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My name is Alice Allen, and I am the County Coordinator for Teller County, Colorado. My thanks to the previous coordinator(s) of Teller County for their work on behalf of our researchers. I hope to continue in their footsteps, providing information that will help you locate and document your ancestors who resided in Teller County. If you have any information that you feel might be helpful to our researchers, please contact me at allen.alice@gmail.com. In order to cut down on spam (hopefully), I have not made my address a live link, but you can copy the address into your email template and contact me that way. Please note: I do not live in the area and do not have access to very many Teller County records. Please check the links below for help in obtaining the information you are looking for. In some cases, this will be available through Lookups and Queries, and links are provided below for your convenience. I recommend joining the COTELLER Mailing List, too. There are instructions below for joining this mailing list.

Please Note: I do not live in Teller County and am unable to do local research

History of Teller County

Teller County, named for U.S. Senator Henry M. Teller, was formed from El Paso and Fremont Counties in 1899. Teller County's claim to fame is its gold mines, discovered and worked from the 1880's into the 20th century. Cripple Creek was the principal city of this era, and is currently the county seat for Teller County. Other towns in Teller County include Altman, Crystola, Divide, Florrisant, Victor, Woodland Park, and a small portion of Colorado Springs.

About The USGenWeb Project

COGenWeb, as well as the Teller Co. web site, are a part of the USGenWeb Project. Founded in the spring of 1996, the Project is the first major source for free genealogical information. You can read more about the Project's history here.

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Message Boards and Mailing Lists

One of the first things you'll probably want to do is leave a query about your Teller County family. If you're lucky, you'll meet someone who is also researching your same family, or someone who has information to share with you. Following are links to Message Boards, where you can leave queries, read queries others have left before you, and hopefully make a connection and gain information about your family in Teller County.

Mailing Lists

Another useful tool for the Family Historian/Genealogist is Mailing Lists. Rootsweb offers a mailing list dedicated to Teller County, Colorado genealogy and history. While you can read the archived messages to see if there has been anything posted about your family, the only way to post a message, and to receive messages as they are posted to the mailing list, is to join it. Here are the instructions to join the mailing list for Teller County:

Open your email program and create a new message. Address your message to


In the Subject line and the body of the message, type the word


Send your email, and you should receive a reply shortly, asking you to confirm that you want to be a list member. Instructions will be sent on how to confirm your request. Then you should receive an email welcoming you to the list and giving you specific instructions on the mailing list. If you wish to subscribe in Digest mode--which is receiving all the day's messages in one email--address your email to


Type the word "Subscribe" as directed above for the regular mailing list. The Teller County mailing list is not a busy one at this time, so feel free to sign up for the regular, non-digest list.

You can search the Teller County list archives, or browse them, at the following links:
Search the Teller County Mail List Archives
Browse the Teller County Mail List Archives

Queries and Lookups For Teller County

Here are links to places where you can see and post queries about your interests in Teller County.

Lookups and Resources

We are on the lookout for Resources for Teller County. We are also looking for volunteers who own books or have access to other Teller County resources and would be willing to provide free lookups from these resources. These resources need to be out of copyright, or permission granted from copyright holder to do limited lookups from their data. Please email me at allen.alice@gmail.com if you have Teller County resources that meet this criteria. Copy and paste my email address into your email template, as directed above.

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