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1906 Business Directory for Eagle Co. Towns

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Small Town and Station on the D. & R.G.R.R. in Eagle County. Population 20.
Asmus & McDermit General Merchandise & Insurance
Beard, Jas. Justice Peace
Fleck, Mack Blacksmith
Hyde, A. J. Sawmill
McDermith, W. J. Postmaster
Mahoney, Miss MargaretPrinc School
Walters, W. L. Station Agent


Important railroad town in Eagle County, 55 miles west of Leadville and 18 miles from Aspen. Division point on the Colorado Midland Ry. Has railroad roundhouse and shops and is the junction with the main line of the Colorado Midland Ry. Population 500. Altitude 6,600.
Auld, John Carpenter & Builder, Chairman Board of Commissioners
Basalt Exchange Bar E. B. Kelly prop, wines, liquors & cigars
Basalt Journal (w), W. H. Hildreth editor & prop.
Basalt Mercantile Co. Groceries, meats, hardware, lumber, shoes, hay & grain, John Nelson, Mgr.
Basalt Rooming House Mrs. E. B. Kelly, prop.
Boyce, H. W. Painter
Bureman, J. T. Wallpaper & Paints
Carlson, M. E. Town Treasurer
Carlson & Co. M. E. Drugs
Clark & Hanson Dry Goods
Col. Midland Ry Eating House P. F. Nott, Manager
Col. Telephone Co. John Nelson, Agent
Decker, Mrs. J. B. Boarding House
Denton, D. M. Groceries
Folger, A. T. Agent Col. Midland Ry and Wells Fargo Express Co.
Frey, W. W. General Merchandise, Mayor, farm implements
Griffith, R. Master Mechanic C.M. Ry.
Hildreth, W. H. Postmaster, editor and prop. Basalt Journal
Journal (w) W. H. Hildreth, editor & publisher
Kelly, E. B. Prop Basalt Exchange Bary, Notary Public
McMillen, John P. Assessor
Mangnall, James Saloon
Meth. Ep. Church Rev. L. J. Hole, pastor
Miller, S. H. Blacksmith
Nelson, John Mgr. The Basalt Mercantile Co.
Ould, J. G. Barber, constable, marshall & deputy sheriff
Paddock, S. F. Cigars & blrds.
Rhodes, Mrs. Martha L. Supt. Schools
Rucker, P. T. Physician, police magistrate
Smith, J. A. Feed Stable
Sutcliffe, Dean Constable
Troendly, J. H. Prin. Schools
Western House Mrs. T. Sullivan, prop.


A growing town and postoffice in Eagle County, on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. Population 250.
Buchholz, N. Life Insurance
Crisman, John Carpenter & BUilder
Diltz, James Attorney
Eagle Livery Barn Walter F. Ormsby, prop.
Eagle Market H. W. Goodrich, prop.
Eagle Valley Bank L. Schwarz, Cashier
Eagle Valley Enterprise (w) George T. Haubrich, editor & prop.
Eagle Valley Telephone Miss Alice Halloran, exchange Mgr.
Enos, E. A. Agent D.&R.G. Ry and WEstern Union Telegraph Co.
Fulford, Marshall Carpenter & Justice Peace
Glenn, Ellen Postmaster
Glenn & Co. E. E. General Merchandise & Meat Market
Goodrich, H. W. General Merchandise, prop. The Eagle Market
Gordon, J. W. Drugs & Stationery, paints & oils
Greene, J. L. County Physician
Halloran, Miss Alice Exchange Mgr., Eagle Valley Telephone
Haubrich, George T. Editor and prop. The Eagle Valley Enterprise
Hockett, H. A. Horse Dealer
Hotel Montgomery Mrs. A. Montgomery, prop.
Howes, T. A. & M. E.Dry Goods & Shoes
Lemon, S. S. & W. B.Saloon
Love, J. W. Owner Town Site and real estate
Lumley, Abram Horses & Hides
Lumley & BoerstringSaloon
McGuire, Hugh State & Express, Eagle to Fulford
McLaughlin, G. P. Prin. School
Methodist Episcopal Church Rev. E. A. Welsh, pastor
Montgomery, Mrs. A. Prop. Hotel MOntgomery
Ormsby, Walter F. Prop. The Eagle Livery Barn
Playford, S. M. Blacksmith
Reynolds, J. W. Contractor and Builder
Schwartz, W. H. Barber
Schwarz, L. Cashier, Eagle Valley Bank
Stein, Peter Real Estate
Thoborg, Mrs. Peter Rooming House


Small town and postoffice in Eagle County on the D. G. & R.G. R.R. Pupilation 27
Beard, Jim Justice Peace
Beck, W. M. Stockgrower and creamery
Brett, J. Agent Colorado Telephone Co.
Burnison, A. W. Insurance
Hancock, Jennie Music Teacher
Howe & Co. Clothing
Law, L. C. Physician
Mahoney, Blanch Prin. School
Nelson, Lydia M. Postmaster
Nelson, N. Carp & Surveyor
Norguard Bros. Creamery
Riggs & Ray Saw Mill
Terry, W. H. Notary Public


Postoffice in Eagle County, on the D.&R.G.R.R., 42 miles west of Red Cliff. Population 150. Altitude 6,349.
Atheaneum Hall J. Z. Chatfield, pres., W. H. Lea, secy.
Borah, Jake Hunter & Guide
Davenport, Mrs. Nellie Summer Resort
Doll Bros. Cattle
Grundel Bros. Cattle
Gypsum Hotel Mrs. A. A. Strows, prop.
Henry, G. W. Notions
Knapp, W. B. Livery
Lea, William H. U.S. deputy mineral surveyor, justice peace
McGinley & Zortman Palace Club rooms, wines, liquors & cigars, barbers
Machin, G. D. Summer Resort
Melvin, J. S. Agent D. & R. G.R.R.
Methodist Episcopal church Rev. A. E. Welch, pastor
Morrison, L.J. Prin. School
Mosher, M. F. Contractor & Builder
Norgard, Rose Notary Publis
Oleson, J. P. Groceries, dry goods, shoes, lumber & meat market
Packard Bros. Mines & Mining
Smith, H. W. Saloon
Smith, O. E. Blacksmith
Stremme, Theodore Postmaster
Stremme & Co., Theodore General Merchandise
Strows, Mrs. A. A. Prop. Gypsum Hotel
Thorpe, J. W. Saw Mill
Travelers Home Hotel L.C. Packard, Prop.


Division Headquarters on the D.& R.G.R.R., in Eagle County. Altitude 7,825 feet. Population 250.
Baubeister, J. M. General Merchandise
Bolt Bros. Trout Pond
Booco, G. G. Real Estate
Bottleson, Mrs. C. Dairy
Congregational Church Rev. L.D. Jerard, pastor
Coursen, Chas. Carpenter & Justice Peace
Cox, J. W. Livery, feed & transfer
D. & R. G. Eating House C. C. Griffith, Mgr.
Golnig, John Dairy
Griffith, C. C. Mgr. D. & R.G. Eating House
Haas, M. B. Real Estate, loans & insurance, notary publis, mining, liquors &
Henry, M.J. County Sheriff
Henry, Mrs. M.J. Rooming House
Henry Hall M.J. Henry, Prop.
Keck & Co., H.G. General Merchandise & Rooming House
Landry, J. H. Blacksmith
Lewis, W. H. Agent D. & R.G.R.R. and Globe Express
Luby & Rossiter Saloon
Maynard, D. J. Druggist & Stationery, postmaster
Miles, R. C. Barber
Nelson Bros. Hay Dealers
Public Library Miss Secil Taylor, Mgr.
Quinn & Nibel Mining Timbers
Richardson, Mrs. R. Restaurant
Shytte, Mrs. S. O. Restaurant
Stamm, Clarence Painter
Steacy, Mrs. Emma Dry Goods & Notions
Steacy, Frank General Merchandise
Taylor, Miss Secil Prin. School, Mgr. Public LIbrary
Warren, Charles B. Physician


County Seat of Eagle County. Mining Camp on the D.&R.G.R.R., 25 miles from Leadville. Altitude 8,300. Population 350.
Baker, C. H. Timber Shipper
Black Iron Mine Dave Evans, Manager
Black Tiger Mine A. S. Little, Manager
Bowland, Geo. E. County clk & recorder
Bick, J. E. Agent D.&R.G.R.R. and Globe Express
Burbank, F.V. Dry Goods
Carlson, Frank Blacksmith
Catholic Church   
Champion Mine E. T. Boyd, Manager
Cliff Hotel & Restaurant C. E. Hite, Prop.
Collins, James Agent Colorado Telephone Co., Marshal
Congregationsl Church   
Cress, Ben L. Civil & Mining Engineer, U. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor, county
Diamond Saloon Thos. Keating, prop.
Dowd, J.B. Dry Goods and Shoes
Drake, R. C. Prin. School
Eagle County Blade (w) John D. Nims, editor & prop.
Eagle County Times (w) McCabe & McCabe, publishers
Eagle Hotel Mrs. I. J. Hall, prop.
Farnum & Son, H. Livery, fuel and feed
Fleming & Co., J. F. Lumber, Gilpin, H.G., Physician & Coroner
Graham, A. F. Undertaker
Greiner, Mrs. Wm. Drugs
Ground Hog Mine J.S. Doddridge, Mgr.
Grove, F. W. Assayer
Hall, Mrs. I. J. Prop. Eagle Hotel
Henry, M.J. County Sheriff
Heyduk, Mrs. Annie Town Treasurer
Hite, C. E. Prop. Red Cliff Hotel & Restaurant
Johnson, Charles W. Barber
Keating, Thomas Prop. Diamond Saloon
Linsley, C.W. Justice Peace
Little, A. S. County Treasurer
Little May Mine C. W. Linsley, owner
McCabe & McCabe Publishers Eagle County Times
McLeod & Turnbull Groceries & Hardware
McMillen, John P. County Assessor
McMillen, Mrs. Sarah Restaurant
Nims, John D. Editor & Prop. Eagle County Blade
Owings & Co., J.F. Lumber Manufacturers
Pursey Chester Mines B.A. Hart, Mgr.
Quartzite Hotel Wm. Greiner, Prop.
Red Cliff & Gilman Merc. Co. General Merchandise. J.W. Dowd, pres. & mge.
Roberts, G.D. Livery & Coal
Smith, Fred Barber
Smith & Co., S. L. Sawmill
Smitherum, James Mayor
Smitherum, Thomas Carpenter
Summ, Christ Saloon
Tague, P. County Judge, clerk, district court
Thomas, L. R. Town Attorney
Turnbull, R.F. Postmaster
Walsh, M. A. Blacksmith & Wagonmaker

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