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Apr 16, 1889 - the legislature created Montezuma County from La Plata County , Cortez was made the County Seat.

Montezuma County, in the southwest corner of Colorado, is where the San Juan Mountains meet the desert canyon country. Our neighbors are, Dolores to the north, San Juan to the north east; La Plata to the east; San Juan, NM ., to the south; Apache County, AZ ., to the South West; San Juan County, UT ., to the West.

The elevation ranges from 6,200 feet in Cortez to approximately 7,000 feet in Mancos and Dolores .

The Anasazi Indians, lived in the Mesa Verde for more than 1,000 years. They farmed the mesas, created a thriving, civilization that eventually built hundred-room cities in the cliffs and caves of Mesa Verde.

The Ute Indians have lived in the region about 400 years; however, they are not believed to be descendants of the Anasazi, who abandoned the area in 1300 AD. The present Ute Mountain Ute Reservation was formed in 1897 by the Weeminuche Band of Utes. In 1895 they established a camp on the western end of the old Southern Ute Reservation, in what is today called Towaoc.

The Ute Mountain Utes and their cousins, the Southern Utes in Ignacio, are the only tribes remaining in Colorado today. The Ute Mountain Utes speak their native language as well as English, and their children attend public school in Cortez.

For more information on researching your Native American roots, check out the Colorado Native Americans Page.

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