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Please post all inquiries to the message board, I do not live in Saguache and do not have any resources there beyond what is on pages of this site. If you can help with any information please volunteer to do look ups and subscribe to the message board.

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ALLEN, Alexander Franklin (aka Frank), Merri Allen Vinton
Feb. 2003 Gold miner/farmer at Creston, CO in mid to late 19th century
BRADISH, Florence married Charles E. Palmer Herbert WALES and Alfred SMITH Sandra
Mar. 2002 Florence died March 1936 and is buried on the homestead in Tracey Canyon
CAULKINS, Dale Sandra
Mar. 2002 See Hazel E. PALMER
COOLEY, Osborne S. Sandra
Mar. 2002 See Olive MUNGER
CRANE, George Washington & daughter Ida Mae Verda McCain
June 2001 Saguache
DONKERSLEY, Harry Helsey & wife Ida Mae Crane Verda McCain
June 2001 Saguache
DUNCAN, Delle & Agnes Pat Keenan
September 2004 School teachers at turn of the century, sister-in-laws to Frederick Hodding
FELLOWS, William Joshua & wife Lottie Mae (WILLIAMS) and children - Blanche, Elizabeth, Mary Florence (triplets) and Daisy, Cleo, Mable, Archibald and Carl. Tracey Henry
Jan. 2002
Mar. 2002 Related somehow to either the Wales?, Palmer?, Forbes? or Caulkins? line.
FORBES, Robert Sandra
Mar. 2002 See Hazel E. PALMER
FOSTER, George Andrew Loren Foster
Nov. 2000
HALLOCK, Richard S. Steve Harrison
March 2001 Owned a ranch on Spring Creek in SLV c.1879-1891
HICE / HISE, Andrew Harrison and Cleopatra Joan Hise Bancroft
April 2001 Cleopatra Hise is in the 1880 census & purchased land in Saguache County in 1881.
HODDING, Samuel White, sons Herbert & Frederick Pat Keenan
September 2004 In Saguache 1880's
JORDAN, Michael, Catherine, Walter, Nathan, Mary Catherine, Elizabeth, John Michael, Lewie, Minnie, Leona. Jeanette
July 2005 Catherine was born in Saguache, daughter of Nathan Russell. She went to boarding school at Saint Marys Academy in Denver after the age of 12, often going by team to Ft Garland, there she rode the train to Denver. After schooling, she returned to Saguache and married Michael Jordan in 1887. She loved hiking and Archaeology and .compiled a rare and unusual collection, some of which was photographed by leading archaeologists of the country at the time for museum purposes. Michael and Catherine had 8 children, 2 of the girls- Mary Catherine and Elizabeth married into the McClure family.
KELLEY, Robert, Peggi, Daniel & Lori
Jan. 2001 Robert was a Government trapper for many years
LAUGHIN, Matthew G. Gharst
Jan. 2001
LYONS, Isabel Mary Loren Foster
Nov. 2000
McCLURE, Francis "Frank" Cindy Olson
June 2004 Frank was born Jan. 1, 1860 in Dinnegal,Ireland, immigrated at the age of 20 toLeadville, finally settling in the San LuisValley on the Adobe Ranch about 9 miles SE ofSaguache. He died in early December, 1940 atthe Adobe Ranch and was buried in theSaguache Cemetery.
McCLURE, Ruth (Fisher) Cindy Olson
June 2004 Born in Dinnegal, Ireland onAugust 15, 1857 and died in Salida on January14, 1948. She immigrated to the US at theage of 23, making her way to Leadville in1882 when she joined Frank and they weremarried.
McCORMACK, Bridgette Loren Foster
Nov. 2000
McCOY, William W. & daughter Cornelia Frances Gail Milner MacCabe
Sept. 2001 William was murdered in Center on 13 Oct. 1910, buried in Monte Vista Cemetery
McKELVEY, Allison and Minnie and children Alva and George June 2002 Alva graduated from Saguache High 1907; Alva moved to Marvel then Victor, George married Ora Ellen KELLER and also mined in Victor; Allison died in Durango.
MICHOD Rick Michod
May 2001
MUNGER, Olive Sandra
Mar. 2002 Olive married Mr. Bradish and had dau. Florence, then married Mr. Cooley; died Saguache Dec. 1917 buried on the Tracey Canyon homestead
MUNRO, Edmund and second wife Delle (Duncan) Munro Pat Keenan
September 2004 He resided in Saguache in the 1880's with his first wife. He married Delle between about 1902.
NICHOLS, Rollo Clifford and Amanda Jane Hale Jacque McDonnell
Feb. 2002 Amanda was Blackfoot or Ute, they lived in Saguache County about 1908-1911
OLSON, Charles Cindy Olson
June 2004 Settledin Del Norte in 1873 where he and twobusiness partners ( Andrew Edstrom & P.J.Peterson) erected the first flour mill intown. During the flu epidemic of 1891 Mrs.Charles Olson and their daughter Mary Evalinedied and were among the first to be buried inthe Monte Vista Cemetery. In 1892 Charlesdied and was buried at Monte Vista, in 1915a son, Charles Victor died and was buredthere too.
OLSON, Mary Ann Cindy Olson
June 2004 Born December 28, 1888 atthe Adobe Ranch and died at the same place onDecember 2, 1927, shortly after the Nov 27thbirth of my father, William Axel Olson, Jr.William A. Olson, Sr. & Mary Ann (McClure)Olson had six children also. The were VictorDuane (Swede) Olson, Manfred Olson, Ruthe(Olson) Egley, Norma (Olson) Hindmarsh, MaryEvaline (Olson) Haney, and William AxelOlson, Jr.
PALMER, Hazel E. Sandra
Mar. 2002 Hazel married Delbert WALES, Robert FORBES and Dale CAULKINS; died 1969 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery
RUSSELL, Nathan Jeanette
July 2005 married Maria Juliana Lobato, Elizabeth (Albers), Elizabeth R. Lawrence, father of Catherine Russell Jordan and many other children. Irish immigrant. The first to settle on Saguache Creek in 1866. Appointed as one of the first County .commissioners in 1867, the first Post Master, and arguably the first Sheriff. Blacksmith, farmer, rancher, wagon freighter for the entire San Luis Valley. Served in the New Mexico Volunteers. A friend of both Hispanics and Native American's. He was visited often by the famous Chief Ouray. Nathan donated land to the town of Saguache, this is known as "The Russell Addition". The first courthouse was built on this land in 1881. Vol 1 of the Saguache County Museum's "Images of the Past" states that Nathan donated the old adobe house and site where the museum is located in Feb 1874.
SALAZ Rod Salaz Sept. 2003 Looking for info on Juan Pedro Salaz who was killed in Utah
SAMORA, Lucas (grandfather) & Solomon (father)
Jerry Samora
Dec. 2003 Saguache
SAMORA, Lucas (grandfather) & Alfonso (father)
Jerry Samora
Apr. 2004 Saguache, father of Patricia Samora
SCHERER, Fredrick Riley and wife Lillie Ann (HUFFMAN) Roger Gnagy
Dec. 2001 Retired Luth. Mins. from KS; sold ranch at Cotton Creek, CO in 1889
Jan. 2001 One of the first white families in Saguache
SLANE, Andrew Steve Joy
Aug. 2001 He is the son of Lorena Joy and was born 11 Nov. 1823.
SMITH, Alfred Sandra
Mar. 2002 See Florence BRADISH
SOLOMON, Peter Richard Solomon
Nov. 2000
VELASQUEZ, Joseph Noberto Jeanette Velasquez
Feb. 2003 b. April 1, 1907 in Sagauche, raised in Antonio, CO
WALES, Delbert Sandra
Mar. 2002 See Hazel E. PALMER
WALES, Herbert Sandra
Mar. 2002 See Florence BRADISH
WESTFALL, Benjamin Franklin Donna
Nov. 2000
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