Teller County, Colorado Gold Mining History

Teller County, Colorado Mining History

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Important Dates in the History of the Cripple Creek Mining District*

October 1886: Bob Womack stakes claim at Poverty Gulch, calls it "Grand View"

July 1890: Sherman Silver Purchase Act

October 1890: Gold discovered by prospector, Bob Womack, El Paso Lode

April 1891: Cripple Creek Mining District named

July 1891: William Stratton staked claims on Battle Mountain, "Independence Mine"

September 1891: Mollie Kathleen Mine, first to be owned by a woman.

November 1891: Townsite of Fremont platted by Bennet and Myers

February 1892: Hayden Placer "Cripple Creek" townsite platted

1893: Sherman Silver Purchase Act repealed

February 1893: Towns of Fremont and Hayden Placer consolidated into Cripple Creek

July 1893: Cripple Creek population reached 20,000

Summer 1893: Miner's strike, Over $3 for an 8-hour day of work

August 1893: Portland Bonaza

1894: William Stratton: First Cripple Creek Millionaire

1894: Midland Terminal standard gauge completed

April 1896: Cripple Creek Fire

January 1896: Eight men die in Anna Lee shaft cave-in at the Portland Mine

September 14, 1902: William Stratton dies

June 5, 1904: Thirteen non-union workers die in dynamiting of the Independence train depot during terroist activites..

February 1908: Digging of Roosevelt Tunnel begins

August 10, 1909: Bob Womack dies

November 1914: Cresson Mine bonanza

September 7, 1931: Bert Carlton head of Cripple Creek Mines dies.

*information compiled from Money Mountain, by Marshall Sprague, 1979.

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