Blach School
Fall 1925

Sixth Grade

Do you know who the teachers standing in the doorway are?
Sections of the photograph are provided below with the names of the children.

Left Side

Front: Lloyd Haver, Wilma Murrain, Leona Atherton and Annie Anderson.
Second: Harold Klusman(?), Lloyd Mathies, John Trunde, Robert Biggs, Howard Crowley and Charles Crowley.

Middle Section

Front: Annie Anderson, Irvin Mathies, Martha Mathies, Ella Mathies, Vernon Wright, Raymond Mathies and Lucille Atherton.
Second: Charles Crowley, Paul Atherton, Mildred Trunde(?), Esther Wright, Lorraine Stafford, Elnora Anderson, Mildred Anderson (between 2nd and 3rd), Rosa Mathies and Waneta Wright.
Third: Gladys Murrain, Esther Anderson, Lorena Bowden, Constance Anserson, Phebe Crowley, Mildred Anderson (between 2nd and 3rd), and Martha Vonderwakl.
Back: Unidentified teachers. Do you know who they are?

Right Section

Front: Irene Mathies, Thelma Montgomery(?), ? , Vada Cook and Velma Murrain.
Second: Stella Trunde, Vera Biggs and Thora Anderson.

Contributed by Arlene Glenn and the Yuma Museum.

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