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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

George and Esther (Norton) Robinson, Wray

Victoria Fanny (Norton)   Roberts  Anson Rasmussen, Wray

In 1870 Linn County, Missouri, Levi Norton is a railroad contractor, 39, with Margret 35, both born New York.  They have Acefine 14, Pennsylvania, Margret 5, Fannie 3, and Ester five months, these last three born in Missouri.

In 1880 Topeka, Kansas, L. Norton is 48, M.J. 45, both born New York.  Fannie is 13, Hettie 10, and Maggie 15.

Ester Lydia Norton and Geo S. Roberts married Aug 10, 1892 in Bessemer, Colorado - Pueblo County - performed by Chas. C. P. Hiller, minister.

Ancestry trees say that the sisters Ester and Victoria Norton married brothers George and Louis Roberts

 My grandmother's first husband, George Seaton Roberts, b. July 30, 1866 at New Cooperstown OH. He married Esther Lydia Norton on Aug. 10, 1892, in Pueblo CO. Unfortunately he died before they had any children on Oct. 23, 1899 in Topeka, KS at the family home at 315 W. 10th Ave. The family was very well-to-do, and it was a large home, no longer there.

Your ancestor, Mary Byron Roberts was born in 1874 in Topeka. She was a sister of George Seaton Roberts.

Good luck with your research!
Connie Primus

1890 Los Angeles

A charter was filed yesterday for the Pacific Coast Electric Supply and Construction Company of Topeka for constructing and maintaining electric railroads. The incorporators are F. G. Hentig, W. W. Mansueaker, Byron Roberts and J, R. Hankla, cf Topeka, and D. McFarland, of Los Angeles. The capital stock is $500,000, the first assessment having been paid in. A charter was filed by the same parties for the Electric Rapid Transit Company which is to run in Los Angeles. The capital stock is $500,000. These gentlemen have already purchased the rapid transit line in Los Angeles and propose to equip it with the electric system. The above, from a Topeka paper, indicates that the electric road is soon to be put in operation again.


Byron Roberts, one of Topeka's most prominent business men, president of the Aetna Building & Loan Association, was born August 22, 1832, in New Comerstown, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and is a son of Lewis and Katherine (Neighbor) Roberts. The father of Mr. Roberts was born in Pennsylvania and subsequently a resident of Ohio where his active life was spent. The mother was born in New Jersey and came from an old family established in America too. Of their three sons our subject is the only survivor. The father died when his son was but four years old but the mother survived to the final age of 102 years, dying in 1896. Mr. Roberts was educated in the public schools of his native place and attended Madison College at Antrim, Ohio. For some years following he was interested in a mercantile line, first as a clerk and later as [?]. His settlement in Kansas was the result of a visit he made in 1870, when he was so favorably impressed that he settled at Topeka in 1871, becoming a cashier of the old Topeka Bank, with which institution he remained associated until the fall of 1886. He was then elected county treasurer and served two terms, until 1890, in which year he was appointed receiver for the Hudson & Southern Railroad Company, serving in this capacity for two and a half years. The Aetna Building & Loan Association, of which Mr. Roberts has been president since its founding, was organized in October, 1891, and began to transact business on January 1, 1892. The present officers of the company are Byron Roberts, president; F. M. Kimball, secretary. The board of directors include the capitalists: Byron Roberts, A. B. Quinton, H. M. Steele, J. F. Carter and F. M. Kimball. In 1858 Mr. Roberts was married at New Comerstown, Ohio, to Gertrude Dent, who was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, and they had five children, namely Lewis Dent, who married a Miss Norton; George S., deceased; Carrie, who married J. R. Heinkle, one of the proprietors of the Broadway Hotel at Los Angeles, California; Mary, who married Clifford Heisted, an attorney at Kansas City; and Gertrude, who is the wife of George Rust, of Salt Lake City. Mr. Roberts includes seven grandchildren in his family circle, which is a particularly united one. In political sentiment, Mr. Roberts has always been a Republican and cast his first vote for General John C. Fremont. He has always been something of a leader in party affairs, although he has seldom consented to accept political honors. He has watched the city almost from its infancy and has been prominently identified with many of its leading enterprises and public-spirited movements. He can recall when the site of his present handsome residence at No. 315 West 10th Avenue was almost prairie land. In all that goes to make up good citizenship, Mr. Roberts is prominent and ranks with the leading capitalists of the city. - from History the History of Shawnee County, Kansas, and Representative Citizens (page 378) by James L. King, 1905 - 

Levi - 1828-1893  # 54381646 and Margaret J. 1833-1916 - stone has Lauren and Margaret - are buried in Fairmount.

Sharing a stone in Fairmount are Acie Payne Norton Vogel and Fanny Roberts Rasmussen "Daughters of Lauren and Margaret J. Norton "

In 1900 Denver George Robinson, born Nov 1852 in Scotland, is widowed, a park keeper.  Francis Jan 1891 and Charles July 1894, both born in Colorado.

George McW. Robinson married "Hester" Norton Roberts Nov 27, 1901, recorded in Denver County.

(a 1912 arrival in New York had Francis L. Robinson, born 1891 in Pueblo, Colorado, arriving from Liverpool, with current residence Youngstown, Ohoio_

In 1910 Wray, - on Clay Street - G. M. Robinson is a hotel keeper, 57, born in Scotland, with Ester 34, Missouri, married eight years.  She's had one child, one living.  Frances is 19, Charles 16, and Geraldine L. 4, all three kids born in Colorado.  Ester's sister Victoria F. (probably Fanny) Anson, 36, born in Missouri, is also with them.

George is also in the 1910 Denver census, in which Marguerite J. Norton is the head. - she listed George, Ester, Francis W. Charles J. Jr. and Geraldine 4.





In 1920 Denver, George M. , 65 Esther 40, Kansas, and Geraldine are living with brother-in-law George Rasmussen and his wife Fannie V. 48, born in Kansas.

In 1930 Denver Esther Robinson "mother" is 58, born in Missouri, living with Marcellus and Geraldine Merrill on East Colfax Avenue.  Next household is Marjorie Robinson, 26, divorced, born in Nebraska, with a six year old Ann Robinson, born in Kansas, and grandmother Catherine M. Burnett.

   Thanks to Nancy Masimer

Esther Norton Robinston -1869-1952 and George M. Robinson -1854-1920 are buried in Denver Fairmount Cemetery. 53922367



In 1940 Denver - at 335 Colorado Boulevard-  Marcellus Merrill 39, born in Nebraska,  and Geraldine 34, Colorado, have Constance 8 and Stanley 4, both kids born in Colorado.  (One public record says "M. Stanley" Merrill was born Nov 29, 1935)

In 1960 Denver Robt J. Primus (Constance) is a salesman for Merrill Engineering Laboratory.

The Merrill Wheel-Balancing System was the world's first electronic dynamic wheel-balancing system. It was invented in 1945 by Marcellus Merrill at the Merrill Engineering Laboratories, 2390 South Tejon Street, Englewood, Colorado, and is now recorded on the list of IEEE Milestones in electronic engineering and as an American Society of Mechanical Engineers landmark.

Before Merrill's invention, all wheel-balancing for automobiles, trucks, etc., required removal of the wheel from the vehicle. Most required some form of static balancing without wheel rotation, which was slow and error prone.
Merrill's invention balanced wheels while still mounted to the vehicle, by spinning them at high speed and electronically analyzing the vibrations to trigger a stroboscope. Technicians could then determine where balancing weights should be added.


Denver January 2000

Geraldine Robinson Merrill of Denver, a volunteer and community leader, died Sunday. She was 93.
Graveside services were held in Georgetown.
She was born Feb. 22, 1906, in Denver. On Feb. 19, 1930, she married Marcellus S. Merrill in Denver.
 She was president of the Auxiliary Services unit at the University of Colorado Hospital and volunteered there from 1964 to 1995. She was chairwoman of the English-Speaking Union during the World Convention in Colorado Springs and a three-term president for the YWCA of Metropolitan Denver.
She was historian for the 1976 Colorado Centennial wall-hanging project, "Women's Gold," on display in the Capitol.
She had been president of the Women's League at Central Presbyterian Church; a founding member of the board of directors of the Community Homemaker's Services, now the National Kempe Center for Abused Children; and secretary and vice president of the board of Denver Girl Scouts.
She was also a tour guide for the Denver Symphony Guild and University Hospital.
For her lectures on her historical doll collection and Colorado women, she was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Denver Public Schools volunteer program.
She was past president of Montclair Women's Club, Gamma Study Club, and the P.E.O., DA chapter.
She is survived by a daughter, Constance M. Primus, Georgetown; a son, M. Stanley, Denver; four grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
 Contributions may be made to the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library, 180 Sheridan Blvd., Denver 80226; or the Colorado Christian Home, 4325 W. 29th Ave., Denver 80212.



One tree says Victoria Fannie Norton was born Nov 13, 1866 in Brookfield, Linn County Missouri, married Louis Dent Roberts Dec 21, 1882 in Topeka, , divorced him in Leadville in 1898, married Marshall J. Anson March 7, 1900 in Trinidad, married George F. Rasmussen in Golden in 1913, divorced Marshall j. Anson in October 1916, and died in Lawrence Kansas, April 13, 1928, buried Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, in the Norton plot.

Byron Roberts (b.Aug.23, 1832), m. Gertrude Dent in 1858: both born in Tucarawas county ; moved to Topeka, Kansas, in 1871; long connected with
Bank of Topeka; served his county as Treasurer; now (1906) President and Treasurer Aetna Loan Association. Children :

 Louis Dent Roberts, b. Newcomerstown, O.,  Oct. 27, 1859. Now Chief Joint Inspector of Pueblo, Colo., railways.

1913 Burlingame, Kansas

In 1885 Elbert County, Colorado - the same county where Ben Payne's mother lived - L.D. Roberts, a sheepman,  is 25, Victoria 18, son L.D. Jr.is 2, and son B.N. is newborn.



In 1900 Idalia precinct, Byron is a "boarder"  born March 1885 in Kansas, with his aunt Acie.

Byron Roberts married Ura Bowers May 14, 1908, recorded in Jefferson County.  She might be the Ura E. Bowers in 1900 Buena Vista, Colorado, born Nov 1887 in South Dakota.  Her mother M Bowers, May 1859 in Indiana, is a seamstress.

Ura and Mary are living with Byron's aunt in Denver in 1910.

The 1917 Lawrence, Kansas directory has Byron, a foreman for the Fraternal Aid Union, living with Ura at 635 Maine.

Byron Norton Roberts, when registering in Lawrence, Kansas, said he was born March 30, 1885.

In 1920 Lawrence Kansas, Byron 34 and Ura E.B. 31 have Mary V. 10 and Margaret M. 2.

In 1925 Lawrence they have Mary Victoria 15, Margaret Mae 8, Virginia Lon 4, and Viola T. Olds, 79. Viola is listed as a mother, and her husband Frank, a minister, died in 1907 - Viola and Frank are buried in Lawrence.

In 1930 Wakarusa, still Douglas County, Kansas, Byron 44 and Ura E. 40 have Margaret M. 12 and Virginia L. 9.


Byron Norton Roberts, 1885-1957 is buried in Grand View, Glendale, California.  47546706


Louis D. Roberts cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 6S 60W -Elbert County, in 1900, and another quarter next to it in 1893.  That's about eight miles ssw of the town of Deer Trail.

Louis D. Roberts, in 1900 Pueblo, Colorado, is a laborer, widowed, born Oct 1859 in Ohio, living in a rooming house.  In Topeka, Kansas cemetery is Louis D. Roberts -1859-1939,.

In 1917 Lawrence Louis D. Roberts (Minnie E.) is "supreme sec. Fraternal Aid Union" - they live at 21 Winona Avenue.

M.J. Anson married Victoria F. Roberts in Trinidad March 7, 1900, the ceremony performed by H.D. Seckner, minister, of Trinidad.

In 1901 Denver Marshall J. Anson is a bartender working for William Maher, and lives at 38 W. Maple.

Victoria F. Anson and Marshall J. Anson have a 1910 Denver County divorce court case.

George F. Rasmussen married Victoria F. Roberts July 7, 1914, recorded in Jefferson County.  (George Rasmussen married Lucy Moyle June 6, 1894, recorded in Gilpin County - and there's a Lucy Rasmussen buried in Central City, Gilpin County - 1876-1897.   Louisa Moyle, born in New York in 1876, is with her parents Nicholas- works in a stamp mill - and Mary Moyle in Gilpin County in 1880 and 1885.)

In 1920 Denver, George M. Roberts, 65 is a theater custodian.  He,   Esther 40, Kansas, and Geraldine are living with brother-in-law George F. Rasmussen, 45, born in Minnesota,  a general contractor, and his wife Fannie V. 48, born in Kansas.

In 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1925 Denver Geo F. and Fannie V. live at 1305 S.  Pennsylvania - he's an "oil r."

Sharing a stone in Fairmount are Acie Payne Norton Vogel and Fanny Roberts Rasmussen "Daughters of Lauren and Margaret J. Norton "


1909 "Miss Laura Holden, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. G.M. Robinson, for several weeks left Monday for her home in Denver."

 One tree said Margeret married Richard Leslie Holden August 23, 1883 in Topeka, Kansas. 

In 1900 Pueblo, Richard Holden August 1858 Indiana, is a railroad clerk.  Margarete M. April 1865 Missouri, Eugene L. May 1888, and Laura T. March 1894 Colorado.    Wonder if he works with brother-in-law Lauren Roberts.....

Richard died in St Francois County, Missouri August 23, 1928, and his wife then was Hattie B. Holden.

In 1910 Denver Margaret M. Holden is 44, widowed, born Missouri, with Eugene L. 2 Missouri and Laura L. 16 Colorado. 

With them are Ura E. Roberts, 21, born in South Dakota and M. Victoria Roberts , eleven months old, born in Colorado.

Margaret Holden is 54, divorced in Denver in 1920, living on South Bannock Street.  With her are Vernon W. 30 and Laura 24 White.  Vernon is a ticket arbitrator for the electric company.

Ura is with Byron N. Roberts in 1920, 1930.   Byron Norton Roberts born Mar 30, 1885 in Kansas, died April 14, 1957 in California.  Mother's maiden name Norton - When he registered in Douglas County, Kansas, he said his nearest relative was Louis Dent Roberts, father, who lived at 21 Winona, Lawrence Kansas.  So Byron was Margaret's nephew.

Eugene L. Holden, born in Kansas City May 15, 1888, to Richard L. Holden and Margaret M. "Zorton", married Dorothy Secrest in Salt Lake City September 29, 1926.

Laura Teller Holden married William V. White April 14, 1914, recorded in Denver.

The Ancestry tree said Richard Holden died Aug 23, 1928 in Bonne Terre, Missouri.  The death certificate said he was to be buried in Dayton, Ohio.  69734047

In 1930 Los Angeles William V. 40 and Laura H. 36 White have William V. 12, Kathryn G. 10, and Kenneth K. 4.  Williiam'fs mother Sarah K. White, 70 is living with them.

Margeret is living in 1940 in Los Angeles with daughter Laura H. Lukens 45, and her husband Allden D. 50. her kids Kathryn White 20 and Kenneth R. White 14.

Margaret Mary Holden, born April 14, 1865 in Missouri, died in Los Angeles May 9, 1944, mother's maiden name Shutts, father Norton. 

Laura Holden Lukens, born March 21, 1894 in Colorado, died Jan 22 1980 in San Bernardino County 

1910 Wray "The Robinson family and Mrs. Margerete Holden made a trip to Idalia the first of the week."


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