from Saguache & construction workers on U.S. 285; Abt 1935 or later
    Tracy, SportE of U.S. 285, S of Saguache in brush field at the old townsite of Clevis; Tracy Canyon named after this man; single grave
    Unknown Grave No. 1SW of Alder, just W of U.S. 285; Single grave
    Unknown Grave No. 2At Hughes Mine, in Razor Creek Park, abt 15 miles SW of Sargents; Single grave
    Unknown Grave No. 3Abt 1.5 mile NW of McDonough Reservoir No. 2, take rd to Dome Lake Wildlife area abt 4.5 miles S from Colo. 114, then W abt 6 miles; Single grave
    Unknown Grave No. 4From La Garita, go W about 1 mile, S 1 mile, on E side of rd
    Unknown Grave No. 5Abt 2 miles S of Liberty; Single grave
    Upper Saguache Big Park Cemetery
    Van Tassel CemeteryOn Colo 114, abt 19 miles S of U.S. 50; 10 unknown graves, one from 1896; Copy of records at the Denver Public Library
    Villa Grove CemeteryAbt 1.5 miles N of Villa Grove, W of U.S. 285; From 1882 - Now; Copy of records at the Denver Public Library381518N1055716WBurialsBurialsPhotoMap
    Wells Ranch CemeteryWells Family, Villa Grove. AKA Kerber Creek Ranch Cemetery
    Whites or Graveyard Gulch CemeteryIn mouth of Graveyard Gulch; on Little Kerber Creek, abt 8 miles W of Villa Grove;1885 - 1933; White family and 2 unknown graves outside the family fence381222N1060433WMap

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