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Submitted by Beverly Matthews on Wed Apr 01, 1998

PAINTER, Billy Ray born in Missouri abt 1930. Married in Colorado to Phyliss J. ______. They had 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. The daughter was in a wheel chair in 1968.
Thank you.
Beverly Matthews



Looking for Information on a George PARRATT or PARROTT that was born in England around the early 1800's and moved to OHIO then went to the CA gold rush with his two bothers John PARROTT and William PARRATT. George to believe have drowned in the Colorado River during the gold rush. I have know Idea where or the date.
can anyone help me?

Parrott--See Parratt


Submitted by Vivien A. Payne on Mon Feb 23, 1998

PATE, James Jefferson moved to CO after 1900 from Montague Co. TX. Had two sons Earl and Mead.
Thank you.
Vivien A. Payne


Submitted by Zale BELL-Nagler on Tue Apr 07, 1998

Martha PATTERSON b. 23 Nov 1895, Walsen Camp, Co. m. Joseph William BELL b. 15 Nov. 1891 Rich Hill, Missouri. Parents of Martha, Archibald PATTERSON b. 3 Sep 1854 Scotland m. Martha TOPPING b. 27 Dec 1860. Martha's Mother Mary SIMPSON I have not been able to find any info on Walsen Camp, CO. Anybody else heard of it or know of this family? Thanks for your time and efforts.
Thank you.
Zale BELL-Nagler


Submitted by Becky Hargett on Mon Mar 23, 1998

I have a death certificate for Francis Joseph Shuflin b. April 17, 1910 in CO d. Jan 31, 1995 in San Francisco, CA. His parents were John Henry Shuflin b. in MA and Anna Frances Pinn b. in CO. Any information or advice is appreciated.
Thank you.
Becky Hargett

Portillia--See Gutierrez


Submitted by Elaine Miller on Sat Mar 21, 1998

Putnam. Any information about Putnams in Colorado. Willis Asbury Putnam born late 1890s to Jesse Benjamin and Sarah Hannah Glover Putnam.
Thank you.
Elaine Miller



Submitted by Daniel D. Duling on Tue Mar 17, 1998

Quintana, Frank
I am interested in the genealogy of Quintana's in the Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico area.
My wife's Father is supposed to come from Colorado (down state I believe) but though misfortune he died back in the 60's while my wife was yet a small child leaving behind little information regarding his family.
This is the best information we have on him
1) His name was Frank Quintana
2) He had a sister Isabella who died quite young
3) He was likely born in the first 6 years of this century
4) His wife believes he mentioned a brother
5) He played Guitar professionally
6) His wife said he had lived on a reservation as a child where his father worked. Cortez area possibly
7) He eventually moved to Chicago
This is obviously a very slim thread of information to go on and I don't expect miracles. If you have family information you are willing to share, I would appreciate it. If I collect enough information to make it worth the effort I would like to create a website so that all interested Quintanna's and their decendants could participate and share in their own history.
Please contact me if you are interested.
Thank you.
Dan and Teresa Duling
506 sixth street
Coralville, IA 52241



Posted by Dot Hogan on Sat, 04 Jul 1998

My ancestor, Cynthia Ann Woodring Tedrow Ramp Hogan married her second husband, William Ramp in 1865 in Warren Co, IL. They soon moved to Lyon Co, KS. He died in 1881 and mentioned in his will a son, Jeremiah, age 30, who "lived in Colorado". Am looking for his descendants or any other data on him. This is for the unknown county query page.


Posted by W. C. Reed on Mon, 10 Aug 1998, in response to RAMP/TEDROW/WOODRING(RUFF?), posted by Dot Hogan on Sat, 04 Jul 1998

You might want to post on the Woodring Family Forum. It could yield some results. Good luck.


Submitted by Roxanne Fox on Sun Apr 05, 1998

Looking for information on Benjamin RAMSEY. I believe he was born near Brown County, OH but am unsure of the date. Found an obituary of Julia Frances RAMSEY Prickett stating that he was her orphaned nephew and had died in Colorado. The obit was written in 1937 and Ben may have died in 1912. His sister, Lenora RAMSEY BUSHHORN, was my grandmother.
Any information would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
Roxanne Fox


Submitted by Sharon Miller Williamson on Sat Feb 7, 1998

I am seeking any information on a great aunt, Ivor ADAMS REESE. She was born in Johnson County TN, or Watauga County, NC before 1902 to Willett Adams and Alice Norris Adams. She married Carl REESE in Johnson County, TN (I believe) 01-26-1916. Shortly after the married, they left Watauga County, NC and moved to Colorado. They had 2 children, Burl Reese and Glen(n?) Reese. It is my understanding that Ivor was killed in an automobile accident somewhere "north of Denver". Any information on the date, location and circumstances of Ivor's death as is any information on Burl & / or Glen Reese will be appreciated.
Thank you.
Sharon Miller Williamson


Posted by Dorothy J. Schendel on Sat, 10 Oct 1998

I am searching for the relatives and descendants of August REINHARDT. He is the son of George and Catherine (ROSS) REINHARDT and brother to Conrad Benjamin all of Randolph County, IL. He was mentioned in an obituary for Conrad, in Sep. 1939, as living in Colorado. I would appreciate any information about August REINHARDT. I have information to share.

Reitzel--See Mauss


Submitted by William M. Richner on Mon Mar 9 , 1998

I am looking for info on Herman Richner. He came to the US in 1867 from Switzerland. He was a rancher in NW colorado and died about 1911.
Thank you.
William M. Richner

Rickly--See King

Rittenhouse--See McClain


Posted by Nadine on Tue, 27 Oct 1998
Surnames: ROLETTO

Looking for any information on the ROLETTO family that settled in CO. in the late 1800's.


Schauer--See Meagher

Scott--See Jameson

Shufflin--See Pinn


Submitted by Christine Hartley on Sat Jan 17, 1998

I am searching for my biological grandmother. Here is the only info I have:
DOB: 1917-1918 Full name: Altamae SLATER, born in Colorado (unfortunately, the city or town is unknown). She went on to become a teacher in San Diego, CA during 1945-47 and then married a man with last name Norville in Alton, IL (1947-48).
Thank you.
Christine Hartley


Submitted by Robert Patterson on Tue Apr 07, 1998

SMITH, Rexford (Rex) ; Married Adaline (a gold miners daughter). Adaline was mother to four (4) Rex Jr., Joe, Treubeu and Patrick. Last saw Adaline in 1979, and talked to her by phone in 1989. Last saw Rex Sr. in 1955 in Denver. Need to have contact with any of the children to establish links to Idaho and Missouri Smiths. Evidently all of past generation went west at the same time, they were Anderson Smith called "Bink", Fred Smith, Charles Harvey called "Tice" and Henry Smith; Mining connections to Coeur D' Alene Idaho These Men were born in 1860 to 1875.
Thank you.
Robert Patterson

Stevenson--See Cline


Submitted by Lyn Rose on Thu Mar 12 , 1998

I am looking for info on two STEWART brothers: Jesse Pemberton STEWART b Sept 15, 1893 in Bell Co., TX, d May 31, 1952 in Denver, Co? He married a Laura ? We know of two children Anita and Burl.
William Daniel STEWART b Jan 16, 1897 in Bell Co., TX d Feb 11, 1976 in Atwood, Logan Co., CO. He married Emma CASEY. I would love to share, I have their lines on back, I need their children on down.
Thank you.
Lyn Rose


on Thu Apr 30, 1998

I am looking for any information about an Elliot and a Mayme STEWART that were living just south of Denver. Elliot worked for the Dupont plant there. I believe that they died 10-15 years ago but the date is uncertain. If you have any information about these persons please email me.
Any help appreciated.
Pat Snyder


Submitted by Sandra Nuhn on Mon Apr 06, 1998

Wish to correspond with anyone with Stewart/Stuart family link.
Thank you.
Sandra Nuhn

Stuart--See Stewart



Tedrow--See Ramp


Posted by Gail Walters on Friday, December 11, 1998

I am looking for relatives belonging to my mother's biological family. She was born, Helen Tekoucich, in CO, in 1925 the daughter of Josef Tekoucich and Caroline Skriner (I believe this was a common law marriage). She was the youngest of 10 children. The death of her father & poor health of her mother, required she be placed up for adoption. Adoption occurred in 1928 in Pitkin County CO. Her grandfather signed the adoption papers, his name was Anton J. Skriner or Shriner. Names of her brothers and sisters: Josephine BD 7/20/1901(married name Rande), Francis BD 1903 DD 1917, Joe BD 9/5/1906, Edward BD 1909, Edith BD 7/20/1911 (married name Richards), Celia BD 3/16/1913, Albina BD 1915, DD 1971, Leo BD 3/12/1917, George DB 2/2/1919, Helen BD 7/19/25 DD 9/11/95. My mother's name was changed to Sarah Jane Wernette when she was adopted. I am not sure of the accuracy of the birth and death dates of the siblings.
Internet searches have produced the following:
Military Registration
Tekoucich, Josef 19 Mar 1879 W naturalized citizen

LENA Tekoucich 7 May 1890 Oct 1969 81601 (Glenwood Springs, CO)
MABEL Tekoucich 2 Apr 1911 Jan 1983 81650 (Rifle, Garfield, CO)
EDWARD Tekoucich 1 Jan 1910 18 Dec 1991 (No Location Given)

I located an article from a past edition of the Aspen Times:

Vol 117 Num 27 8/3 & 4/96 paragraph about George & Pepper Tekoucich 50th wedding anniversary.
I also found reference to Leo and Edward Tekoucich in an excerpt from a book titled "Aspen: The Quiet Year".
I have tried to find telephone listings for Leo and George, without any success.
I would appreciate any help.
Thank You
Gail Walters


Posted by Mary Treasure on Sat, 11 Jul 1998

Do you know or have any info on the Treasure name? My husbands family lives in boulder Colorado and he believes that his fathers family may have settled somewhere in colorado but is not sure where




Posted by Phyllis Jennings on Wed, 24 Jun 1998

Unknown county-Colorado DAVID VANCE married Chana L McClurd in North Carolina. He was born around 6-28-1842. Oral history says he died in Colorado. I do not have a time or place. Any assistance will be appreciated.


Posted by Tom Clark on Mon, 24 Aug 1998

I am seeking information about a long lost relative. Anne Wilhelmine Vor dem Berge was born in Germany(1873), grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and left to go to Colorado, county unknown, sometime in the early 1900's. I am not sure if she married before she left Cincinnati, or if she traveled to Colorado as a single person and then married. All family traces were lost with her departure to Colorado. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Warner--See King

Weaver--See Fergus


Posted by Don McManamon on Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Looking for Mr. ______ ?Welch who supposedly died in Co.about 1900. His sister is my great grandmother. She was born in Ireland--probably County Cork and emmigrated to Canada about 1850 or so.Her parents names were James Welch/Walsh and Mary Murphy.
Thanks for your help!
Dan McManamon
Wells--See King

Wescott, Westcott

Posted by Betty W. Acker on Tue, 10 Nov 1998

Would be interested in anyone researching this family in any county in Colorado

Westcott--See Wescott


Posted by sande white on Fri, 02 Oct 1998
Surnames: WHITE

Looking for information on parents, birthplace, of William Henry White, born 1879,1880 in Colorado, unknown county, was living in Memphis, Tenn in 1920


Posted by sande white on Fri, 26 Jun 1998

Searching for parents/ancestry of my paternal grandfather William Henry WHITE , born 1879-80 , married Annice/Annise Catherine Woodall, place-date unknown, living in Memphis, Tenn June 27, 1920 and occupation listed on birth certificate of son as Hotel Keeper, age 40, born Colorado, County Unknown. Address was 201 Adams Ave. but search of 1920 census did not show him. I am eager to know who my fathers paternal ancestors were. Thanks for any replies/help.


Posted by Teresa Y. Mitchell on Tue, 09 Jun 1998

Help my grandfather was suppossed to have been born FRANK LEROY WHITE born April,1,1909 in Denver (maybe). His mothers name was Ella or Ellen. His father died as a result from a kick in the head by a horse as the story goes. His sisters name was Irene Ruth, he had a younger brother who went by the name Billy, Who was supposed to have died from rabies at a young age. Ella worked in a logging camp in Darrington Washington as a cook. She remarried a William B. Morton, who was suppose to have owned a dairy in Montana. The children took his last name. Great grandmother and second husband died in Mt., Grandfather and Greataunt died in Wa. Billy and Great grandfather we think died in Colorado. Thank You.


Posted by Jeannine Sherman on Wed, 29 Jul 1998

Need to find descendants of FRED WHITTIER, THOMAS WHITTIER, and EDWARD WHITTIER. Need to find name of their father "CHARLES A. WHITTIER's", father to complete my genealogy. I know this family lived in Colorado, but do not know what county or town. CHARLES A. WHITTIER was a doctor in Iowa, Kansas and Colorado. His Kansas license does not say where in Colorado..
it's me
Posted by Fred Whittier, on Tue, 15 Sep 1998, in response to WHITTIER, posted by Jeannine Sherman on Wed, 29 Jul 1998

I have ni idea why I am writing this! It's kinda weird to hear that someone is looking for the descendants of a person who shares the same name as me! If you could, please write me back at my e mail address. I have some questions I would like to ask


Posted by NZeiter on Tue, 23 Jun 1998

Searching for Uriah and Jane STRAWBRIDGE WILLIAMS and family. My info states they moved from Venango Co. PA to CO around 1880. Uriah died there Dec. 21, 1887 and Jane died Feb. 6, 1894. They are supposed to be buried at Orson, Mesa Cemetary, CO. They had the following children: Eugene, Sarah, James, Margaret, Oilver, Francis, and Mary. At least Sarah returned to PA and married John Gehring. They are my great grandparents.rosesd

Williams--See Black

Woodring--See Ramp

Woodruff--See Ramp


Submitted by Wayne E. Wright on Sun Apr 19, 1998

Looking for Marriage of William J. WRIGHT to Myrtle ca 1890, & birth record of Dauther, Minnie ca 1891 or 1892. Census of 1900 lists Minnie b.May 1891, age 9, Colorado. Looking for all WRIGHT's born in Indiana.
Thank you for your help.
Wayne E. Wright


Submitted by Ronald A. Wright, Jr on Mon Apr 13, 1998

WRIGHT, Lewis Alfred Born ca 1895 "At the foot of Pikes Peak" Emigrated to the Philadelphia area. Died about 1942/43 in Philadelphia.
Thank you.
Ronald A. Wright, Jr





Submitted by Betty Jo McDaniels on Thu Apr 23, 1998

Lillie C.YOUNG b ca 1876 Floyd Co., VA. daughter of Andrew J.YOUNG and Sarah SUTPHIN. Lillie left the hills of VA and went west to CO. The family lost touch with Lillie - and unless someone in CO can help me - that will be the end of Lillie's story.
Thank you,
Betty Jo McDaniels, Va. Beach, VA.



Submitted by Joy Goade Zowie on Mon Mar 16 , 1998

ZAHNWEH, BAKER... I am searching for Sadie E._?_ b: abt 1878 Ind. T d: 1913 CO. #1 hus was possibly in OK. They had 2 child. and by 1905 her #1 hus. and children were dead. #2 hus: Sebastian ZAHNWEH b: abt 1873 Germany d: 1945 PA . They had 2 children: Sebastian b: 1907 and Thilmer abt 1910 CO. While in Denver they had a Mrs. BAKER that was possibly a sister to Sadie E.?_ OR a sister-in-law. Sebastian b: 1907 was placed in an orphanage for about a year. And I am searching for Thilmer [sp]. Any help would certainly be appreciated!!!
Thank you.
Joy Goade Zowie

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