Colorado Unknown County


Submitted by: Richard Allen Waring

Looking for Levi and Ella Allen. Moved to Col in early 1900's. Any information would be helpful.


Submitted by: Renee Flynn

I am looking for the family or grandfather of my mother, Renee Ansell, born in northern Colorado on her grandfather's ranch in 1904. It was quite a large ranch, which may have extended into Laramie County, Wyoming.She often described life on it.
My mother's father died and her mother married again and had 5 more children. Her grandfather sent my mother to St. Louis to board at Madames of the Sacred Heart for her education, because of bad feelings with her step-father. She never went back to stay permanently, instead going to Chicago, then to New York where she met my father, a journalist. I would so like to find out about the family, especially her grandfather, She said she was French, Scotch Irish and Penna. Dutch. After her death I heard from someone in my father's family that she was also part Indian.
If you have knowledge of a large, early Colorado ranch, any information would be greatly appreciated. (I thought I remember her saying that Owen Wister's " The Virginian " was about the family's ranch.)
Thanks again,
Renee Flynn


Submitted by: Jim

I need a kind soul, with access to the Colorado census, to check for an entry for Ida P. BAXTER, b 1862, VT. Thanks so much.
Jim in Tallahassee


Submitted by: Bea
I have a picture taken around the turn (the other turn) of the century of Alice BIRDSILL with twins Laura and Sabra HAMILTON. I don't know where it was taken or what her married name was. The twins were born in 1885 and all three girls appear about the same age, late teens. Any info on Alice appreciated. I am Laura Hamilton's grandaughter. Her father was E.W. Hamilton of Craig. Alice could be a sister of Isaac BIRDSILL of Berthoud.


Submitted by: Juanita Cooper Johnson

My father-in-law lived in CO when his father Louis Charles BOFFENSCHEN died around 1904. Louis' wife, Susie Fannie FALLON, married Edgar Clifton JOHNSON, son of Julius Johnson in 1907 and moved to CA. I found Julius and Edgar on the 1880 Pueblo Co. Co census. Really would like to learn more about BOFFENSCHEN who was living in AR in 1900 and was born in LA around 1870. His son remembers him dying in CO but not where or when.
Would like info on any of the above families.


Submitted by: C Williams

Looking for death information on Fielding Boley b. 1811 Ky to Vincent Boley. He married Elizabeth McDowell Dec 1830 in Adair Co, Ky. after 1842 he went to Colorado in search for gold. In a letter sent home he said he had struck it rich and would be home soon . He never returned. Did he get killed by a claim jumper, Indains, or did he just move on to places unknown and start anew. Any one with answers please e-mail me.
Thank you.


Submitted by: Brenda Smeby

I am searching for any information on Merle Estes BROWN, born in South Dakota, early 1900s, or Frankie JanamiaLee JONES (his wife). They were married somewhere in Colorado. I do know the family resided in Colorado Springs and in Wellington. Moved to Idaho in 1980's and died there. The JONES (Kitty JanamiaLee Jones, and sibs) originally came from Ashville, North Carolina in the 1800's, along with the SMITHS (some connection here, but I'm unsure what).
If I can find some kind of marriage information, then it may lead me to the county of Merle's birth and his birth certificate.
Also, Frankie's parents and sibs all died in Colorado. Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.
Last known residence in Colorado was in Wellington. Some of the children may still reside there.


Submitted by: Marcia

Searching for Owen Burns. Lived and died in Colorado. Lived in the 1880's possibly till early 1900.


Submitted by: Joyce

I am looking for my grandfather Vernon Edward Busby nickname, Fred, born November 24, 1903 in Florala, Alabama, death place and date unknown. He had two half brothers: Bill and Henry. He had tatoo's on each arm and a star tatoo on the back of one hand.
He moved to Leadville, Colorado with his wife, Lizzie and daughter in the 30's. He was last seen in Ouray, Colorado in 1939 looking for work. Anyone with information Please e-mail me.
thank you and God Bless You all,


Submitted by: Lyle R Riedinger

Wanted locatation of grave of Basil Caldwell, death date about 1924. Where was he listed in 1920 Census in Colorado. Reply to Lyle R Riedinger, 700 S 9th Street, Humboldt, Iowa, 50548, LRR@TRVNET.NET


Submitted by: Barb Conrad

CANIS, HENRY, b. c1863, Union Township, Tioga County, PA. His wife, ZELLA ?. They were living in Songmont, CO., and worked in a canning factory. This is the all I know on this family. Can anyone tell me more? I do not know where Songmont is located or if it is a town, township, or what.
Thank you.
Barb Conrad
PS. The town may be Longmont, as the S could be a typo.


Submitted by: Paula Davis

I am looking for information on George W. Cilley born May 5, 1834 in Groton NH and died April 18, 1908 in Colorado. His father Nathan G. Cilley, his mother Amy Phelps. Am looking for marriage(s) and descendants. I am a NH descendant. Have his ancestors.


Submitted by: Diane Johnson

Looking for death information on Neil/Cornelius CULLEN, b.1868 in Massachusetts to Mary and James CULLEN . Date of death is 1890 on tombstone in Mass. Relatives say he died in Colorado, county unknown


Submitted by: Junie Martinez-Laine

Looking for information on my grandmother and her descendents.. Effie Amanda Denny b. 10 July 1894 in a community called Bray. I appreciate any information on the family Denny.


Submitted by: Karen Schultz

I am looking for a family all I have on them is below they lived in Colorado in 1912 according to her mothers will. John Donaldson married Hattie Reeves there children were Donald, Dean Clarence, Gertrude a baby dont know its name. were in a picture on a train I assume going to or from Colorado I have no date on this picture. Hattie's parents were Michael and Hulda Newman Rider Reeves Please email me if you can help


Submitted by: Julia English Spicer

Searching for Robert ENGLISH, Jr. whose father was Robert ENGLISH, Sr., born in Ireland in 1745 and came to America between 1766-1773. I do not know if Robert, Jr. was born in Ireland or in America, but he did go to Colorado.
Can you help?


Searching for ROBERT ENGLISH, JR. whose parents, Robert English, b. 1745 and Sara Ann Crooks, b. 1768, d. 1792, were both born in Ireland. It is said that they had 7 sons and each son went to a different state. Robt., Jr. supposedly went to Colorado. His brother Henry English is buried on my property here in Western North Carolina (b. 1773;d.1857). Would appreciate any English contacts!


Submitted by: Judy

Searching for Frederick William Evans, born ca. 1820 in Eng. Died in Colorado after being gored by a steer possibly 1870-1910. Wife was Leah Heartly. Had possibly been a Baptist minister.


Submitted by: Patty Nystrom Smith

I am trying to locate information about William H. FLINT, and/or any children he may have had. He was the son of Homer P. FLINT (born in Rockport, Illinois, Dec. 1, 1893, died at 53 in Colorado Springs, CO. August 18, 1947, buried in Evergreen Cemetery). William's mother was either Helen H. FLINT (married to Homer February 22, 1928) or Bertha E. FLINT (which was a subsequent marriage), so William would have been born between 1928 and sometime prior to his father's death in 1947.
Homer's sister was Oclah FLINT MEYERS, who would have been William's aunt. Homer's mother and father, William H. FLINT'S Grandmother and Grandfather, were William M. FLINT(1873-1940)and Mary Jane FLINT (1872-1932), who are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery, lot #232. Homer's uncle and aunt, Porter FLINT (1872-1955) and his wife Edith FLINT (1875-1962) are also buried in Evergreen Cemetery, lot #234. They had a daughter, Myrtle, who would have been Homer's cousin and Myrtle may have had a son named Jack FLINT of Denver (at least he is listed as Porter's grandson in his obituary).
Homer P. Flint was my father's birth father, who left the family when my father was 6 years old (in 1923). My father was Jack William FLINT (born October 22, 1917), and he is now 82...and in very good health. His mother, my grandmother, Alice Wright FLINT, remarried William NYSTROM, a wonderful man, who legally adopted my father and his brother, Garth W. FLINT (1921-1985), so they became Jack & Garth NYSTROM, which is my maiden name, and William NYSTROM is the only grandfather I ever knew. The six children of Garth (3) and Jack (3) are very interested in knowing about WILLIAM H. FLINT, as he is our father's half-brother and if he had children, they are our half-cousins. He would be between the ages of late 50's to 70, depending upon when he was born.
I have discovered this information through Evergreen Cemetery records on-line and through a wonderful librarian, Marilyn Chang, at Denver Public Library, as well as with the assistance of a researcher in Colorado named Linda Vixie, who has been really helpful. Could you please advise me of any suggestions you have to proceed further in my search for WILLIAM H. FLINT. Many thanks,
9914 Bourbon Court
San Diego, Ca 92131


Submitted by: Nancy West

I have been attempting to locate my great-grandfather here in Cleveland OH and have been unsuccessful. I then called a cousin I recently found who is 92 years old. She indicated that my great-grandfather may have gone to Colorado, either Denver or Colorado Springs. This ties with a story my grandfather told of going to a homestead in Colorado.
Frank immigrated from Sweden in 1888 and was then known as Frans Ludvig Flinta. Upon arrival in the US he continually used the last name Fogel. However, he changed his first name from Frank to Ludwig on occassion without any real reason. He would have been in Colorado sometime between 1908 and 1918. This is when he disappeared from the Cleveland City Directory and my great-grandmother Hulda reappeared as a widow.
Frank's birth date was June 21, 1858 according to an article that was published in Swedish American Genealogist regarding glassworkers that immigrated to the US. Can you provide me with some guidance as to how to determine whether or not he passed away in Colorado during the period of 1908 to 1918?
Thank you for your assistance.


Submitted by:

Mortimer KRESS and Marion J. FOUTS were most likely in Colorado immediately after the Civil War(KRESS from PA and FOUTS from NV) from 1865 to 1880. I'm trying to piece together how they met, what they did in CO(trap, hunt, mine, etc.) and how they eventually moved to Adams county NE as settlers. They might be associated with 1)buffalo hunting 2)US Cavalry 3)Bill Cody and Bill Hickok 4)even Custer at the Little Bighorn. If you have any information it would greatly aid my research.
Dave Suger


Submitted by: Adrian and Linda

Searching for info on Charles Free. Brn. in the 1870's in Switzerland. Father: Emil Free brn. Mar. 5, 1844 died Oct. 31, 1926. Mother Mary Magdalene Free brn. August 29, 1847 died Oct. 17, 1890. Came to Canada early 1880's. Sister Amelia Mary brn. 1883/83 in Markham, Ontario. Brother Immanuel (Manny) brn. in Switzerland around 1872. Both Charles and Manny moved to the United States. Charles moved to Colorado and his wife's name was Lizzie. Not sure if this was an abbreviation of Elizabeth.


Submitted by: Duane Rohrer

Frances Lucretia GORMAN, born Feb.15, 1908, in Denver CO. Her mother was Lucretia Miles. Her father was listed on her birth certificate as F. A. GORMAN, born in Canada. Looking for marriage record, death date, or anything connected to him. She said his name was Francis Albert(?) GORMAN, was a miner in Colorado. He boxed in mining camps under the name of Spider GORMAN. His parents were thought to be Patrick and Bridget Gorman, possibly from Prince Albert Island, Canada, originally from Co. Clare, Ireland. Any help will be appreciated.


Submitted by: Wendy White

I am searching for a marriage record for Elmer Ellsworth GRIFFITH and Donna GREENFIELD. They were married about 1890. Their three oldest children were born in Colorado: Nita b. November 1889; Bessie b. September 1891; Dorothy b. March 1895. Elmer was born in Indiana, probably Hancock County, in 1865. His parents were Reuben Andrew GRIFFITH and Mary Ellen STATES. The family moved back to Indiana where they lived in Lake, St. Joseph and Marion counties. Where in Colorado did they live? When and where were they married? Any info greatly appreciated.


Submitted by: Linda Romero

Looking for information on Frank Hallstead. He and his wife were shot to death in their home in Colorado in the 40's or 50's. I would like to contact any of their children. Frank Hallstead was my mother's uncle.




Submitted by: Sally Haverly

My gguncle Jerome HAVERLY was known to be living in Denver in 1903; however, I do not know if he was married or died there. Also do not know the name of his wife or children. He was in the mining profession and had been in South Africa in 1902/1903. There was a newspaper article that announced his return to Denver, but image miners moved around. He was born around 1860???


Submitted by: Shelley

I'm in a dilema. I had a relative named Henry Hewson (mining engineer) b. Jan. 23, 1851, who was killed in a mining accident in Colorado. He was still in Quebec Canada in 1861 and 1871. Now the problem.... I don't know where in Colorado or when he was killed. Any suggestions.??? Thanks for any help.


Submitted by: J. Kinney

HILTON, JAMES LANDRUM,b.? in Colorado d? Was married to Mary Lanier in 1863 in GA. They had three children: Lee Holmes, Constance and Floy. Mary was buried in Sylvania,GA in 1876 where her family was from. Their daughter Floy Hilton was born in CO in 1875 or 1876. Did Mary, his wife,die in child birth with Floy, and then James moved back to CO?? Floy is found living in GA with her husband, Dr. John Henry Bradley in 1900 with a son. She was buried also in Sylvania, GA in 1955 near her mother, Mary. Where was James Landrum Hilton born in CO? Where did he die?


Submitted by: Nola Fanger

I am looking for death dates or anything I can find to put in my family records on Katherine K or C I don't know Hjelmi who was a Jepsen from Iowa and married a Nels Hjelmi from maybe Julessburg, they also may have had two daughters Helen and Laura. Laura may have married a Dagert. I have know idea if any of this is correct or spelled right. Thank you for any help you can be.




Submitted by: Jeff Iverson

Hello, I'm looking for some information on a Gustav IVERSON. His path was Norway, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado.
He was born 06/25/1885
Date of death unknown. He did die in Colorado.
Thank you.


Submitted by: Lisa

Searching for Colorado information on William Edward JAMES. Born approximately 1875 in Colorado. He worked in the mines and around 1895 rode the railroad to Pennsylvania (Uniontown) where he spent the rest of his life. He met and married Jennie Cosgrove in PA. Died in 1949 in PA.


Submitted by: Marguerite Jewel

I am looking for information on a James Espom Jewel(jewell) who lived somewhere in Colorado. He was a veteran of the Civil War. Became a lawyer? He died in 1940 I assume in Colorado. I have no idea where! Any and all help would be appreciated

update 8/21/99

I am looking for a James Esom Jewel born in 1847 in Ohio. served in the civil war. He was a lawyer in Colorado. James Jewel died in 1940. Thank you for the help


Submitted by: Jody Spencer

Looking for information on Walter Johnson and Sara Weaver Johnson (b.4-30-1866), son Don Day Johnson, b. 1900 around Joplin, MO, died 1924, Maize KS. Walter and Sara may have moved to Lamar, CO around 1900. Did Walter and Sara have any other children? Don Day was my gfather. Walter's place of birth - Missouri; Sara's place of birth - Ill.


Submitted by: Carrie L. Klee

I am searching for any info about my grandfather's older brother. I do not know what the name on his birth certificate was but I know he was baptized as Henry Fredrick Christian Klee. He was born 29 Nov., 1897 in Washington Co. Ks and was baptized in a German Lutheran church nearby. It is believed that he died sometime in the late 30's or early 40's.
Supposedly my Grandfather had to travel out to somewhere in Colorado to get is brother's body after he died. I have no idea if he lived there or not.
Thank you.
Carrie L. Klee


Submitted by: Ed Knight

KNIGHT. Walter M. son of William w. Knight and Jane Bryant of WV. Walter came to Colorado aft 1910 and maybe with his father. Trying to find this family


Submitted by: Jerry

Looking for KOPCZENSKI, REED, somewhere in Colorado. Anyone researching these families? Am looking for descendants as well as ancestors.
Thank you for any help.


Submitted by: Diana Leasure Stoll

I am looking for any information on a Louanna Mae LEASURE. I dont know what her married name was or is, but I know from my uncle that she was suppose to be living somewhere in colorado and that if she is still living she would be 80 years old. she is the daughter of my grandfather and his first marriage. I am having a hard time finding anything out about him also. He was very secretive about his family background. His name was Russell LEASURE. Whatever help you can give me would be appreciated. You can email me to let me know if you find out anything.


Submitted by: Eloise Murphree

I am trying to find out where in Colorado J. Clarence LECKEMBY died in 1963 (probably around October). He was a Baptist minister who had moved to Colorado from Bangor, Maine. He was probably retired since he was about 74 when he died.
Can you make any suggestions where I could search to get this information? I would like to contact some of his descendants to get a picture of him to go in a history that is being written about a church where he once pastored.
Thank you.


Submitted by: Ed Lopez

Looking for information on the family and ancestors of Emiterio LOPEZ, who migrated to Santa Cruz, N.M. from southern Colorado perhaps in the first two decades of this century. In New Mexico he married Marina Maestas, his second wife. His father's name was Pablo LOPEZ. Don't have any more info.


Submitted by: Barb Cook

Looking for any information about a family named MANN (Glen, Ellen, Dorothy, Glen Jr) who lived in Colorado in the early 1900s, possibly in Wray, CO area.
Thanks much


Submitted by: Ellen

I am interested in a Wyatt Marty who was born 18 Ap 1921 and died Feb 1982, he got his SS card in Colorado before 1951, I believe his father was also Wyatt Marty, I am really searching for the father who was known by relatives to have lived in colorado the father was born about 1903 in South Dakota and left home at a young age. It is believed he did have a wife and family which he may have left to go to St Louis and other places to be a proffessional wrestler in the 1950's he was retired but owning prof wreslers.


Submitted by: Chuck Massey

Looking for a Louis MASSEY bc 1878in North Carolina and was shot somewhere in Colorado during a poker game. He was shot between the eyes by a black (African-American)man in the year 1904.


Submitted by: Nancy Stern

Found reference to a M. Maynard on an 1880 Colorado Census. Unfortunately no county was listed.
I'm seeking a Mathew Maynard and he would have been b. bet 1870-1880. My father Jesse Maynard was b.1813 in either CO or OK.
His mother was Martha Francis "Fanny" Davis b. 1886 in Douglas CO, MO. Mathew Maynard d. in San Bernadino CA with a child ( my dad's half sibling) in a car crash. Wish I had more info, I have reached a complete brick wall on my Maynard tree. Please Help!


Submitted by: Eulimma

I don't know how to begin to research the information I have which I will put below. I'm hoping you will know the resources in Colorado and can give me an idea as to where to start.
I have an ancestor by the name of James or Thomas MCCOLLUM who was killed (murdered) in Colorado. I believe it was James and he was born abt 1851 so by the time he was in Colorado it probably would have been 1875 or later.
The man who killed him is supposedly the first man "legally" hung in the state of Colorado. I think there will be a record of the first man legally hung. I'm hoping that will lead to who he killed.
Thanks for your time!


Submitted by: Judy McDee

George McDaniel of IL came to Colorado as a miner and by 1882 was incarcerated in the Canon City Prison but pardoned by Gov. Baker in 1882. George was married to Laura Jeanette Kingsbury and they had three children: Alexander, b 1875, and two others whose birth dates are unknown: Bert (or Albert) and Ann. Laura Kingsbury McDaniel later married Charles McRea. Any trace of these lost ancestors will be most welcome!


Submitted by: Carolyn Perrault

Abbe or Abby McNeil married a man by the name of Settles somewhere in Colorado either the latter part of 1886 or sometime in January, 1887. I do not know the county. Are there any marriage records for all of Colorado that I can research?


Submitted by: Jackie Presley

Looking for county of birth and parents of MEDA B. MITCHELL, born 29 Feb. 1896 and her sister JEAN A. MITCHELL, born around 1898-9, both in Colorado. Their father thought to be B.A. or D.A. Mitchell,a railroader originally from Maine.
Please contact me by email directly.


Submitted by: STAN

Looking for info on grandfather Janez NACHTIGALL who worked in the Majestic coal mines near Ludlow in time period 1900-1910. He returned to Slovenia about 1910.. He left married sister in CO with family -- don't know name


Submitted by: Nancy C. Adkins

(Shaughnessy) Searching for Mathew & Martin O'SHAUGHNESSY who left Ohio to go to Colorado to work in Mining. abt. 1859. I would like to hear from anyone with information about them and hopefully, descendants.
Thank you.


Submitted by: Marilynn

Looking for information on Nancy E. Malone PADGETT, born about 1874 in Wayne County, IL. She was first married to a George W. MILES, then to John PADGETT. She was living in Colorado when her brother, Minatree MALONE, died in 1940. I have an approximate date of 1946 for death but no particulars. Any information appreciated.


Submitted By: D. Bea Peden Price

My ggrandparents were Reuben David PEDEN and Martha Elizabeth HOLMES.
My grandparents Charles Elston PEDEN and Laura Taylor HAMILTON along with her twin sister Sabra E. HAMILTON and husband George Elmer PURVIS in a place the cousins called Colt. I cannot find it.
Also I cannot find the Lucky 2 mine where Charles was injured in a dynamite explosion in 1916.
Any help appreciated.
D. Bea Peden Price


Submitted by: Patricia Condron Pfaffly

I am searchig for information on any, and all PFAFFLY ancestors, and descendants of John & Elizabeth Rothlesberger PFAFFLY as well as any information on Wessley PFAFFLY and his ancestors, and descendants. On Wessley PFAFFLY all I know is that he was in Texas between 1880 & 1889. Anyone who can help me more on Wessley's information..John PFAFFLY was born on December 26, 1824 in Bern, Switzerland & married Elizabeth April 21, 1853 in Masulon, Iowa. Any information on PFAFFLY Family will be greatly appreciated. Some of the early Pfaffy's lived in Colorado,and still some in present day.
Patricia CONDRON Pfaffly (Mrs.Jerry PFAFFLY)


Submitted by: Pam Berkey

Looking for people without any info. If you can post this tiny ammount of information, thank you.
Born about 45 to 55 years ago to Terry and Alice PLUM. ALICE and GINGER PLUM. In Denver Colo. Thats all I got.


Submitted by: J. Donner

I am looking for any information about J. H. PROMES who was included in the 1880 Colorado Census. Would appreciate any info you could provide or any leads. I am doing family tree research on the PROMES surname as that is my maiden name.
Thank you in advance.




Submitted by: Donna Hoskins Backus

Lost branch of family: Robert Ernest RAHN b. abt 1921, Los Angeles, CA died in the Battle of the Bulge (1944) had Married Nancy? bfr. 1943 and they had a son Howard RAHN b. abt 1943. Nancy was from Colorado and was still living there when the family lost touch. Would like any info. and possibly locate to share family history of the RAHN, SEIDEL, HOFFMAN, BACKUS, families.
Thank you,


Submitted by: Ruth Neet Newton

I am looking for information on Joseph RAINES b. ca 1850. He moved his family from Colorado to Oregon in about 1880. His daughter Hattie Jane RAINES b. 10/22/1876, died 2/17/1961 in Lane Co., Oregon was my great grandmother. She had a sister named Annie. I am researching RAINES, METHENY, PIERSON, NEET for both ancestors and descendants. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,
Ruth Neet Newton


Submitted by: Lori Robinson

I searching for any family members of Archie possibly Archibald Riddell. He was born sometime in the late 1800's. I do know that he was on The Telephone Society of Denver, Chapter 1 in 1916. Relatives could have been James or Philip Riddell. He possible married Lydia Amy Gallup on 12/3/1884. I show her born on 11/26/1853. So he possible could have been born around the same time. I do know that he was in some type of military - he played a horn instrument. He also had a very expensive wedding. He may have a sister Carrie Riddell who went to McKinley School. The teachers were Miss Walski and ?Ms. Bobb or Leobb. Unknown the year.
If you have any information - if they had any children, etc. I would like to speak with them.


Submitted by: Ken Boyer

Researching "Christy" Rosenstock . Possibly lived in Silverton. Died late 1950's or early 1960's. Probably came to Colorado from Nebraska, time unknown. Any leads appreciated.
Ken Boyer


Submitted by: James and Sandra (Ruth) Cope

I am looking for any and all information on: Samuel Hoyle Ruth born 7 FEB 1905 , Weldon, Clarke, Iowa or Garden Grove, Polk, Iowa death UNK
In information recieved from his SS-5 he worked in and at 3148 Larimer St, Denver, Colorado for Swift and Company.
His father was Samuel Milton Ruth and his mother was Nora Belle Kimberlin.
Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.


Submitted by: Marlene Bassett

My name is Marlene Bassett, I live in up state New York. I am trying to trace my moms family and have been for a year now with no luck. She seems to think her Dad came from Colorada. I really need some help here. I have just had a serious cancer operation and would like to get some where with this for my children to pursue before I can't. The name I am looking for is Selim Romine Sheller born in the late 1800s. I just want to know where I would start looking I have gone through the service registration you have on here and a couple of other things and can't even find any one with the last name Sheller. I live on a limited income so I am not rich enough to pay some one to help me. Do you think you can at least stir me in the right direction.??? Thank you for any help God Bless you...Marlene


Submitted by: Jackie Sibbitt

I am looking for information on Emma Sibbitt. She died visiting her daughter somewhere in Colorado in the 1920's. I do not know what her daughter's married name was but her maiden name was Katie Sibbitt. I would appreciate any information that anyone could help with.


Submitted by: John Slaughter

Mary Unknown SLAUGHTER moved to CO in 1860 after her husband, John, died there in the summer of that year. She brought with her her infant son, Joseph Russell, b. 5 Feb 1860 in Albany, Athens, OH.
According to Joseph's obituary in the Glenrock Independent, Glenrock, WY, 22 Jan 1948, he was survived by a half-brother, Charles CRAWFORD. Also, it says that a nephew, Walter SMITH of Longmont, CO, had died only 7 hours earlier than his own death on 14 Jan 1948. Another bit of info says that Joseph grew up in CO and didn't leave there until he was about 18.
Mary is my gggrandmother. From the info in the obit, it would seem that she married a CRAWFORD in CO and had at least one more child.
From the 1910 census that Joseph filled out, Mary was born in OH.
I would like any information on Mary and Charles. Information on Charles' ancestry and descendants would be a nice bonus.
Thank you.


Submitted by: Mary McDowell

Looking for gg grandfather Frank SPARKS est.b.1860's d.1902/3. Wife was Ameila (Jones)Sparks. They were cattle ranching in Colorado for a few years somewhere between 1888 and 1902/3 when Frank was shot in the hip by Jesse Hope who was hung. Frank and Ameila had 3 or 4 young children and had moved up to Colorado from New Mexico. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


Submitted by: Erin Thomas
To whom this may concern,
I am looking for the parents of my great-grandfather, Henry Strecker. He was born on December 13, 1906 somewhere in Colorado. Henry's parents emigrated from Germany/Russia. My great-aunt believes that their names were Heinrich (Henry) Strecker and Eva (Anna?) Ring. But I'd like to know that these names are correct for sure. I know that this query goes against what your guidelines say to go by, but I'm hoping that with his name and exact birthday you may be able to help. Thank you for your help.
Erin Thomas


Submitted by: Ron Duncan (Swann(

HI My name is Ron Duncan (Swann) i can research my family back to George W. Swann who lived in Alabama in the late l800s family members say he came from Colorado, but we dont know the town or county,,,,,,this is all the info i have on him.......except he possible was a minister.
Thanks if you can help


Submitted by: Sybil Talley Atkins

Trying to locate descendants of William (Willie) R. TALLEY, born 8 Dec 1871 Macon Co, AL, died ca. 1915/20 Colorado Springs area. First wife, Laura JONES, second wife, name unknown. Known children born in St. Clair Co, AL: Ruth TALLEY born ca. 1895 and George W. TALLEY, born ca. 1904, The family moved from AL to Nocona TX in early 1900's, then to CO after 1910. Have family information to share.
439 Mauldeth Road Chattanooga, TN 37415


Submitted by: Monty

I have a letter from my great aunt, who claims that her real father, THORNTON, first name unknown, lost his wife shortly after she was born and left her with my great grandfather in Minnesota, then THORNTON proceeded to California but became sick and died someplace in Colorado.
My great aunt was born in 1868 somewhere between Ohio and Minnesota. She was told that her mother's name was Agnes Kent, but have been unable to find any information on her, even though I have Kents in my family background.
In some graveyard I hope someone has seen the name of Thornton on a marker.
Monty in WA


Submitted by: Cheryl Dreyer

Betty Lou was born in Colorado 10 April 1921, the only child of elderly parents. She was of Dutch descent, & Protestant religion. She lived in California from the time she was a small child. Her mother died when she was 10 of a heart problem. She then went to live with an aunt. Her father remarried after the death of her mother. She probably lived in the San Francisco, California area around 1950. Father's name may have been Robert or Paul. I would love to know her parents names and their history, and about her father's remarriage. Thank you so much for your help.


Submitted by: Janet

Hi, Sorry to bother you with this question - but I was told my husband's great grandmother, that we thought has died, moved to Colorado, don't know where and don't know how to find out. Her name was Hallie (Mahala) Whitehead, she was born about 1868 in Jackson County, Tennessee. She had married a Ben Chism in TN and had a daughter Mary and then there wasn't any sign of her, so we assumed she had died, her granddaughter died last year at the age of 96, she left a note saying her grandmother moved to Colorado and her name was Hallie Whitehead. We do not have access to the 1900 Colorado Census, can you tell me how or who I might contact that could help us. Thank you for your time.


Submitted by: Wanda Watson Delp

Seeking info. on James and Zilpah [ Zilpha ] Watson Willard. Daughter Alfrieda Prater. Last known address 612 W. 10th St., Pueblo, Co. Daughter went by Altie. Moved from Thayer, Mo., Oregon County, date unknown. Zilpha's 1st husband was Nelson Smith. Two sons, King and John Smith. Born in Oregon County, Mo.. Any info. greatly appreciated.


Submitted by: Billy R. Wilson

Searching for descendants of John Myroud WILLIAMS Sr. who was born in Georgia circa 1850, married Margaret "Maggie" Serena Price in Rockwall or Kaufman County Texas October 7, 1877 and fathered two sons, Samuel Dilmous WILLIAMS on October 10, 1878, and John Myroud WILLIAMS Jr. between 1879 and 1884. John and the children left for Colorado in 1884 and were never heard from again. I would be pleased to exchange information with anyone knowing these missing relatives.
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