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Please post all inquiries to the message board, I do not live in Saguache and do not have any resources there beyond what is on pages of this site. If you can help with any information please volunteer to do look ups and subscribe to the message board.

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1895 Map (61 k)

1899 R.R. Map (266 k)

1920 Map (210 k)

Adler Cemetery SW of Alder; w of US 285; early 1870's; now abandoned
Bhryley Cemetery Abt. 1 mile W of Villa Grove; Garves of Mr. and Mrs. Bhryley
Bidell Cemetery N of La Garita; Used during Buckhorn & Esperonza mining boom
Bonanza Cemetery Lower end of town
Bonanza Cemetery Upper end of town near Exchequer
Bryley Plot Off of Bonanza Road on the mesa above Villa Grove
Calvert, Sam NW of Saguache on Ford Creek on Mesa above Cow Camp; Single grave
Camaro Creek Cemetery Near Center
Campo Santo Cemetery Saguache
Charles Family Cemetery W of Crestone on Charles property; Abt 8 family graves
Chicago Campo Santo Cemetery Saguache, CO 81149; 1860 - Present; Catholic. History of Chicago Cemetery
Cordova, Alex On Jacks Creek Rd abt 4 miles NW of Colo. 114; Members of the Cordova family
Cotton Creek Cemetery Valley View
Crestone Cemetery Crestone; 1901? - Present; Records at the Town Clerk's Office, Crestone, CO 81131
Cottonwood Cemetery
Dance Hall Girl W of Kerber City site; Single Grave
Duncan Cemetery
Exchequer Cemetery N of Bonanza City; lower end of old Exchequer site; Est 1880's - 1965
Fults, Baby In vicinity of Columbia Gulch, on Hotspot; Single Grave
Graveyard Gulch Cemetery See - White Cemetery
Hillside Cemetery Saguache Cemetery Association, Saugache, CO 81149; 1854 - Present
History of Hillside Cemetery
Hodding Cemetery Abt 1/2 mile S of old Hodding Ranch, by the Little Brown Schoolhouse
Hooper Cemetery Abt 3 miles N of Hooper
Indian Woman On Oxcart Ranch (Originally the old Hice homestead); Old Indian woman abandoned by her tribe; single grave
Iris Cemetery Iris; abt 1.5 miles S of Gunnison County Line
Jacks Creek Cemetery Lake Mountain
Kerber Creek Ranch Cemetery See - Wells Ranch Cemetery
La Garita Cemetery La Garita, CO 81132; Abt 1/2 mile W of town, E of St. John Catholic Church
McDonald Family Cemetery McDonald Family members
Mirage Cemetery N of Mirage
Mirage Spanish Cemetery Go 2 mile N, 2 miles E, abt 1/4 mile N of Mirage
Monk, Major Arthur Lloyd Abt 17 miles W of Saguache; Single Grave;
Sept 1830 - 19 April 1883;
A good source of Monk Genealogy
New Berlin Cemetery On the Townsite of New Berlin, Abt 2.75 miles N of Moffat; German Colony; Abandoned; Part of cemetery now under N Moffat Hwy
North Park Cemetery At head of Sheep Creek
Orient Ironmine Graves
Piquet Cemetery E side of Millde Creek along old rd; Several graves thought to be Piquet family
Rito Alta Cemetery Abt 8 miles NE of Moffat; 1889 - now; Records held by Otis Albert, Rural Route, Moffat, CO 81143
Rural Cemetery No. 1 From Center go W on Colo 112 abt 5 miles, N 3.25 mils, W 3.5 miles (Abt 3 miles S of La Garita); Still in use
Rural Cemetery No. 2 In brush field where the old log school house stood; SW of Moffat?; 3 graves
Rural Cemetery No. 3 12 miles NW of Cachetopa Pass, N of Dome Lakes State Wildlife Area, E of Colo 114
Rural Cemetery No. 4 Along road S of the Flying M Ranch (now Bessecker Dude Ranch); 5 graves
Rural Cemetery No. 5 Near site of Sedgwick; Graves of 2 old unknown prospectors
Sacred Heart Cemetery Cotton Creek (now Mirage); Catholic
Saguache Cemetery Eastern edge of Saguache, CO 81149
Sargents Cemetery S of Sargents; 2 unknown graves of a man and boy
Sedgwick Cemetery On private land about a mile south of the old Bonanza town site or abt 1/2 mile W of townsite of Sedgwick; 4 marked graves, 11 unknown; Est abt 1881 now abandoned
Smith Ranch Cemetery N Tracy Canon, on Smith Ranch (now owned by Texans); Burials of County charges who died while under care of Mrs. Wales on the Smith Ranch; Abandoned
Teton Cemetery Abt 1 mile SE of Crestone, at site of Teton; Abt 1890 - 1953; Records at the Colorado Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 9671, Denver, CO 80209
Tracy, Sport E of U.S. 285, S of Saguache in brush field at the old townsite of Clevis; Tracy Canyon named after this man; single grave
Tracy Canyon Mesa Cemetery At mouth of Tracy Canyon; burial place for stillborn or aborted babies from Saguache & construction workers on U.S. 285; Abt 1935 or later
Unknown Grave No. 1 SW of Alder, just W of U.S. 285; Single grave
Unknown Grave No. 2 At Hughes Mine, in Razor Creek Park, abt 15 miles SW of Sargents; Single grave
Unknown Grave No. 3 Abt 1.5 mile NW of McDonough Reservoir No. 2, take rd to Dome Lake Wildlife area abt 4.5 miles S from Colo. 114, then W abt 6 miles; Single grave
Unknown Grave No. 4 From La Garita, go W about 1 mile, S 1 mile, on E side of rd
Unknown Grave No. 5 Abt 2 miles S of Liberty; Single grave
Upper Saguache Big Park Cemetery
Van Tassel Cemetery On Colo 114, abt 19 miles S of U.S. 50; 10 unknown graves, one from 1896; Copy of records at the Denver Public Library
Villa Grove Cemetery Abt 1.5 miles N of Villa Grove, W of U.S. 285; From 1882 - Now; Copy of records at the Denver Public Library
Wells Ranch Cemetery Wells Family, Villa Grove. AKA Kerber Creek Ranch Cemetery
Whites Cemetery
aka Graveyard Gulch Cemetery
In mouth of Graveyard Gulch; on Little Kerber Creek, abt 8 miles W of Villa Grove;1885 - 1933; White family and 2 unknown graves outside the family fence
Cemetery Sources: CO Gen Web Cemetery Page; Cemeteries and Burial Grounds, Saguache County by Dolores Renze; Cemeteries of the United States; Colorado Cemetery Directory by CO Council of Genealogical Societies
Lewis and Glenn Funeral Home
& Fairview Cemetery
203 E. Sackett Ave.
Salida, CO 81201
(719) 539-3831
Olme & Sharp Funeral Home 1110 6th St.
Del Norte, CO 81132
(719) 657-3960
Romero Funeral Home 504 4th Ave.
Monte Vista, CO 81144
Runyan Mortuary 316 W. Main
Buena Vista, CO 81211
(719) 395-2961
Strohmayer's Funeral Home 205 N. Broadway St.
Monte Vista, CO 81144
(719) 852-3533
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